The Boy who tried to escape Death – ch10

As Ahmad walks towards the magical gates, they slowly open releasing an incredible scent out in the open. Ahmad’s hair is pushed back as the wind gently strikes against his body.

He enters the large magical dome, and there before him is an incredible garden of literally thousands of large colourful flowers and bushes never seen by man. Streams of blue and green water pass through the land like meandering rivers, the water passing along at a generally fast speed. As the water hits against the banks of the rivers, splashes of water rise and suddenly turn into hundreds of colourful fruits resembling bubbles, floating around, waiting to be picked by someone and eaten. All along the banks of the rivers are magical gems and rubies in colours unknown to man. Ahmad runs towards the river laughing and in an ecstatic mood. He quickly places his arms deep within the magical water, which feels so soothing and cool. He takes some water in his hands and takes a sip. The flavour is beyond imagination, similar to that of a magical tropical fruit. He finds one of the floating fruits resembling a bubble and takes it in his hand. He takes a bite, his teeth easily sinking into the almost see through fruit. He cannot believe the flavour, something indescribable. He spends time enjoying the fruit around him when he suddenly hears laughing in the distance. He turns around in shock and there in the distance is a small group of Muslims sitting together enjoying a Hugh feast. He smiles and quickly runs up to them.

“Assalaamu’Alycom dear Brother. Come join us.” One of the Brothers calls to him smiling.

“Wa’laycom Assalaam!” Ahmad says excitedly.

He is given a golden plate full of rice, lamb and salad. The food looks flawless. Not a single defect can be found in the food.

“Mashah’Allah! So this is it? No more sadness and worry? I still cannot get over the excitement that there will never be any boredom, sadness, pain or worry!” Ahmad says.

The Brothers around him laugh.

“Wait until we enter Paradise and see the Face of our Allah.” One Brother says.

“AllahuAkbar!!!” All of the Muslims call out.

Suddenly a multi coloured cloud appears over them and a shower of gems fall upon them like snowflakes. Each gem is edible, a delicious sweet given to them by Allah. An angel suddenly appears to the Muslims and says, “Dear Slaves of Allah! This is a small gift from Allah to thank you for praising His name.”

“AllahuAkbar! AllahuAkbar! AllahuAkbar!” The Muslims continue to scream out in extreme happiness, tears appearing from their eyes. Just the thought of Allah loving them is beyond words and description. No gift can ever be compared to being loved by Allah.

Time passes on, not affecting the Muslims within the magical dome.

Ahmad lays upon a bed of a material made only for the pious, watching above as small gem like leaves float around in all directions, releasing a beautiful scent attaching to anything it touches.

Ahmad slowly looks to the left and what he sees is something he could not possibly imagine would happen.ย  There, before him, is his mother, father, two brothers and his sister! His whole family is there before him!

“Mama! Dada! My Brothers and Sister!!!” He rushes towards them and hugs them tightly.

“My son! My son!” His mother cries out, crying out of extreme happiness.

“How? By Allah how?!” Ahmad calls out in tremendous exhilaration.

“Well by dear Son. 10 years after your death, we went to Hajj. It was the most exhilarating experience ever. Nothing could be compared to standing among all the Muslims bowing down to Allah.

While in Salat al-Layl (night Prayer), your mother and I made big Du’a to Allah to grant us a place with you in the Hereafter. After coming back from Hajj, we were all in our car driving back home reciting Qur’an, when suddenly we were struck by a truck and we all died by the will of Allah.”

“SubhanAllah! What is also shocking was when you mentioned 10 years! It feels I was here for only a few days! I thank Allah so much that He has united my family with me!”

An angel suddenly appears before the family.

“No more sadness, no more division. You were united upon the Earth and were separated at death. You have now united for the second time, and unity will be for eternity. You will be a family forever. You will enter Paradise together, without end. You will be loved by Allah forever!” The angel calls out smiling towards them.

“Lah Illah Ha Illallah! Takbeer! AllahuAkbar!” The family call out hand in hand.

