Mufti Ismail Menk

Mufti Ismail Menk of Zimbabwe commenced hifz at the tender age of nine years and completed at the age of twelve. He studied Arabic, Urdu and the Hanafi Mazhab from a young age with his father Maulana Musa Menk who graduated in Mazahirul Uloom Shahjahanpur under Hazrat Shaikh Maulana Zakaria (Rahmatullahi Alaihi) in the late 1950’s.

Having studied the Hanafi Mazhab he then went on to study at the Islamic University of Madinah where he completed a degree in Shariah on the four Mazhabs. Thereafter he joined the Iftah (Mufti) department of Darul Uloom Kantaria in Gujarat, India where he graduated under Mufti Ismail Barkodrah at the end of 1999.

Ever since he has been actively engaged in teaching, lecturing country wide, running of Islamic educational institutes for the under privileged as well as the orphans, construction of Masajid and Madaris, relief work and coordinated dawaah country wide.

Currently he is the Imaam of the largest Musjid in Harare.

May Allah reward Mufti Ismail Menk for his humble efforts towards the upliftment of the Deen of Almighty Allah, Ameen. Please visit the Mufti Menk website for audio recordings of his inspirational talks.
Source: Mufti Menk website


  • Mufleeh

    Assalamu alaikum,

    Masha Allah, we were able to see Mufthi Ismail Menk in Sri Lanka few months ago. We had a very nice lecture series. It was really use ful, Masha Allah.

    We hope to see him again, Insha Allah.

    • Refat Bari

      As salam alai kum
      Mazhare uloom is in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. Shahjahanpur is another town of province Uttar Pradesh. And Sheikh- .ul- hadees Maulana Zakariah Rehmatullah alai lived in Saharanpur. Basically, Maulana was from kandhala, a place few kilometers away from Saharanpur.

  • sara

    mashaallah were very happy to see you in srilanka…………we ask dua from allah to here a such a wonderful bayan of you in srilanka again ….jzakallah

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  • Asma

    alhamdulillah;masha Allah the lectures of Mufti Ismail inspire me alot and i cherish much.
    may Allah reward him for his efforts towards islam and may all the bones of his body be turned in to means of rewards and good deeds
    though we have never seen him live in cameroon;i think just his lectures if we are able to have them is sufficient

  • Mohamed Joosub


    Mufti Ismail Menk

    Words in my vocab cannot describe this man, Mufti Menk is trully an inspiration. I had the privledge of seeing him live in laudium in 2010. I also had the honour of greeting him, face-to-face.

    The clarity in his voice, the pronunciation of his words, the vocab he uses, the multiple languages he speaks so fluently, his lectures are an absolute joy to listen to, the jokes in the lectures that makes you smile, think and ponder of things outside-the-box, he is trully a gift to humanity from Allah (S.W.T).

    May Allah be happy wth him always and give him the reward he trully deserves.
    Mohamed Joosub

  • ismail

    Ma Sha Allah!! May Allah keep taking work from him to the four corners of the world!
    Mufti ismail menk is a personal friend of mine,going back 2 decades,alhamdulillah! I have learnt plenty from him! A perfect role model to the young as well as the old!

    May Allah protect him and his family aameen!!


    • Ameen to the duas.
      Brother Ismail, as you know Mufti Ismail so well, do you also know his brother Maulana Shabir? I have attended some of his talks in the uk but have not found anything else online relating to him.

    • BILQIS

      Assalamu Alaikum it has been a privileged by Allah SWT to have the opportunity of being a muslima and a sunni and knowing that such scholars like ismail mufti menk can still lighten up our lives with the words and wisdom bestowed upon them. I pray to Allah SWT to make ismail mufti as happy a
      s a human can be for the rest of his fil dunia wal Akhirah. and also hope for my son to follow his foot steps inshaAllah.

  • Shabir Ahmed Docrat

    Assalamu alaikum

    I have a son who is a Hifz student.We as parents are so proud of him as we think he is excelling in the Hifz class.Over this weekend we visited some of our friends just to find out that our Quarie who is doing a fantastic job with the Hifz boys is using his hands on them.We have noticed that our son is sort of withdrawn but in the mean time he gets a good beating from his ustaad a leats twice a week.Please give some sort of advise as to how best we can approach this ustaad.

    We have consider reporting this matter to the police,however this will not assist my son to become a hafiz.

    We have approached other parents and they are reluctant to take this matter further.


    Concerned parent.


    Assalamulaikum, sir i have listen to many of your preaches and it touches my heart and i have startd making changes in ma life. Sir, we are looking foward to see you in Nigeria.

