Rabi bin Sulaiman relates that I saw Imam Ash-Shafi’ in my dreams after his death and Iasked ”Oh Abu Abdullah, how did Allah deal with you?” He replied, ”He sat me down on a chair and showered me with diamonds.”

A Pious Saint relates that I saw Shaykh Abu Is-haak Ibraheem bin Ali bin Yusuf Al-Sherazi in a dream after his death, crowned and clothed in a beautiful white garment. I asked, ”Where is this whiteness appearing from?” He replied, ”Honour of Oobedience.” Again I asked ”And the crown?” He replied ”Honour of knowledge.”

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  • Mohammed Faizuddin

    I wish to just relate to my brothers one of the most significant dreams I shall ever have in my life..It is detailed as follows..
    I dreamt that I just came from the desert and was nearing a village, typically like the ones in the days very old..
    There was a huge tree out the gates of the village and there I performed salaat..
    I then entered the village and found people totally unrecognisable, wearing clothes also from the days very old..
    I then asked several of them the address of Paradise and then realized what I had been searching until then..
    Yet, none of the people paid heed to me neither did they answer my question..
    Dejected I left the village and came at the same tree I encountered earlier..
    I again performed salaat there and prayed for Guidance from AllahuAkbar and left for the desert and that is when I woke up…

    I pondered several days and didn’t discuss it with anyone and AllahuAkbar knows the exact Meaning of it..

    The only realization I could guess from it was a Sign from AllahuAkbar, reminding me that the only way to Paradise is by not seeking guidance from others and that, seek only the Guidance of AllahuAkbar and the only way is by performing Salaat…


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