“Mama! Dada! And my dear brothers and little sister! Come and I will show you around, for there is so much to show you in here, and even with this, I have only seen a fraction of what is in this Hugh magical dome. Imagine what will be in Paradise!!!” Ahmad calls out in excitement indescribable.

There they went: Ahmad, his mother, father, brothers and little sister, off to enjoy a magnificent feast with the rest of the blessed brothers and sisters within the magical dome of wonder. Muslims that will be united forever. A unity that will grow for eternity to come. A love and family bond that will continue to grow between them forever and ever.

The End.


  • Mohammad

    Salaam this is very good story for the youth

    • Rayhana and haleemah

      Subhanallah i didn’t put phone down untill i finished reading it subhanallah i was crying so bad



    • khanomerkhalid

      i am young i am 9 i read quran but dont pray. after reading this story tears started coming out. im using my email.

  • ladan mahammed

    salaam my brothers and sisters

    O, my i cried so much reading this story

    i hope allah forgives us all for our sins and our wrong doings

  • Murad

    I had an agument with my big sister over hiting my little sister for an unessesery reason so my big sister told me to read this story and she said “this will change the way you act” then I said” ye sure it will” (sarcasticly) so then it took me about over an hour to read this story and after I read it I felt so emotional and happy inside. Thankyou very much for the story inshallah I hope everything works out. Jazak allah

    • Mashallah, May Allah grant us in Janna

      • sabirin

        this was the best story I have ever read before I wasn’t the really religious type but this changed me it gave me a slap ME ON THE FACE and woke me up to reliaty thank you for all those unlimted blesses you have done for I love allah
        in the name of allah the most merciful and most gracious
        say he Is allah the one and only
        the eternal and absoulate
        he begotten not nor is he begotten
        the is none like onto him
        this surah ikhlas people please u must stop this it shirk:
        palm reading
        fortune telling
        bad luck
        comparing anyone to allah cause if you do you have left islam and you have the read jahman or jannah chose your pick I must thank my friend for showing me this app my allah guide her me and all of us muslim in right path and so as the kafr

  • seekerofjannah

    Subhanallah! what a beautiful story to learn from!

  • mryam1997

    is dis story truu? cos the day of judgment hasnt cum. and plus how do u know wat the angel of death sed to Ahmad.. Although Mashallah this is a gud story and it has taught me ALOT…
    plz reply..

    • Assalam Alaykum,
      I would think the story is not true because no one alive has been able to experience what happens after death.
      We believe in what we have been told awaits us after death by the Quran and the Prophets (alayhis salam) and this is what the story is trying to share.
      I’m glad you learnt a lot from it.

      • aliyah

        Dear brother,

        The author of this story intended us yo use our imagination with a slight help from a description from the Quran. No man not woman can imagine what awaits a pious mu Muslim in the hereafter. This story isn’t true, it was made so that we may open our eyes.

    • Ibrahim Hassan

      Assalamualaikum. This story is indeed fiction, based of what the messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him), and what is written in the Quran. Through Hadith we know that our experience will be similar to the ones in the story, but only Allah knows exactly what will happen.

    • Hodan

      It doesn’t really matter. This is a lesson and I think its better for you to listen and pay close attention to this story than ask stupid, unnecessary questions. And, I speak for everyone when i say this.

  • Amel

    Salamu Alaykum to my dear brother in islam may you be in your very best of health and imaan Insha’ Allahu Ta’ala.

    Subhan Allah i so loved the story an walahi Barak Allahu Feek for posting it here. I cried a lot and at the same time learnt a lot from it. Dear brother in islam i trully ask Allah to grant you paradise as well as all my beloved brothers and sisters of Islam. Now that some of us had read this story i hope we take heed from it and ignore it. Even if it is not a true story, it still got a moral and hope Insha’Allah we learn from it as well as pass it on. Whats the use of gaining knowledge when you’re not acting or calling upon it?

    Baraka Allahu Feek again my brother
    wa alaykum assalam!