  • Mohammed bin Naaix

    Assalaam Alikum. Alhmdhu lillah its great to see u in our maldives first time. Befor u come here i dont know you sir. after seeing nd hearing your preaches am more intrested to follow the man who you are following insha allah. As mohammed joosub said “Trully you are a gift to humanity from Allah (S.W.T)”. You have all the features that a perfect muslim must have. I wil copy that. ok. 🙂 Love to see you in here maldives again. Intrested to listen more your lecturers. Please make a easy way to get your audois and video lectures more. now i could feel the perfactness of our dheen and our relegion masha allah. the person who you are following is great man(sav). mufthi menk, plx make dhua for me to give right knowledge of islam, to make noor on my week heart and make my heart strong to love allah(sbv) and his rassool(sav) more than anything in the world. just pray for me. hope you will do that for me insha allah. jaxaakallah khairaa

  • mbwana

    his lecturing touches not only muslim but also christian. a relative of mine is always listen to one of his dvd i have yet he is a christian.

  • Shukry white arifin al haj

    Alhamdulillah….praise to ALlah, we have a good speaker, lecturer, teacher, and friend like bro. Mufti Ismail ………hope u will be always under protection bye ALlah s.w.t ……..kindly make ur doa to ALlah …in ur sujud for me and all muslim brothers n sisters insyallah……i always lost my track

  • Muhammad abubakar

    Assalamu alaikum. I luv mufti ismail menk so much,i wish most of our scholars in nigeria & other parts of d world wuld emulate his pattern of da’wa.May ALLAH continue 2 guide,protect & enrich him in knwldge & undastndin & spare him more years 2 feel his impact.

  • Salehcj

    I luv Mufty Ismail Musa Menk 4 d sake of Allah! n may the blessings n protection of Allah(swt) be upon him n ol muslim brothers.

  • MASHAALLAH am a keen listener of sheikh menk inspirational speeches so fluent,so digestable, I ve no word to describe sheikh menk his beyond perfect and excellent….Jazzakaallahu kheir May Almighty bless ua work ,May Almighty gives us ability to understand May Almighty makes those who heed the advice,it really change my life postively,


  • Mohammed Jameel

    I’am highly impressed and learnt much from your lectures. May Allah grant you understanding and best among His janna ( firdaus). Ameen!

  • Mohamed Habib

    Masha Allah… subhanallah..
    We should be praising Allah SWT because Allah has brought up such great ulamaq, Mufti Menk. He speech is eloquent, simple and straight to the heart of mukmin. I was stunned on the very first of his lecture “Stories of Prophets”. In fact, his word still lingers around my mind that make me possible to pass onwards the stories and share with my colleague and family well.
    He was given “hikmah”.. simple but powerful words… May Allah SWT preserve and bring his darajat higher and become very meaningful to ummah.. may Allah SWT help our deen thru him as well.. All Praise to ALlah SWT and peace be upon his messenger Rasulullah SAW..

  • zulkharnain

    This shiek is good at english and uses his deeni knowledge to quench the thirst of momin, may Allah bless him for his services.

  • Wanifa

    MashaAllah!! Mufti Menk is a gift from Allah (S.W). Alhamdulillah for knowing and hearing words from the Qur-an through you Mufti. You have changed and influenced many lives. May Allah (SW) grant you long life to spread Islam around the globe. May Allah protect your family as you go travel across the globe. We are wishing that atleast 1 day you could visit the Philippines and give us lectures here, pls.. Me and my friends were your fanatic viewers and listeners of your lectures downloaded on youtube.. MashaAllah MashaAllah!! long live Mufti.. the world needs you, really!!

  • Wilhelmina B. Kasim

    Assalamualaikum…dearly loved Mufti Ismael Menk it will be my pleasure in behalf of my family to see you here in our country, in Western Mindanao..May Allah grant us his blessing and to all muslimeen!

  • revert

    I am new to islam,

    So I was wondering, can anyone tell me if mufti Ismael is a sunni muslim (quran and Sunnah)? Thank you!

  • Barr. Dalhah Sufyan Khalid

    Assalam Alaikum wa Rahmat Allah wa Barakatuh. I realy enjoy your lectures Sheikh for the simple fact that they are inspirational, motivational, captivating, mesmarizing, tantalizing and fantastic in fact to crown it all they are gorgeuos. May Allah the Almighty continuou to protect, guide and strenghten your efforts and may He continuou to bless Islam with many many and many gifted and capable personalities like you. Alhamd lillah! We look foward to seeing you in Nigeria.

