Hellfire by Shaykh Ahmad Ali

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  • mohammed akram

    assalamualaikum, i have a question i am a muslim bt nt practising, i commit evil acts e.t.c drinkin, adultery, i have harram children aswel, e.t.c there was no maraige cntract(nikkah), i seriously want 2 change bt i need 2 knw wil my sins ever be forgiven? Wasalaam

  • M. A. Khan

    Mohammed Akram,

    Allah promises forgiveness if one is genuine & sincere & follows the following:

    1. You should immediately stop what you are doing.
    2. Pledge not to commit again in future.
    3. Repent for what has been done & seek forgiveness sincerely.
    4. If you have wronged others, seek forgiveness from them & if it is material things that you have acquired by illegal means, return those material things & if possible compensate the victims.
    Insha Allah, you will be forgiven.


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