The Boy who tried to escape Death – ch9

Slowly the soil of the ground is thrown over the body of Ahmad. Minute by minute the hole of the grave begins to fill. Family, relatives and friends watch down in sadness, some crying out of grief, others crying out of fear that one day they will be in Ahmad’s situation, dead.

They all sit around Ahmad’s grave until the time appointed. As they walk away, Ahmad’s soul is instantly taken up outside the Gates of Paradise. There before him is the most magnificent doorway he has ever seen in his life. The size of it is beyond the imagination of any human being. Larger than a galaxy, made out of magical gold and silver bricks, a light of honour glimmering continuously from the gates. The gates prevent any eye in seeing the other side while all that is smelt and heard are the smells and sounds of Paradise beyond. Smells of unbelievably beautiful musk spreads forth from the gates of Paradise, while the sounds of magical water, the chirps of animal’s unheard of and other sounds unrecognizable to the ear can be heard. Magical walls beyond beauty spreads further than the eyes can see on both sides of the gate.

A smile spreads across the face of Ahmad while a feeling of incredible excitement enters his soul.

“Please let me in! I would love to see what is beyond those gates!” Ahmad calls out.

“Be patient Ahmad, for you will one day be allowed to enter those gates, for the gates and walls you see are the beginning of a Paradise wider than the Heavens and the Earth. A size you cannot even imagine, a size you will never be able to perceive even when you step foot into Paradise. It is a land where your dreams will come true; a land where no sadness or boredom is ever felt; a land where only desires and happiness are fulfilled; ask, and you will be granted; walk the lands of Paradise and forever you will come across things beyond your imagination.

Oh Ahmad. Prepare yourself for you have not even seen beauty. Prepare yourself for a land of unbelievable joy.

But now prepare your eyes for the greatest of beauty, a beauty beyond magnificence. Prepare yourself for the day you meet the Creator of all, Allah Subhanahuwata’aalah who is well pleased with you.” The angels call out.

Shivers passed along the spine of Ahmad when he heard those words.

“I cannot wait to meet Allah! But I am so ashamed to meet Him because of the bad things I have done.” Ahmad says.

“Do not fear Him now and do not be shy, for Allah is also looking forward in meeting you Ahmad.” The angels call out.

“AllahuAkbar!” Ahmad screams out as a feeling of mixed emotions of extreme happiness and extreme anticipation enters his soul.

The angels with Ahmad follow on in the praises of Allah, until all angels around begin the glorification of Allah, until the sound of praise begins to shake the ground beneath, the words passing through the air like a soothing wind.

Back on Earth Ahmad’s father and his wife prepare for bed. Both kept very silent that night, only making continuous Du’a to Allah.

The next morning at Fajr time, Muhammad rises from his sleep smiling and in what seems to be, a very excited state.

“‘Aliya! ‘Aliya! Wake up!” Muhammad shouts out shaking his wife waking her up.

“Ahmad!” ‘Aliya surprisingly calls out as her eyes open up.

“I dreamt of Ahmad in a beautiful kingdom!” Muhammad says excitedly.

“What?! AllahuAkbar! I dreamt of the same thing!” ‘Aliya calls out.

“This could be a good sign!” Muhammad says.

Moments later the phone rings. Muhammad picks it up only to find the Imam of the local Masjid on the other side of the line.

‘Aliya looks into the eyes of her husband and notices his face light up with even more happiness and hope.

After a couple of minutes Muhammad puts down the phone and tells his wife the amazing news. The Imam had the exact dream as Muhammad and ‘Aliya! After they made Salat and for the past hour, phone calls poured in from relatives and friends. Allah has made Ahmad as a good example to all, and has made all those who knew him to dream of his good condition in the Hereafter.

That day, Mo and the girl were buried. Very few turned up to their burial, not even their own parents…

“No more pain! Please!” Mo screams out.

Mo and the girl watch on in terror as their bodies approach their burial grounds. From the depths of their graves they watch on in terror as thousands of hideous and grotesque insects pour into their grave. Inside their grave scorpions the size of a small baby with long spidery legs six foot in length scuttling along the ground can be seen by only the dead.