  • Mufti Menk believes in the sunnah of Prophrt Muhammad s.a.s and Allah knows best. He has a youtube channel, please check his motivational videos.

    I saw him on 15th June in London and a few month before in cambridge. Very inspiring, all praise to Allah.

    also join his facebook page for great bits of bitesize information.

  • feroza

    asl very impressed by his talks.Since he visit us in mauritius can’t have a day without listening to his audios.May Allah SWT bless him alwys and may we benefit and become better muslim.Aameen.

  • malika

    Assamualaikum brothers and sisters! i was makkah hilton ttowers end of last year and at one of the book stores there were playing DVD and at that point mufti ismail menk started talking about how marriages break up because of in laws interference and sadly sometimes daughter in laws are oppreessed by the mil etc..i have bought the subjects in the noble quran which has 3 lectures on marriage but cant seem to find the particular one that was aired in makkah. please if someone witnessed this talk live or if you can remember could you please inform me! i will truly appreciate it! jazakallah khairan

  • mustapha khalifah

    as-salamu alaikum,
    i am from nigeria and a muslim also. despite being born a muslim i have never hard a lecture that really touched me like that of mufti menk on death.
    thank you for reminding us.
    may god reward him with janatul-fiddaus.

  • dungus

    assalam alaikum i want to say hello to mallam shaik mufti menk for his extra odinary effort toward islam.You are great muslim cleric whose your preaching is following the right path.We salute u,we honour u and we also want to see u right here in nigeria.Jazakallah and God bless

  • Abdus Sattar

    I never knew when he came, lectured and went back frogsm srilanka. However a brother of mine gave me the whole series of “the lessons from the stories of prophets” by mufthi ismail menk. I see each part almost everynight with my parents. Masha Allah have made significant changes in all the ways of spirituality.

  • athumani mwashando

    maashallah mufti ismail menk is an excellent orator, he puts across the islamic message in a fantastic way, may Allah guide him and the entire muslim umma.

  • athumani mwashando

    just to answer my brother who asked whether mufti menk is a sunni muslim, the answer is YES, based on his lectures if you know islam you will have no doubts that he is a sunni. ATHMAN from Kenya.

  • revert

    Salaam alaikum,
    Thank you so much brother ‘athumani mwashando’ and everybody else. Yes, I’m still a baby muslim, so that’s why I asked, I still have to learn alot about islam.
    I wish you all Ramadan Mubarak!!! May Allah forgive our sins and accept our fasting, ameen.
    Salaam alaikum from the Netherlands

  • liyaqat

    salaam to all our brothers and sisters in islam. i wish you all a blessed jumah mubarak and plead that after the sighting of the new moon insha Allah we will have a blessed eid and yhat the almighty will help us to be steadfast in our deen insaALLAH.

  • Haleemah Shehu

    Alhamdullilah..May Almighty Allah reward you and make Jannatul firdaus your final abode.Your lectures are inspiring.May Allah be our strength in all we do

  • salha bint ismael

    thanks may Allah Bless you,your lecture about Zakkah cann’t be accessed and i desperately need to know much about Zakah,Forgiveness and falsehood and lies these 3 topics can’t be accessed on your website

  • Yunus

    Assalamualaikum i learnt alot from mufti isma’il during this previous month of Ramadan. May Allah reward him wit jannatul fiddausi. Amin

  • kasim bishary

    May Allah reward Mufti Ismail Menk for his humble efforts towards the upliftment of the Deen of Almighty Allah, Ameen

  • junaid damon

    Asalaam mufti menk is one of a kind I listend to his lectures most of mty tym u hav such a soothing and clear voice nda the way u recite ur verses r one of a kind“ur msgs r always solid and of much benifit+

  • Ghaniyah,Nigeria

    Salam,I just start 2 listen 2 ur lectures. I am so glue 2 it.I imploy you to always clarify your intention so that its 4 Allah alone.Expect critics, stay calm,proceed,I ask Allah 2 make the SHAHADAH easy 4 you at point of death.May Allah make it easy 4 your wife to bring your offspring up in a way that is most perfect way so that you will be Happy even when you are gone.I Love you so so much 4 the sake of Allah

  • Mohamed Mufeek

    Masha Allah .very enlightening lectures on various topics also very artistic speech..listenning we can learn and elevate our imaan.. May Allah SWT bless him and his family ameen..

