The Sheikh and the Parrot

There was a Sheikh who was teaching his students Aqeedah (faith), He taught them ‘la ilaha illa Allah’ and explained it to them.The Sheikh loved keeping pets, so he was given a parrot by one of the students as a gift.And with days the Sheikh started to like the parrot.He used to take it in his lessons, until the parrot knew how to say la ilaha illa Allah, He would utter it day and night. One day the students found

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Performing Salah with new £5 inside the pocket

​Q: What is the fiqhi ruling with regards to performing Salah with the new £5 note inside the pocket?  —— Answer provided by mufti Ahmed Peerbhai of Leicester, UK. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم In relation to praying Ṣalāh whilst having polymer bank notes in one’s pocket, the following points are to be considered. 1) Polymer bank notes are widely used by many countries throughout the world due to their durability and strength. Polymer is a substance which has a molecular

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