Black snakes well over 20 foot with the most terrifying face ever imaginable with dozens of large sword like teeth are also present. Thousands of large wet worms with hundreds of spiny legs embedded along the side of their bodies squirm around only to cause sever pain with the bites from their small jaws and the prodding of their spiny legs.

Mo and the girl scream in absolute terror as their bodies are placed within their graves. The insects force their way into their mouths crawling down their throats. Some insects are so large that Mo and the girl’s mouth are forced open so wide that their jaws end up breaking and their cheeks tearing. Their screams continue and then begin to gurgle in their own vomit as the insects crawl down their throats. Some worm like creatures begin to eat their way back out of their throats, while others continue down into their stomach only to burst out of their abdomen. The large scorpions dig their claws and poisonous stings without mercy into the eyes and face of Mo and the girl. Each time the flesh, sinew, and muscle is torn off from their bodies; it is only replaced again and again so the pain never ends. After a while, that felt like a lifetime for Mo and the girl, the insects scuttle off. Suddenly the walls of their grave begin to slowly close in on them. They scream in absolute terror and panic as the walls of their graves slowly crush them to almost death. Their shoulder blades slowly come together in a sick crunch as their own stomach and insides pour out from their mouths and nose.

After the Crushing of the Grave, Mo and the girl, each one alone, in a separate dark “room” watch on in terror as Munkar and Nakeer approach them at the same time. After the Questioning of the Grave, and the torture from the blind, death and dumb one, the “room” automatically turns into a torture chamber beyond imagination.

Mo screams in terror as angels in horrifying forms approach him carrying large iron nails and hammers.

“Please no!!!” Mo screams out as a large nail is placed over his left eye and then without hesitation hammered into his skull. The same was done to his right eye. After this terrifying ordeal, the angels without mercy begin to hammer at least another dozen nails into his skull.

“This punishment is for every time you touched a woman Allah has forbidden you to touch!” The angels scream out, letting Mo know why he is receiving such torture. Each time the nails were hammered through his skull, his skull would return back to normal only to be treated to the same punishment.

The girl also received the same punishment as Mo, but for her another angel approached her carrying two very large iron hooks. Despite her crackling scream and cries, the angel forced the hook through her tongue ripping it out of her mouth. Then the angel placed the other hook through her belly button, ripping the flesh off her abdomen exposing her insides. Her stomach and other organs emptied out onto the dark murky floor.

“This is for the piercing you did upon your tongue and your belly! Tell me now with the pain you feel was it really worth it? Did you gain eternal pleasure? Did it wipe out every form of depression upon this Earth?”

“No! Please stop! I only did it because I was tempted by it! I was planning to get rid of it!” The girl screams out.

“Your excuses are nothing but air! You knew it was forbidden yet you denied your Lord, thinking that He will let you live only so you can live through your desires and then you hoped to grow bored of it. Know this; those who want to enjoy their pleasures thinking that they will grow out of it, the only thing that is growing is the torment and pain they will feel in the Afterlife!” The angels call out sternly to her.

Back with Ahmad, the angels of mercy escort him towards the largest and most beautiful building he has ever seen in his entire life. It looks like a giant dome made out of purple emerald, the size of which can hold many Planet Earth’s with ease. Large crystal frame windows line the sides of this incredible emerald dome, while colourful plants and little ponds line the whole circumference of it.

“SubhanAllah! Am I going to go in there?!” Ahmad calls out excitedly.

“Of course you are Ahmad. This is your place of stay until the coming of the final hour.” An angel says smiling towards him.

“AllahuAkbar!” Ahmad calls out.

Each step Ahmad takes towards the doors of the magical emerald dome, his excitement reaches a new level beyond description.