  • Sittie Johairah

    Masha ALLAH. this man really inspires me. from the first time i’ve heard of his lectures, i’ve always admired him. I am always enlightened whenever i hear of his lectures. a so down to earth and humble man. how i hope i can attend one of your lectures someday. you’ve always been one of my inspirations. i always feel comforted when i hear your lectures. because through those lectures, i know that ALLAH will always stay with me. you always remind of my rabb. thank you so much. May ALLAH (swt) bless you with good tidings here in this dunya and much more in the akhira. Allahumma Ameen.

  • Mohamed Yousuff

    After magrib prayer at Morningside Masjid in South Africa on 10-11-12, I attended a nikkah facilitated by Mufti Ismail Sahib. I was taken away by his speech. The speech was very practical about nikkah, the relationship between a husband and wife, how to treat one’s wife, all of these information very crisp with a few minutes with a high sense of humor, to reach people from diverse religions.

    Insha- allah, the almighty will continue to give him the power of speech, wisdom, presentation skills and the convincing power to reach many more people like me. Ameen

  • Aisha Njidda

    Assalamu Alaikum,.i am a keen listener of mufti Menk.he has touched my life i wish that i ve listened to his lectures when my husband was alive,..Got to know about him just 5 months ago..I ve no words to actually describe exactly how i feel since the day i ve started..Yaa Allah bless Mufti Menk with all his desires and multiply it more…Hoping to see you in Nigeria someday..we had Khalid Yasin in Nigeria live during ramadan and InshaAllah we ll ve Mufti tooo soooon

  • afshan sultana


    No words suffice to praise this talented man in putting forth the message from ALLAHswt in such a manner that one cannot ignore his speech. I was mostly listening to the da’ee Ahmed deedat and zakir naik lectures but when i came across one of his lectures on you tube, believe you me, i haven’t stopped listening ever since….Subhanallah! Amazing speaker…..

    May ALLAHswt bless him and his family for the great service…Indeed ALLAHswt will reward him!Ameen.

  • Hassan Turajo

    Salaamu alaikum, may Allah bless us all and may we be able to put into practice what we learn from the learned. Does anybody know the age of Mufti Menk pls? 🙂

  • kunle kolawole

    May Allah increase Mufti Menk in faith and knowledge for all his inspirational writings.For every knowledge we acquire through his writings, i pray that Allah showers His blessings on him and his family.May Allah also shower His blessings on our beloved Prophet,his household and companions and those of us who follow their good examples,teachings and messages.

  • Fatima

    salam!Mufti Menk thank you so much..hope u could come to the Philippines..

  • Hajra

    Salam Mufti Menk could you Please come to Leicester uk and give a talk about marriage thank you

  • Hajra

    Assalamu-Alaikum brother mufti Menk I watched the link you gave me it was an eye opener I learned a lot thank you so more thing if I want to ask a personal question how do I get in contact thank you .

  • Yahya Idris Alfa

    Mufti Ismail Musa Menk is an amazing I have ever seen. His powerful lectures has touched d hearts of many muslims n none muslims as well. We ask ALLAH SWA to increase him in knwlege and keep him on the path of Propht Muammad (pbuh) over and above that, accept his deeds and grant him Aljanatul Firdauz. Really! is a high time we take heed to his lectures and emulate his life style.

  • Tamjid choudhury

    may ALLAH bless you Muft Ismail Menk i am still watching your 30 videos of the stories of prophets (peace and blessing be upon them).

  • Abdul Aziz zakaria

    May the Merciful Allah reward you for your inspirational videos and they really have impacts on many people who listen to you around the world.I pray to the compassionate Allah to give you more strength in conveying the beautiful message of islaam. Ameen.

  • ahmed

    Honorable Mufti Menk is one of the most dynamic speakers of our time. His lectures are amazing and very interlectual.
    Really i am truly amazed with his style in adressing the ummah in his lectures. One gets mesmerised by his voice and you feel that he should go and on talking, because it makes you feel so good listening to him..he’s your best company on a journey while u listen to his cds on the prophets.
    May allah bless him a long, long life for truly he is an asset to the ummah.

  • imran isah

    May Allah(swt) bless me with the knowledge n d character of mufti menk ameeeen.

  • Dhabiullah

    As salaam aliakum wa rahmatullahi wa baraakatuhu my beloved brother mufti ismail ibn musa menk! First of all before I say anything I want to say that I Love You my brother for the sake of ALLAH (s). May Allah (s) continue to increase in more knowledge and wisdom because we the young generation take from you and are listening to your blessed lectures that you have been gifted with to spread the truth about our beautiful deen. I look up to you and your an inspiration in my life. Jazakhallah khierum. Thank You for all the efforts your putting forward..