  • shabbo

    Salaam…… Is this story true? I am very touched by this story I hope people read this and learn what is right or wrong cause I know I have learn something by reading this. This is a great sstroy

  • Sumaya mohamed

    asalamuleykum brotherz and sisterz in islam…wallahi i really liked this story…
    it made me cry so bad…subhanallah..what luck boy (Amad) mashallah……….may Allah forgive all of our sins as we are muslim…ameen inshallah……. this really help………

    thanks for sharing it with Us……jazakumallah kheer

  • Azz

    amazing! loved the story brother/sister! keep up the good work inshallah allah will reward you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • zeinab

    Asalam Alaykom,Thank you for this beautiful story,it has truly opend my eyes,god bless you x

  • Irfan Feroz RGUKT(IIIT) India AP Warangal

    Superb story.
    I can find no words to describe the feelings in my heart….
    I lost the count of shrudders I had while reading it……………
    Very Nice…and thanx for posting such a beautiful story…

  • Ahmed

    what a great story that changes the mood of a persons behavior. wonderful inspiration towards doing good and doing bad deeds in this temporary life. hope more Muslims and non Muslims discover this story and explore it as i did and i would defiantly share with everyone that i know to help spread love and security to people in this world and prepare them for here after. wasalam

  • Rukhsaar

    Moral of the story=
    Stay away from what has been forbidden
    Do the things that pleases almighty ALLAH prayers, kindeness, charity etc.
    Always repent, because ALLAH is Most forgiving
    Dont say ‘were going 2 get heaven in the end’ , Because no1 guranteed it and also when you die, you will regret it and you will realise it was not worth it .

    Ya ALLAH forgive us all and help the muslim ummah 2 wake up and pop thier bubble that is filled with dirt ! Help us to follow our gr8 leader Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him X

  • Amal

    i am also a teenager lyk Ahmed going thru perssure n temptation ,
    Ur story has insipred me to fink of Allah the all mighty whenever i am tempted,
    May Allah grant u any wish u desire for u r spreading wisedom n knowledge,
    At first i knew about the punishments of the grave n such for da the non beleivers but wen i read dis story it was lyk i cud imagine hw dey feel n the pain n toture they are going through n Alhamdulilah it opened my eyes i also lyk other that read ur story cired , i fink it was becuase i cud relate to Ahmed n wen his parents cired it was lyk i cried n wen he turned to Allah it open my eyes n it touched my heart , i just want u to noe about dis story is truely beautifully n heart touching may Allah grant u a place in paradise inshallah

  • petitehijabi

    mashallah This story was beautiful
    It made me Cry and it made me think aswell
    may allah give every believer the taufeeq to practice on what they have learned *aameen*
    And may we Repent for our sins and may allah accept our prayers and make our soul pure
    Aameen Thumma Aameen

  • Jazakallah for all thw onderful comments left recently. It is really pleasing to know the story has benefitted you and opened our eyes. Please pray for the whole Ummah and also that Allah Almighty keeps us steadfast upon Deen-e-Islam.

  • jinan

    salam walaykom beautiful story mashallah , cried through the whole way and really amazed too , jazak allah

  • what an excellent story!
    I have never read such a wonderful story in my life.
    Iam sure everyone can change by reading this story.
    And i pray ALLAH to forgive everyone and make us move in right way.

  • Mumtaz

    alhamdulillah. nice story. i fight alot with my brother and my parents. however after hearing this story i will try to treasure them whenever i can as we dunno how long we are going to live in this world. sometimes i would go out without wearing my scarf but insyaallah from today onwards i would wear my scarf wherever i go. alhamdulillah, after hearing this story i realise how much i love allah and islam. i also knew how merciful allah is to us and how much we misuse his mercifulness.

  • Jazakallah for the feedback all, I am pleased you have found it useful. May Allah give us all the ability to become better Muslims and help and influence others to improve themselves too.


  • Unknown

    Masha’allah!!! I cried my eyes out reading this story!!! I hope all of this is real as I want it to happen to me!!! Insha’allah ya Allah!!!


  • Amazing story…… Really touching story… Keep the good work up.

