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Wake Up!

by a dear sister Bismillah Al Rahman, Al Raheem: “Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar” you hear the athaan go on. But you still decide to procrastinate, even when your family yells, “Come on!” You think, “I still have time, before I really have to pray, ‘Asr is still hours away.” Your head is saying “Go” but […]


[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWTehIeCOUU&hl=en] Hellfire by Shaykh Ahmad Ali Buy this talk if you can, very beneficial alhumdulillah.

Are we this foolish?

There lived in a town a very rich man, who was given every comfort and luxury by Allah. He had a servant who was slightly foolish. One day the rich man called him and presented him with a gift saying: “Keep this in a safe place until you find someone more foolish than yourself. When […]

The Inevitable

By Aalimah Zafirah Mohammed Graduate of Darul Uloom Trinidad and Tobago All praises are for Allah who has given us life, the air to sustain us and has made us from amongst the best of mankind. Preparation! So much preparation. Everyday we prepare, either for a ceremony or a special occasion or just for our […]


by Ahmed O’ you who love to party and rave Remember one day you will go to the grave Friends and guys wanna be in your ‘crew’ Remember the darkness and loneliness of the grave awaits you Fashion and clothes you love to adorn Remember the day will come to sound the horn Raised up […]

Make use of your youth

If Allah gives us 60 years to live then it comes to around 22,000 days (60×365). All these days Allah gives us to prepare for one day of interview with Allah. That is on the Day of Judgement. On that day, Allah will ask us some questions and He wants some correct answers. Allah is […]


If only you knew the torments of hell It is the worst of places where anyone could dwell It is in existence even as we speak And for its inhabitants the outlook is bleak On the day of rising, hell will be in view A terrible sight, if only you knew It will be brought […]