  • Esmael A. Radiamoda

    Salam, may Allah bless us all. First of all im very thankful that Allah has created internet, through this facility, believers of Islam and even non believers has now the chance to listen to the very vivid sermons and lectures of Mufti Ismael Menk. May the Almighty Allah continue to give him a good health for him to continue his noble and religious activities in spreading the teachings of Islam in the whole world. May the Almighty Allah also bless us a good health to continue listening to his lectures. How i wish that Mufti Menk may visit the PHILIPPINES. I hope i can see him in person. He is an idol of mine. Thanks.

  • jamila kabiru nado

    Alhamdulillahi rabbil alamin.I recently got to knw mufti menk.He is one of my favourite world renowed scholars.He is an intellectual.I alws appreciate is usual prayers on course of his daawah like ‘May ALLAH SWA grant us understanding and protection’ ‘May ALLAH make us among those that will be granted jannah’ and lots more.For these I pray for Him that May ALLAH SWA grant Him and us jannah.

  • jamila kabiru mado

    Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu ya sheik mufti menk!words jst cannt express the way you are making the muslim umma feel.Because of ur amazing gift given to you by ALLAH SWA am talking on behalf of muslim umma because u are an amazing scholar coz u have the skills and the talent.I ask ALLAH SWA to continue to increase u in knowledge and preserve it for you.To say I really like your lectures is an understatement.May ALLAH SWA continue to grant us success,protection,good health and prosperity.May we all together meet one day in JANNAH.AMEEN

  • jamila kabiru mado

    Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu ya sheik mufti menk!words jst cannt express the way you are making the muslim umma feel.Because of ur amazing gift given to you by ALLAH SWA am talking on behalf of muslim umma because u are an amazing scholar coz u have the skills and the talent.I ask ALLAH SWA to continue to increase u in knowledge and preserve it for you.To say I really like your lectures is an understatement.May ALLAH SWA continue to grant us success,protection,good health and prosperity.May we all together meet one day in JANNAH. JazakallahukhairAMEEN

  • Ajaye Abubakar Sheriff

    I positively jealously Shiek Musa Menk. May Allah increase us in Knowledge in positive way.

  • jamila kabiru mado

    Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu ya sheik!May ALLAH SWA continue to support you.Each time I listen to your lecture it lightens, open and broad my heart.May your final abode be JANNATUL FIRDAUS and May we all meet there one day.Jazakhallahu khair

  • jamila kabiru mado

    I truely like you for the sake of ALLAH SWA.You are an amazing orator!May ALLAH SWA reward you with HIS highest reward with jannah.

  • Ali Keita

    May Allah give you the best in the world and the hereafter ya sheik mufti menk. I always listen to ur lecture and I never get tired. May Allah make us not only listeners but doers as well.

  • Jazakallahu khair jaza for the wonderful and touching lectures May Allah SWT granted us Jannah and for all Muslimin dan Mukminin all over the world lets come to Allah and lets Allah guide us through His way . the way to Jannah

  • Mohammed Saquib

    Subhanallah!! the best of best lectures i have ever heard…..May Allah (swt) grants you more and dept knowledge of true Islaam and may we all become a muslimeen tru your lectures and live the path of Mohammed (PBUH)

  • TIM

    I am attracted to his wisdom and inspirational lectures, may Allah SWT bless
    him with long life and good health to continue in the path of Allah. For those
    who listen to his lecturers, may the Almighty open their hearts to accept
    the truth, and live the practical life of our beloved prophet MUHAMMED (SAL).

  • Rahmath ulla

    Jazakallah khair, I listen many lecturers of mufti ismail menk may allah gave him more knowledge,good health and more courage so that all the humanity in this world should benefit from his lecturers.
    Please keep continue uploading your lectures in youtube. insha-allah i will listen to your lecturers.

  • Adekeye Abdul-rasheed

    Honorable Mufti Menk is one of the most dynamic speakers of our time. His lectures are amazing and very interlectual.
    Really i am truly amazed with his style in adressing the ummah in his lectures. One gets mesmerised by his voice and you feel that he should go and on talking, because it makes you feel so good listening to him..he’s your best company on a journey while u listen to his cds on the prophets.
    May allah bless him a long, long life for truly he is an asset to the

  • Sufyan Adam Yahaya


  • Ismail

    Mufti Ismail Menk is the shining mufti around world . we all pray that Allah give him Long live .

  • Joerier Walusimbi

    Really I am amazed with his style in adressing the ummah, the best of best lectures I have ever heard. Wonderful and touching lectures. May he live to touch so many people’s hearts.

