5 Things to Reflect Upon

O! You Muslims who are…

  1. Desirous to drive large, shiny cars,
    REMEMBER: You will be driven one day as a horizontal passenger.
  2. Wild and crazy over expensive clothes,
    REMEMBER: You will end up in just a ‘KAFN.’
  3. Recklessly sacrificing everything to construct beautiful homes and palatial mansions,
    REMEMBER: the graveyard ‘PIT’ – one’s real home.
  4. Greedily devouring tasty dishes and all types of extravagant delicacies,
    REMEMBER: one day YOU will be the meal for ants, worms and other insects.
  5. Aspiring for fame, fortune, and bright lights.
    REMEMBER: the awaiting darkness and loneliness in the grave.

Source: ‘DEATH’ by Husainiyah Publications Estcourt


  • Mudassirath

    This is a great job you are doing. May Allah reward you abondantly.
    Whenever i read this,it inspires me and make me know that life worth nothing.
    Keep it up and may Allah keep increasing your knowlege for us to benefit too.

  • anuradha lahiri

    Thank you so much for this excellent webpage with its excellent articles and lovely and moral based stories.
    I’m a person who converted to Islam 5 years ago. I’m so blessed,Alhamdulillah. Every aspect of this page has taught me amply,things which,I had no means of learning.
    May Allah bless and abundantly reward the whole team behind this site,and those who contribute invaluably to it,inshallah aameen.


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