Mum and Dad

Jazakallah for the Islamic upbringing Teaching me to refrain from sinning Showing me right from wrong Tarbiyyah provided all along Saving me from doing misdeeds Guiding me to increase good deeds Instilling in me the desire to seek Allahs pleasure Mum and Dad, what you did for me I cannot measure. Oh, Allah, Look after my parents as they looked after me* My Lord, make Jannah for them Your decree. Ameen *My Lord! Have mercy on them as they did

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Our Children

This is the story of a Muslim named Mo. It’s a symbolic story that many of us may know. He was born in a Muslim family but they were weak in the deen. He was a lovely child, he was more precious then anything you’ve seen. He grew up so quick; it was just a flash before his parent’s eyes. They didn’t get to teach him about Islam. You know how the time just flies. Before they knew it, they

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The Real Orphan

The real orphan is unruly  yet he thinks he acts coolly He loves to rant and rave;  is it attention he craves? Who has produced one so errant?  surely it is the hopeless parent! The father too busy in the shop  the mother buying another shapely top!   The parents cares for him not  letting him to lie and rot If one has to about him complain  the parents says; ‘surely my angel isn’t to blame!’ To the parents I

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