  • Aneesa Pandor


    Mufti Ismail Menk! Alhamdulilah! U have saved me from doing wrong in my life and made me realised how far I was from Allah(swa). U have changed me in a very big way and Jazakallah for reminding us…May Allah(swa) grant u goodness,peace,knowledge and. Long life Ameen. I keep u in my duaas and motivating other brothers and sisters to listen to ur beloved lectures! I love u for the pleasure of. Allah(swa) Mufti Menk. I’m now making duaa for Allah(swa) to make it possible for me to also go and study for Aalimah Inshallah(ameen).

  • sulayman

    may Allah increase your knowledge so that you are
    be able to reach out more and more ummah…. jazzakallahu kheir

  • Basharat

    Assalamu alaikum Mufti Menk

    I was listening to Unity Fm not long ago and I listened to one of his lectures. I was really impressed with what was spoken about and it ignited the fire within. The impact struck me right to the bone and you find yourself wanting to learn more. He is an inspiration to all mankind and may Allah (swt) bless him eternally. Ameen

  • honeybunch

    MashaAllah! one of a kind Mufti Ismael Menk. I’m really inspired your words of wisdom and full knowledge of ou r Deen. May Allah preserve you. Uhibbuki fillah. Hope i can see you in person.

  • Sanusi naheem

    Mufti Ismail Menk! I ve listen to not morethan ur topic ‘Marriage in Islam’ and I made sure I circulated it with d best I can. By Allah, u r real… I mean, ur Bayan is beautiful! May Allah grant u more wisdom and also grant u Alijanat Firidaus as well as all Muslims across d globe. Amin!

  • Zaira

    I have never heard any scholar as good as Mufti Menk. I listen to your lectures and cannot stop after one or two videos. My 2 children are hooked to your lectures, Alhamdulillah. I wish you would visit Vancouver, Canada, where i feel you have to be heard by our young and old. You are an inspiration and your lectures are very engaging. There are no discrimination in your speeches that i love. I only wish i could be part of that jamaat that you speak to, Insha Allah!

  • Aleema zeyana

    Masha allah ‘ mufthi brother ur speeches are awsome am very much inspired of ur speech .may allah(swt) help you to da’wa for many years(ameen).

  • Aleema zeyana

    Assalamu alaikum mufthi brother .masha allah your speeches are awsome am very much inspired .may allah(swt) help you to do da’wa for many more years .(ameen)

  • Athar Ali Khan

    Salaam wa alikum
    Mufti menk is an asset for the ummah. May Allah bless him with more and more knowledge. I am listening to your lectures on stories of profets. Alhamdulliah very informative. Keep up the good work. May Allah accept your efforts and increase ur eman.

  • Fathima Zahra

    Mufti Menk is the BEST speakers I’ve ever heard. Since I’ve started to listen to his lectures I listen to no other person than him. May Allah keep him and his family smiling Ameen. If Allah wills I will inshallah attend his lectures some day???

  • Envoor Hassiem

    Salaam, to all, I must congratulate the Mufti Ismail Menk for the inspiring lecture he gave on Saturday the 26th of Oct 2013 in the Strand Al Jamia Masjid, the event was witnessed by young and old, we as a community really appreciate the words of encouragement, we can only move forward, Shukran Once Again to the Organisers and Committee.

  • Tamanna Khan

    I would like to know what all asre shirk in islam though iam a muslim but basic things should be clear

  • Esam Harira

    Salam, I’d like to contact Mufti Ismail Menk for a great benefit for Muslims worldwide. I’m the editor of Fatwa Unit “Ask the Scholar”, Please, help me contact him.

  • yusuf idris

    He is good scholar

  • Abdul khalaq

    As salam aliykum to all . . . . …

  • hamdi ali

    Assalamu aleikum 2 all he is one of da best lecturers of our time .his lectures are very is da high time we followed da teachings of his lectures.may Allah reward hin abundantly and may He. make us those who benefit from his talks.amiin ya rab

  • Abid

    Ma shaa allah, allah blessed and choosed such poeple for da’wah. May allah bless all of us more knoweledge of deen, Ameen.
    May allah bless Mufti menk and all other todays scholars a very good health and long life, Ameen.
    I need suggestion, i want to study deen at this age 30+ what would be your suggestions to start with, which darul uloom u can suggest. Please comments if anybody has good suggestions.