  • sister Khadijah Hauer

    Al Hamdullilah, I will do everything I can to please Allah from now on. I was scared by this story, it has made me see the power of Allah, I cried reading this, the only thing I can say is that I am scared for my father, he recently passed and he hadn’t taken shahada yet, he was still looking into it, Allah is merciful. Allah hu Akbar

  • abubakar

    jazakaAllah kheir may Allah guide all muslim to the path of jannah AMEEN…it really touched me.

  • ali

    masha allah, i truly love this story, and so easy to understand even though iam man i cried reading this this story specially when he repented to allah and he bough his parents gifts, may allah unite our hearts us muslims and wake us up from da deep sleep we are in today. may allah reward u and u family for this effort on this story.. aaamin

  • yusuf

    what a beautiful story masha Allah
    may Allah unite the whole umma in jannah.
    Ya Allah make us those who meet you in jannah.

  • Muhammed

    Subhanallah may allah forgive us for every gunah we have done. ameen. may allah grant all us muslim brothers and sisters jannat-ul-firdaws just like brother ahmed. ameen. and may this story spread across the whole muslim ummah and change lives forever ameem summa ameen
    Allah is the all knowing and merciful ask him for mercy whenever you want it doesnt cost a penny!!

  • Muslimah

    This was a very moving story that directs towards repentance and true turning to Allah. But as for mentioning specifics of what occurs after death, then this is of the matters of the unseen (Ghayb) which none knows except Allah.

    In order to discuss such matters, we should rely on what has been reported in the Quran and what has been authentically reported from our beloved Messenger sallallahu alaihi wa sallam.

    The moral of the story and its heart moving nature could be reached even before the mention of Ahmad’s Janazah prayer, without the detail of specific rewards and punishment that occur in the grave.

    May Allah bless us all with beneficial knowledge and sincere repentance.
    was salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

  • shuaib

    subhanallah!!What a wonderful has touched my heart and i have made a firm intntion to repnt and turn to Allah.Please ake dua that Allah forgives our sins and makes us his belovd.

  • Muslimah

    May Allah reward you. This story should be told and read by every Muslim as a reminder of what is really important and what matters .

  • IamMuslim

    Assalamu Alaykum Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

    Thank You for sharing this, I really cried reading this, it touched my heart.
    May Allah Bless us all, Thank you again for posting it. MashaAllah.

  • farah

    mashallah this is a very touching story

  • HQ

    Assalamu Alaykum

    mashallah such a beautiful story,
    it brought tears to my eyes.
    may this be a reminder for us all inshaAllah

  • Hassan

    Assalumu Alaykum,

    This story was beautiful, may ALLAh reward.

    Hazak Allah Khair

  • Hassan

    Jazak ALLAH khair*

  • Swaleha

    Masha Allah, what a wonderful story!! It made me cry n there’s a good moral in it 2. Thnx

  • Amira

    Allah is Most Merciful
    Allahu Akbar

  • Subhnallah diss storri realliiyyy made cry.
    And ii have learned alot abut itt
    thanks for derr story av gt a question.
    How do u knoe how it was like in derr heaven n wat happened to mo and dat gurl.
    Allahu akbar derr storrriii realli inspired meehh.

  • sofy

    like, ahmed can anyone go to heaven by the will of allah plx reply

    • Sofy,
      Yes Insha’Allah they can. One has to sincerely repent with all its conditions and there after fulfill the rights and obligations of Islam then by the will of Allah they can go to heaven.

  • Anisa

    Mashallah !! this story was so beautiful , made me cry inshallah allah forgives us all and gives us janaat

    and we as youth are strong and avoid the temporary things of this duniya

  • MADiha

    MAsha’Allah heart touching story…may Allah forgive us all muslims brothers and sisters nd give us JAnnah ..Ameen

  • kath

    please tell me if this story was true
    i think the better way to show this us youth is to publish this story, sabhan alla

