The Boy who tried to escape Death – ch8

“Ya Rubb! How can this be so beautiful in what I am seeing?!” Ahmad says as tears roll down his face.

“Oh Ahmad! You have seen nothing yet. We have not even come close to the Doors of Eternal Beauty!” The angels call out to him as they begin their ascent through the Seven Heavens.

Up they rise, faster than the speed of light. A beautiful wind gushes upon the face of Ahmad as he sits within the casket of beauty. He looks around in absolute amazement as he passes each of the Seven Heavens, and he notices that the next one he enters seems to be more beautiful than the last! Comfort indescribable sets in the soul of Ahmad, a feeling of happiness completely protected against any speck of sadness or worry.

On the other hand, Mo and the girl burn continuously in the garments of fire as the Angels of punishment bring them up through the Seven Heavens. The pain and torment they experience are so bad that they are unable to view the spectacular scenery surrounding them. Every nerve within their bodies is afflicted with agony beyond imagination. Their bodies are prevented from going into shock; no end to the pain; continuous tears pour forth from their dark reddening eyes.

“Ya Allah! If I truly knew death was this bad I would have been your best servant! Please Allah! I now know! Please send me back and I will be the best!” Both Mo and the girl scream out.

“No more sound from you! You said you were Muslims yet you did not obey Allah! You were warned by your family yet you did not take heed! You knew about Hell and the punishment from Allah yet it did not scare you to turn back to Him! This is your reward for choosing the life that you wanted! You fell for your desires and you did not want to sacrifice the sinful fun for pleasing Allah! Now you will face the pleasure for the sinful; Hell will be your abode! Now you will soon see the pious enjoying their lives within the Garden of Eternal Delight! See then and tell me what the real entertainment is; the pleasure of the World that is now gone from you forever, or the pleasure of Paradise that will last forever! See then and tell me who are those who show true happiness; those sinful people on this Earth looking to seek pleasure while the pious cry to Allah, or those who used to cry to Allah now dwelling in Gardens of Eternal Delight while those who tried to seek pleasure on this Earth now screaming for eternity in the depths of Hell-Fire!” The Angels call out, each word sending shivers down the spines of Mo and the girl.

“But the pain is too much! I cannot bare it no more! Please take away some of the pain!” The girl screams out.

“Pain?! You have not even felt pain! You have seen nothing yet! For you the terrors of the Grave await you! For you, the horrors of the Day of Judgment are approaching! And for you, the final resting place of a pain and terror beyond your wildest imagination awaits. It is Jahannam, the final abode for the disobedient servants of Allah who underestimated His anger and punishment!”

Back on Earth the parents of each of the youth who passed away help in the preparation of the burial and the washing of the dead.

As an honour from Allah to Ahmad, Allah placed noor (light) within the face of Ahmad’s dead body and a smile that spread across his face. Each person who saw a glimpse of his face was left amazed at the sight.

“Inshah’Allah this is a good sign from Allah.” Ahmad’s father says as tears roll down his face.

“I am sure it is, Inshah’Allah.” The Sheik of the Masjid says as he stood next to Ahmad’s father.

Far from noor, the faces of both Mo and the girl were disfigured. Their faces suffered major trauma from the accident, but little did people know that this was from Allah as a curse upon their bodies.

The first to be led to Salatul-Janaazah was Ahmad. At the front row Ahmad’s father stood along with the rest of his children. The mother stood far at the back along with the rest of the Muslim Sisters. Amazingly that day, literally hundreds of pious Muslims with big beards and Islamic clothing came to pray Salatul-Janaazah for Ahmad. Ahmad’s father Muhammad turned around in absolute astonishment as he watched crowds of Muslims trying to squeeze in for a space in Prayer. Muhammad was so moved by what he saw and thanked Allah continuously in his heart for allowing so many Muslims attend, tears poured from his eyes.

In fact, there were so many pious Muslims that day, Salatul-Janaazah had to be repeated three times to allow those who waited outside to come in and make the Salat. Again, almost no body knew that this was another honour from Allah towards Ahmad

As for Mo and the girl, there was a surprisingly major setback in sorting out the death certificates etc, therefore preventing both of them being buried on Friday. Yet again, almost no body knew that this was another humiliation upon them for their disobedience towards Allah.