  • Blessed be God .
    Dear brethren, greeting.
    I am a priest in the Christian religion is Christianity and that is my Facebook address
    But I do not agree with the teaching of Christianity , which are as follows .
    1 . , I do not believe in three Gods .
    2 . Believe in Jesus not a God .
    3 . Son of God, not a follower of Jesus .
    ( Christians believe these things )
    I 100 % agree that it really is time to change the Bible is to Christians .
    Then in the Christian Bible out of it that can be .
    ( God is one , and Jesus is not the Son of God )
    After 8 months of research, I agree 100 % true that the world is only one true religion of Allah stated that all truth ( God is one ) .
    All these reasons, I want to convert to Islam .
    You help me , God bless you and grant of Islam itself .
    My name Shadman Bhatti
    Thank you

  • Ishaq D.

    May Allah reward Ismail abundantly

  • ruqaiyah

    Asalamualaikum mufti ismail menk is the best lecturer of our generation… May allah (SWT) grant him a long happy life and may he grant him and all da ummat jannat ul firdous ameen

  • ameer

    Assalam ulakum

    mufti ismail menk I listen to your lectures about deen . Its amazing gift given to you by Allah SWA . All your lectures are heart touching and understandable. Everyday I am making some free time to listen to your lecture on different topics about deen, I really like your lectures. May Allah SWA grant you and grant us protection , mercy, and blessing. May we all together meet one day in Jannah.

  • Noralin Ibrahim

    Assalamu ALaykum, To Brother Esmael Radiamoda! Mufti Ismael Menk Will Visit in Davao Philippines In Shaa ALLah! This coming June In Shaa ALLah!

  • Dondon Langcua

    In Shaa Allaah. Sheik Mufti Menk will visit us in Philippines!

  • Abdigani Abdi

    Maasha alaah I have never seen such powerful lectures so beautifully delivered. May Allah grant you (our mufti Ismail)and us muslimiin his mercy. Maasha alaah

  • Semira

    Aselamu Alaikum ,

    I dont even know where to start about Mufti Ismail Menk . About a year ago I was just searching for some islamic fetwas on some islamic topics and Mufti’s name came up . And I listened and I have been listening almost on a daily basis all lectures since then, that it has helped me change my life around , of course by the will of Allah SWT .

    It amazes me so much how good mufti addresses issues to do with the youth, every part of the society.

    I know for sure I have not said how much I really wanted to say but Allah knows whats in my heart and how much I want to write about Mufti Menk.

    Jazak Allay Mufti and may Allah SWT accept everything that you are doing at the moment.

  • Sister in Islam

    Not to forget,He is funny too, It is from the mercy of Allah that he brings out
    people who don’t only speak the language of the people, but is also aware of what is going on in the society. I am happy to hear how much the Muslim youth are benefiting from mufti Ismail Menk.

    has anyone contacted Shadman Bhatt?

  • bahiji kimaro

    really!! shekh i tryin to make moral reform to young n adults….

  • FYM

    Salam Alaikum,

    I have just recently come across Mufti Menk’s name and, maashallah, after listening to a few of his discourses, I am hooked. His style and simplicity of speech is remarkable. May Allah shower him with blessings for all the good work he is doing for the furtherance of Islam.

  • saifacmad

    salamun alaikum,,

    i never seen ismael,, but i heard his lectures in a radio and tv.. i was inspired by his lectures, it improve my islamic life..
    i wish that ALLAH (Subhannahu wata ala) may Bless him..

  • mohammed muntaka

    asalamu alaikum,
    ismael musa mufti menk is my roll model and i like his lectures very much and may ALLAH s.w.a.. bless him and his entire family… i wish mufti will be my teacher and to see him

  • Bikuri Lugolobi

    May Allah reward him . I wish all sheikhs would do the same

  • Shabani Mussa Kalembe

    Thank you Muft Menk for briliant lectures that you give various aspect of life. What Muft Menk doing is what a leader of believer suppose to be, may Allah protect him. May Allah give him a longer life in this work in order to awake a number of muslims who are in darkness of sheitwan.
    May I know muft’s program to our country(Tanzania). INSH ALLAH.

  • Abdussalam Naim

    Mufti menk always insipire my heart to do Allah’s wish, i desist from bad character since i heard his lecture. He was born to spread islam. Am happy to be a muslim.