  • Shabeela

    as-Salaamu โ€˜alaikum brothers and sisters.
    Firstly I would like to make a comment that I have always mashallah been keen on any Islamic stories. But the story I read from the Haq Islam site of the boy who escaped death was shown to me by my sister whom got this story sent to her via Facebook from our cousin sister. I Feel like a new leaf has been turned over for me or should I say Allah (swa) has gave me a second chance to be a good Muslim and I should take the chance while I have it. Any way after reading the story I felt like I was leading my life but it had no means to it, and i always felt lost and restless and would fear every little thing. But now I feel I have a purpose in life and that is to serve and obey Allah (swa). I stopped watching tv and playing useless games on my mobile and turned to Islamic books. I devoted my self fully to the five daily prayers and doing constant zikr . I want to spend each and every day that is left of my life to be spent in the cause of Allah (swa) and in each day every hour and in every hour every minute and in every minute every second to not pass by or go to waste because once this time is lost it will not come back, and when our life comes to an end only Allah (swa) knows. So advice to all brothers and sisters out there, do not wait for that moment to arrive without having any good deeds achieved because it is our good deeds that will help us at the time of death. So let us follow the path of Islam and also guide others too, so we could get double award for helping others who were week in imaan. And may Allah give us rewards and success in both this world and the Hereafter. Amen.
    Jazakallah khair.

  • Rizwan

    mashallah this was a truly heart touching story and brought tears to my eyes both with happiness and fear, may this story inshallah give every muslim brother and sister hidayat… Ameen

  • Habeebah


    Subhanallah when i first came across this story i believe i was in 11 grade back in high school. That is close to four years. I cried and loved it the moment i picked it up to read it. I was so moved by it that i printed it out and gave it to as many as possible of our brothers and sisters in the high school and told them to pass it along as soon as they finished. Now four years later, a month ago, a girl came up to me whom I have never met in my life. She started to talk to me as if we have known each other our whole lives. The moment she told me about this story, i was honestly shocked. I asked her how she knew me and knew that story and she told me her brother constantly talks about it. The other amazing thing was that he was in a grade below me. and right now she is in about 9-10 grade in high school. I can honestly say that this is one of the best stories i have read. I teach little girls in the masjid and for the summer i told them that i would read them poems and stories about Islam, life and death, and everything in between. But always about our deen. This story was read to them and they loved it. It took me 3 days to finish it for them because i only teach 2 times a week for a couple hours. But each time i stopped at a chapter they wanted more. Jazak Allah alf khair inshallah. Even though this story isn’t real, like you mentioned, we go by the hadeeth and what the prophets used to describe and most of all The Holy Quran. May Allah give you hasant as each person around the world reads this and passes it on. I passed it on as a forward on my senior year and alot of my muslim sisters loved it. The chain kept going and inshallah i will start it again as a reminder of what we can and cannot have in this world compared to the here after. People always say they will start to become a better person, but i have seen it with my own eyes, death waits for no one. You may be rich, poor, beuatiful, or not, smart, or the opposite, young or old… but don’t think that one day it will all go away… what matters is what you do with the time Allah has given you…. use it wisely for you never know when time is up!!!!

    • Wa Alaykum salam
      Jazakallah for your wonderful comment and feedback on the site. Alhumdulillah, it pleases me that the site is benefitting some of our young muslim brothers and sisters.
      Please pray Allah accept these efforts of ours.


  • Salma

    I just want to cry out loud after reading the story! I hope my Lord will forgive my sins! My heart is aching so much! I am afraid Allah will not forgive me! Ya Allsh help me be a better person! Help me to stay upon ur pleasing path! Accept me as ur pleased servant!

  • Zainab

    that was really good and the whole story made me feel some inside x

  • Zainab

    salaam to all the brothers and sisters this is a wonder full story i wish i get a place is paradise may allah make for all us sinful people a place in paradise ameen

  • Safiya

    What a beautiful, yet metally and emotionally and physically changing towards only the pleasure of the Almighty. Feeling of worry yet happiness, as its not too late to change. may the Almighty reward you.

  • Mazeda

    This story is too emotional i couldnt stop the tears from coming out. I am soo proud of Ahmed and very happy that he is facing a happy life with his family! This is amazing and i suggest youngsters to read this whole story and thnk twice… This has made me even see more sense and now i can say that i wanna change and be a better person as this story has woke me up. Marsha’allah and Alhamdu’lillah x

  • tasleem

    the most beautiful story iv ever heard, i can feel a sense of calmness, may allah grant all the good muslims jannah ul firdous ameen.