“AllahuAkbar!” The Imam calls out for the start of the first Rekk’a of Salatul-Janaazah. A feeling of fear and love of Allah passes through the air and through the hearts of the Muslims within the Masjid without them knowing, as Angels within the room constantly make Du’a towards Ahmad asking Allah for mercy, forgiveness and reward upon his soul. The only sign upon this Earth of this happening was the feeling of absolute concentration and crying towards Allah as the Muslims stood in Salat.

As these Muslims prayed towards Allah to ask Him to have mercy upon Ahmad, the angels with Ahmad already arrived to the Seventh Heaven and had his book written down in ‘Illiyun and back to Earth they headed. While those on Earth prayed for Ahmad, he was being treated to a death of honour, and yet an honour greater than this awaits him.

After Salat Muhammad turned around to the Sheik and asked with tears still in his eyes, “What about Mo and the girl?”

“There is a delay with their death certificates. The time the parents are finished sorting that out, the burial most likely will be on Saturday. Anyway, let us get going to the burial site.” The Sheik says as he compassionately takes Muhammad’s arm and guides him to the car.

The Angels with Ahmad have now come back to Earth, and the soul of Ahmad waits over his dead body. The body has now arrived to the burial ground. There, before Ahmad’s eyes is his own burial spot. Radiating light of different colours spring forth from his grave. Sounds similar to that of a miraculous waterfall and the falling of leaves can be heard in the distance, but the beauty of the sound multiplied thousands of times more than that of Earth. The smell from the foods of Paradise can be smelt from the distance; from food that cannot even be imagined or created upon this Earth.

“Please, please, let me get into my Grave!” Ahmad screams out in extreme excitement.

“Ahmad! Be patient, for I cannot even imagine how you will act when you set foot within Paradise!” The Angels say to him smiling.

Ahmad is in so much excitement and so determined to get within his grave, that this even has an impact upon his dead body!

As his body is carried towards the grave by his grieving father and other members of his relatives, the dead body becomes awfully light!

“SubhanAllah! My son’s body seems so light!” Muhammad says.

“Mashah’Allah. Those who are pious, their dead bodies seem light since the soul wants to get into the Grave, while that of the disbeliever and the disobedient, their bodies seem heavy since the soul does not want to enter the grave because of the horrors of what they see.” The Sheik says.

The closer Ahmad gets to his Grave, the greater his anticipation and happiness becomes. With all the joy he is experiencing, he does not even notice the surrounding events taking place!

The final time Ahmad’s dead body will see the light of day has now come. Muhammad gets inside of the grave along with the local Sheik. For the last time upon this Earth Muhammad takes his son in his arms and carefully positions him down into the grave. For the last time on this Earth, Muhammad looks into his son’s eyes and stares at him. The Sheik spots the tears developing in Muhammad’s eyes, his body beginning to shake with the sadness.

“Muhammad. Keep firm and patient.” The Sheik says to him quietly and calmly.

“Yes Inshah’Allah, but words cannot describe the feeling of burying my own son.”

“This is Qadr of Allah and this is surely a great test. Keep firm upon the path of the Sunnah and Qur’an and you will meet him again face to face, Inshah’Allah.”

If only his father sees the state of Ahmad now, he will surely smile and cry out of absolute happiness. Little does everyone know that Allah is going to send a sign upon them all of the condition and state of Ahmad!

Chapter 9


  • seekerofjannah

    AH, that was beautiful! Subhannalh !
    Jazakallah for posting:)

  • abby1499

    this story makes me think about my life and how im livin it



  • muna

    i naver thought i will feel like this.. but this story has made me realize hw i am living nw… inshaa allah i will be good.. god bless you Ahmed.. thanx for sharing a beautiful story..

  • Noor

    Mashallah i want to be like this 🙁 i want to be a good muslim, i dont want to say i am, i want to prove it to Allah (s.w.t) Inshallah ..
    Thank you for posting this beautiful story and i hope to read more

  • Zainab

    mashallah I will always and always be a good Muslim

  • Tariq Hussain

    Subhan Allah
    May Allah have his mercy on all of Us and make Us die as Ahmad died
    Ameen Summa Ameen
    Really heart touching Story
    May Allah Turn Us towards Islam Before it is too late

  • halima

    this almost made me cry

  • halima

    may allah take us to jannah

  • thaibah

    very beautiful mashallah may allah grant us all jannatul firdous and when we are in need of help he is there for us and for him to make us pray kalimah on our last breath ameen thumma ameen

  • maymuna

    I read this twice and it was hard
    to belive but it still made me cry wow its such a beatiful story
    Ihis is my 3rd time reading it and i still coudn’t belive my eyes inshaalah may Allah make us like ahmad and grant us pradise ameen thuma ameen.