  • nneka habeeba okorie

    May ALLAH bless mufti menk and increase him in knwoledge,he has really helped me islamically been a revert I have learnt alot

  • Mustapha Umar Abdullah

    May Allah(swa) keeps you going on this way is amazing way of teaching it always remind me those days closer of the era of prophet muhd (saw) companions life : May Allah grant you paradise and grant us too , may Allah give us the strength to put what you are teaching in practice: i really love u because of your true teaching, May Allah helps you, keeps you going bless you in wealth and in your family; I love your teaching ya sheikh ismail ibn musa menk mufti

  • khola Abbasi

    Asalam-o-alikum Mufti Ismail menk is really a postive person.I heard his lectures he really inspired me..May Allah bless him and give him success in this world and hereafter..May Allah protect him…


    Jazak Allah. May Allah(S.W.T) bless you and your entire family for the dawaah you’re bringing forth for all the humanity.May Allah (S.W.T) give you the eternal strength to strive and submit what Allah(S.W.T) has ordained you for..Ameen

  • sherine Badat

    Assalaamu alaikum brother mufti Ismail Menk.Jazakallahu khayran for being so inspirational.ever since i have been listing to most of your lectures &watching your videos Alhamsullilaha my imaan level has really been high&ypu have really inspired my me of being a betyer musilimah ahukran once again&may Allah grnt you the higest stages of jannah..thuma you for da sake of Allah.

  • Rahma Mohamed

    Mash’Allah we are really blessed to have a sheikh like you and you have really inspired alot of us in everything masha’Allah and may Allah bless you and give you Jannat-tul-Firdaus. Allahhuma Ameen.

  • aysha

    Assalamu alaikum brother, jazakallahu khairan..may Allah reward u immensely in dis world n other for ur efforts to spread our soo much inspired abt ur lectures on various aspects of deen.let ur inspirational lectures reach every corner of the world. May Allah u long life to inspire ma generation, aameen ya rabb.

  • Muhammed abu Rizwan

    I really thanks allah for his lecture about the life of prophets and I get relief from the confusion from his lecture with the help of allah S.W.T

  • Maryam Abdullah

    Assalamu alaykum warahmatullah wabarakatuh…mufti menk may Allah blessed and have mercy on you and your entire family and all Muslims ummah. Your lectures are very inspiring and necessary reminder for the upliftment of soul and imaan. May Allah grant you the ability to come to Nigeria

  • yusuf mahomed suleman

    Salaams on this Mubarak day of Jummah. Mufti Ismail has been guided, chosen to serve this Most Beautiful Deen of Islam. May he be continually be protected from evil eyes and absolute dirty and jealous hearts.
    He has, is and Insha Allah will continue to inspire the Ummah. He was born for this. May he be granted very long life of extremely good health so that differences will be made in peoples lives to come on to the Path of Sirat Ul Mustaqeem. Can information be given as to where he is going to be for Ramadaan this year?

  • Zulkiflee Taug is so many positive comment..hehe..thanks mufti menk, in sha allah allah grant you paradise..ameen..:)

  • umar bala joda

    Assalamyu alaikum. yes, mufti ismail menk he is a sunni. listen to his lectures (important of sunnah and the beauty of islam). wassalam

  • Usman Shuaibu Dakata

    Assalamualaikum. I have been a regular listener of your inspiring lectures from here Kano in Nigeria. You have been visiting lagos and abuja frequently, but I never heard of you visiting kano. I am looking forward to seeing you in kano inshaallah. I really do benefit immensely from your lectures to the highest extence. May Almighty Allah protect you and your family, may He also grant you Aljannatul firdaus. Ameen thumma ameen.

  • Ahmed Bashir

    the only thing I can say is just, may Allah swt make us meet in jannah. Aameen

  • Mohamed Reza Ali

    Assalaamu’alaikum Mufti Ismail Menk,
    I am a 57 year old man who continues to try to work a small halal business for my family. My children and my wife are blessings in my life, Alhamdulillah.
    You have come into my life at a time when I am faced with many challenges both physical and spiritual having made some financial decisions that now seem not so wise. Your lectures bring about a peace of mind in my being and your words have enriched my deen which for so long, while always existing, lay under the covers of lifes struggles only sometimes coming to my assistance. Today, with your sharing of knowledge and faith, I float on my deen and face every struggle in life as a passing test from Allah S.W.T without fear of failure. My belief in Allah S.W.T and His promise of Jannah are my true strength. I will heed your advise dear Mufti Menk and strive to live each day in the service of Allah S.W.T and the ummah in every small or big way that I can, remembering always that “the right hand must not know what the left hand does when it comes to giving sadakah for the good of the mukmin”.
    Thank you Mufti Menk for reaching out to me and so many countless others to regain our strength in our Iman and our faith in the promises of Allah S.W.T.
    May Allah S.W.T bless you and all your family with His Peace,Mercy and Grace and always keep you safe. Amin.
    Mohamed Reza Ali

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