  • Sara

    Msha allah this just made me sart praying :)) thankyou so much It was beautifull

  • mehrunnisha

    Assalamu Alaykum.wat a wondwerfull story.if is it true or not but its realy tuches haert & make u feel guilty to waisting your time for worled we make dua Allah allwayes saw us right path & give us hidayat Amin.

  • Shakira

    Assalamualaikum, brothers and sisters! Ya Allah!! May You help guide us to the Straight Path! My prayers used to be infrequent and since I have read this, I have been determined to be and remain strong in my faith. This story, whether it is true or not, is heart-moving. I cried as I read this for I felt connected to Ahmad. This story has made me regret for all that I have done wrong when I could have been reading the Qur’an or making extra prayer. After I read this, instead of skipping the Dhuhr prayer like I used to do, I made my wudu’ and began my prayer pleading to Allah to forgive me! Pass this story on to other Muslims to help them remain strong in their faith! ALLAHU AKBAR! May we see each other in the Gardens of Paradise! Let’s all make du’a for each other! Assalamualaikum.

  • Nabila

    Assalam alaykoum, What a true valuble story. It has truly touched my hart & opened my eyes! what a wonderfull wake-up call!!! I wish everyone reads this story! It would be a huge wake-up call for everyone of us! I am sure going to pass it to everyone I know…

    I’m gratefulle en thankfull to our greatest Allah!!!

    As my sister said let’s all make dua for each other!


  • nawira

    allahu akbar everyone and may we all go to heaven and dua for each other
    to have a good life here and a good life in the hereafter
    and may we be a good muslim inshaallah
    allahu akbur and assalamalaykum everyone

  • Mohamed Ali

    Thank you for making this story. This story has helped me to think of the bad things i have done in life. My heart feels pure and calm now. Ya Allah may Allah subhan watalla guide us all to the straight path, Inshallah may all of us go to paradise.


  • vaseem

    Masha Allah its amazing story … which make my tears out ….. may allah subanatala gives hidaya to all brothers and sisters ……. and whole ummat.

  • abdul khaliq randera

    Masha allah. I am very touched by this and may allah give us all a place in jannah. Brothers and sisters make dua when ever you can that may we all die with the kalimah. Ameen


  • zainab

    That was a really good story may allah azawajal enter all of muslim pradise too mashallah

  • Mazeda

    That’s a very good comment.masha’allah

  • mariam

    subhanallah this story has really touched me.. im starting to pray and live a life allah wants me to live and will not stop till i die inshallah. thank you for this.

  • zaynab suleiman gimba

    This story has really change mi. Allahu akbar.

  • Ayeesha Ameera Naibee

    What an amazing story,it has really touched ma heart & made me firm in my acts of worship.May Allah(swt) bless d writer of dis story,accept it as an act of Jihad & unite us ol in Jannah Insah Allah.

  • Rufai

    Jazakallaukjair…..Allahu Akbar,I really enjoyed the story and it really touched my soul….May Allah continue to guide and shower his blessings upon us (ameen)….
    Masha Allah

  • arafat

    May Allah help us allโ€ข

  • Rubana

    OMG…this story was so emotional…its like our everyday lives. Please Allah grant us all the place of paradise where we will live for eternity. Ameen.

  • mahisha

    this story is so heart touching! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • ikram


  • Adam

    By far one of the most moving, tear jerking, heart wrenching and emotional short story I’ve ever read; puts everything into perspective. May the Almighty grant us all the opportunity to turn to Him and gain His pardon before we leave this world. Amen.
    P.s. Jzk to the author and do keep coming!


  • tisha

    La ilaha illallahu muhammadhur-rasoolulAllah(saw)

  • Zahra Qaali

    assalaamu alaykum
    is this based on a true story that really happened?
    anyway this was a beautiful story that i couldn’t stop tears come down my cheeks till i was done reading. it only took me hours to read all the chapters. mashaAllah it was a beautiful and meaningful story.
    may Allah reward the person who wrote this story in paradise inshaAllah.
    Jazaakallahu khayran

  • Faruk

    assalama alaikum.Hi this is a great story. i am 12 years old And may the Almighty Allah have mercy on us on judgement day and may Allah reward the Muslims paradise. Thank you brothers and sisters.