  • Mohammed Hayder

    This Has InSpired Me Very Much To Go To The Masjid in Every Salah And To Do Tasbeeh 24/7

  • Mariam

    is this a true storry & mashallah am spreading this story it so inspiring

    subhannallah may allah cherich u with hope Faith
    Mariam 😉

  • mehrish

    This story touched my heart mashallah

  • I pray that this story when read will change everyone’s life for the better. May Allah light and guide our path. Amin. Jazakallahu khairan!!!

  • Abdul bari

    It is a very very heart touching story. When I was listening the story and I was about to cry……

  • Abu bakr

    this is the saddest most hearttouching story i hane ever read in all my life!!!!

  • Mohammed Shehu

    May Allah In His Infinite mercy guide me to HIS paradise and all the muslim ummah all over the word as long as we all under the jurisdiction of Islam, & forgive our loved once Allah has call on; our beloved late parent, relatives and friends. What a heart touching story, a simple tool for revert.

  • Prince Dastaan

    اسلامُ عليكم
    I was reading it for an hour and it’s very very hearttouching.But please tell me is it a true story and where did it happen?

  • Hoda

    Most beautiful story I have ever read. Made me cry, inshallah I will be in the same state as Ahmad ameen

  • Sufiyan

    One of the best thing I have read and will inspire this IN SHA ALLAH Throughout my life on this earth. I was very much sad about my day to day sins which we knowing and unknowing do…May ALLAH forgive me and help me in leading my life in a rightful path …and IN SHA ALLAH that path will head me to JANNAT…AMEEN

  • mardiyah

    Heart touching story,may Allah grant us jannat al firdous In shaa Allah

  • Rabi Buba

    AllahuAkbar, from Allah we are and to Allah is our return. The story of Ahmed is a perfect story that every believing muslim should read, understand and imulate. May Allah grant us the wisdom to withstand every evil trials and may HE continue to give us the opprtunity serve HIM alone (S W A) may HE guid and protect us from the evil in us and around us may HE also grant us a very beautiful happy ending like that of Ahmed. Amin.

  • Rahima

    its after you read something like this you realise the things you are doing wrong in life. you don’t know about the things you think are right when they are not until you hear about someone else doing it. this story made me think about what I have done in life and I think everyone should read this story so they know what they are doing wrong and how they can improve and become a proper muslim. people like Mo who think that their belief in Allah will give them a place in heaven are wrong, places are limited and there are many of us.. the places will go to those who deserve it so do what you can to get a place you rightfully deserve not something you think you deserve.

  • naima

    Assalam.Subhan ALLAH! Im really amazed.i’ve gat no words to say.This story makes me very patient when i think of the condition of ma lyf.May ALLAH change us and guide us to the best of ways,in sha’ ALLAH! And guyz,pliz dont write in sha’ ALLAH as ‘inshallah’ coz ‘in sha’ ALLAH’ means ‘GOD willing’ and ‘inshaallah’ means ‘create GOD’ MAY ALLAH FORBID! So pliz write it as In sha’ ALLAH.And Ahmed,iz this a true story?

  • Jabir

    I Was Shed up with Tears’ while Reading the each Part of this Beautiful Story Of Ahmed’ .. My words Cannot express the feeling of it !
    No one in this Duniya’ will stay for ever in this world But hereafter. You Might Could deny on Anything But over your death? Certainly we have to be Leave from this world to the the World of Eternity!
    May Allah’ Make us amongst The righteous People Whom He Offered The ‘Jannah’ and May He Save Us From The Torment Of Fire :Aamien!
    Jazakallahu Khairan’

    • Fares Fahd Badi

      Yes Mashaallah what a beautiful story and an incredible one
      YA Alllah You are the most merciful!!!!

  • fancy face

    SubhaanAllah…… Yaa rabb…. Most of us teenagers are living the life Ahmed was living or Evan mo… Ya rabb help us and make us realize and believe that death does not choose age…. Yaa Allah help us to defeat shiataan… The jinn and the human one … Yaa rabb … Let us be from the dwellings of your paradise and let us be pious to our parents …. Yaa rabb…. And the rabb of all mankind accept my prayer …… Ameen….. this story is really very touche and it made me cry…. Jazakallahu kheyran for sharing …

  • mohammed

    it is a good message but how could you know what the angels were saying??

  • Jasmine

    Subhaanallah this made me cry…..InshaAllah we will all be in paradise ammen


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