Chapter 10


  • Dana

    i can’t believe i read this most beautiful story ever! It is such a nice wonderful story that tells you if you’r good in life and Allah will put you in a good place but if you be bad in life then allah will put you in a bad place. And tbh i changed a bit after reading this story 🙂

  • ruba

    subhanallah this story gave me goosebumps just to show that our dean islam is the most peacful religon & do good inlife & receive better in the hereafter hamdulilah to be honest i hardly pray but after reading this story i will make sure i pray 5 times a day inshallah

    • Alhumdulillah you have made a resolve to pray from now on and not waiting for Ramadan. Make dua to Allah that he makes you punctual and regular with your prayers. Don’t feel defeated of you do slip up every now and then especially at first. Ws

  • Maya

    Wow this is an amazing story. i was literally crying my eyes outt. Mashalla!


    this is really an ma zing story may ALLAH do the same thing with me and the other muslims AMEEN

  • a sad and suspicious story 😀 the best Muslim story i have ever read the way Ahmed was probably sent paradise Moe and the girl to hell :s


  • maymuna

    i hope aalah all treats us like ahmad ameen.

  • maymuna


  • sharda

    this is such a wonderful story. and i was crying an smiling while reading this story.i learnt a lesson from it that namaz is as important as to take the breathing.ALLAHUAKBAR.

  • Muslimsah

    SubhanAllah this is truly such an inspirational story. Surely has put sense in to my head. Worldly things do not matter. We need to strive to be good Muslims, worship Allah swt and follow the religion of Islam whole heartedly. These are things that will matter inshAllah



  • Noushin Mahzabin

    Subhan’Allah! This story made tears fall from my eyes. It’s truly beautiful! This story has explained the things you get after death as well! Allah is the Most Meriful. Jazak’Allah Khayran for posting it.



  • basil



    i love the story…..this is the most buetifull story i have ever read..may allah give enough rewards to the person who posted this ameen..

  • naima

    Assalam alaykum guyz.Ahmed,great story.And guyz pliz dont write ‘Ma sha’ ALLAH’ as ‘mashaallah’ bcoz ‘Ma sha’ ALLAH’ means ‘ALLAH has willed’ and ‘mashaallah’ brings another meaning.pliz guyz,be observant of this small things coz they might bring goodness in to ur lives or punishment and badness in to ur lives.Alwayz be careful In sha’ ALLAH.

  • heenA

    Subhanallah….this story make me cry a lot….may allah bless all Muslim….ameen


    Assalam alaykum brothers and sisters. After reading this beautiful, touching, sentimental Islamic story, I feel like the story has put stuff in perspective. I do not usually pray, but I have a good heart and I like reading and knowing about my religion. But when it comes to prayer, I just forget or ignore it. Hopefully, Allah (SWT) will guide me towards my faith, and make me more attached to my prayers. Insha’Allah, Allah makes praying and life easier for me. Insha’Allah, Allah (SWT) makes prayers and life easier for myself, my parents and all of mankind. Insha’Allah one day, I hope to enter paradise. (Ameen)

  • Maajida

    Salaams wonderful and touching story….love it. Sheikh you have alil error…you have the blind,death and dumb angel…..and I think it suppose to be blind,deaf and dumb..I don’t mean harm by correcting you…I’m sorry if I did o please forgive me…. but I love these stories.

  • I wish to be anonymous

    This makes me want to collapse to the ground and ask Allah for forgiveness

  • Amina

    wow…masha Allah..that is the most touching and amazing story i have ever read.I wish more and more people would read this, for sure they would get moved just i was. Jazakallahu Kheir

  • Amina

    wow…masha Allah..that is the most touching and amazing story i have ever read.I wish more and more people would read this, for sure they would get moved just as i was. Jazakallahu Kheir

  • Azra Begum

    Masha Allah!Its amazing…!
    May Allah give the understanding of deen to all of us Inshallah Allah.

  • Abdirizaq

    May allah guide us to the right path and make my prayers easy for me inshallah

  • anas khan pathan

    This is the best story i evwr heard i am changed after reading this story may allah make us puntual for prayers and and forgive us ameen

  • Nimra sultan

    It has not only touch my heart but also my soul . May the whole world know about this story and Allah .

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