  • Asia

    Subhanallah, this story is extremly heart touching, and provesthat Allah is The Oft-Forging. It is never too late for us to change our ways. ALLAHUAKBAR!

  • Anam

    thank you for this wonderful story.


    La ilaha illallahu muhammadhur-rasoolulAllah(saw)

    May Allah(swt) forgive all our sins and save us from punishment and hell fire.


  • Aayesha

    Masha’ Allah! Such a emotional yet beautiful story! So many lessons to be learnt and very heart touching. May Allah guide us all and gv us all a place like ahmad in jannah iA!

  • Aatika

    mashallah dis is very emotional and heart touching..made me wnna pray all my namaz i.a allahuakbar may sllsh grant us all jannah ameen xx

  • Nazim

    Subhaan Allah. It has gives very nice moral to me. May Allah (Yaa Rehman Yaa Rahim) forgives us all and makes us to be on Siraat-e-Mustaqeem. Ameen

  • Ayoub

    Mashallah i am a 15 year old boy that is doin his best to please allah and all the best to the muslim brothers and sisters that have takein time to put this togther because this story my eyes have opened for what will be comeing now and later thank you
    assalama alaikum

  • rumana

    very nice story it motivates you!!!

  • rahma

    this is such a heart touching story!its so emotional1 may Allah grant jannah to us al

  • rizza

    ALLAHUAKBAR…To Allah we Belong and To Him is our Return…

  • Annonymous

    That really inspired me

  • El-nazeer

    masha Allah wat a 9ce character changing story, i pray to have a good final lyf jst lyk Ahmad

  • Naqui

    Wow!!!Seriously,What a Beautiful story..i feel so sorry what i have done till now!!May Allah Forgive me nd all my brothers and sisters,ameen ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Khaled

    Wat a awesome story th best av ever heard n read in my life ๐Ÿ™‚

  • iaruwa

    Allahu akbar!!! It wz quite a thrilling read. I wz shaken to my marrows! May ุงู„ู„ู‡(SWT) forgive us our trespasses,amin.

  • Slave Of Allah

    Assalamu Alaikum,,

    My brothers & sisters in Islam lets give up comforts of Duniya and strive for the Akhira so we can be amongst the succesfull ones infront of of Allah (swt) on the day of Judgement. Lets de-tach our hearts from all the things this world offers as its nothing compared to the Akhira, dont forget its shaitan who loves you if you love this duniya and forget Allah, but is it Allah who loves you if you use this world as a stepping stone to please HIM with the hope of attaining HIS pleasure in Jannah. Shaitan will always remind us of all the worldly material losses we will encouter if you sacrifice for Allah!! But in reality these sacrifices will be repaid fully with compensation beyond our imagination by our CREATOR! The cursed Iblis will not be able to help us in front Allah, infact he will say ‘i only whispered to you, its you who choice to comply i didnt force you’. Seek Allah (swt)’s help against his deception & do not let him enter your heart. May Allah (swt) keep us steadfast in our Deen.

    Oh Allah, help me & my family to attain Jannah, help all the Muslims to be firm on thier Deen to please YOU and displease ur enemy iblis & his followers. Guide us to the right path & keep us on firm on that path until death desends upon us, and guide us away from haram/shirk/biddat that You dis-approve of. Ya Allah allow us all a death of a Muslim and allow “La illaha illalahu Muhammadur Rasulallah” to be our last & final words before the Angel of Death takes our soul by Your permission & do not allow our soul to depart on kufr. Please make it easy for us to perform our daily dues to you. Oh Allah help the muslims who are being oppressed all over the world & allow patience to enter thier hearts. Ya Allah only You we seek refuge in from shaitan, from the fitnah of this world, from the punishment of the grave & from the hellfire, save us from Your anger & punishment. Oh Allah you are the All Forgiving & all Merciful, please forgive us & guide us to the straight path, if you dont forgive us there is nothing that can save us from the consequences of our sins. Keep us strong on Quran & Sunnah, give us knowledge for your sake. Ya Allah make our test in this duniya easy for us, bless our soul in this world & the hereafter. Allow us to remember you when something good happens to us & allow us to be patience when any calamity falls upon us. Ya Allah make us amongst the righteuos ones in Akhira and allow us to be amongst the gathering of Muhammad (saw). Please allow Muhammad (saw) to intercede for us on the day of reckoning by your permission, and allow us to convey our Salam to him (saw) in person in Jannatul Firdous.ย 

    Only you we worship, The Most Excellent in Might, The Most Exalted & all Praise belongs to You. From you we came and to you we shall return. AMEEN

    Please remember me in your dua’s. Jazak Allah Kairan.ย 


  • shumeya

    MashaAllah, this is an AMAZING story!!!! Amazing isn’t even the right word for it. Allah is so kind and giving! Wow! The beauty of the hereafter!.. InshaAllah, ii pray that all the Muslim Ummah can ammend their ways, they should know about the life after death!.. I was always told about paradise and told that it will be beautiful and that life would be perfect, but no-one had ever explained it to me in detail.. Reading this story took me away and ii cud literally imagine it! I should go and inform all mu Muslim brothers and sisters of what ii have read, thank you soooo muc… I have learnt soooo much from this story! I don’t know why, I feel so emotional and touched, I hope I die as a strong believer and being able to recite shahada! InshaAllah, I hope every Muslim is able to do that. I am a young girl who is yet learning more about islam and I am tring my best to follow Islam and well as I can. I am not perfect but Allah hears my Du’aas and hears my cries and therefore, Allah knows best of who is deserving of what. This life is nothing, the fun people have in this life is nothing.. This is a temporary thing, as muslims, we shud pass this exam… Our qualifications that we will gain are… Eternal happiness and comfort. Allahuakbar! SubhanAllah! Allah is great, please Allah, give us all the strength and ability to be able to live this life Islamically and to avoid what Shaytaan wants us to do, Ameen. Thank you to the author of this story, may Allah bless you. You have taught me a lot!

  • Slave Of Allah


    Assalamu Alaikum sister,

    Masha Allah you have love & fear of Allah (swt). May Allah bless you in this world, remove all obstacles out of your way, make your test easy for you, give you refuge in HIM from shaitan & keep u on the right path. May HE grant you Jannatul Firdous. Ameen

    Ur brother in Islam

  • NK

    Mashallah, truly inspiring story..

  • ....

    This has left me with tears the whole way through I couldnt breathe, ya Allah make us all better Muslims ya Allah please forgive us as you are the Oft Forgiving ya Allah make us a place in heaven Ameen Ameen thouma Ameen

  • madina

    thank you ahmed.
    im proud to be a muslim:)

  • Fatima

    Mashallah really nice story. A wake up call for all who has lost the right path. Thank you so much. May Allah reward you for your time.

  • nicolee

    As salaam Alaikum
    This was wonderful! it gives me so much hope that the life i once lived can be forgiven by Allah (suhana wata Allah) if it be his will. I am trying so very hard to live my life for Allah alone. I cant wait to share this with my chilldren, family and friends!

  • Fardowsa

    a truly heart warming story,this story has made me think about life and how shaytan can persuade you to do something that is wrong.i now truly understand that this dunya (life) that we live in is a test and qiyama is awaiting.

    thank you sheikh for writing this story for it has changed my life dearly
    jaza kumullah khayr

  • anonymous


  • mashalah very good story but can you read it to kids.

  • Kashan

    I am only 13 and this story made me cry.
    Such a beautiful life after death.
    May Allah S.W.T grant us all paradise without going to hell.
    May Allah make us all Mukerabeen.

  • madina

    This story made me realize that life is just a test, and that soon we will all return to our creator.

  • L

    My mother past away 2weeks ago and she made so many good deeds to allah and people around her , she was so religous and she left in a very peaceful way , may god bless her soul , this story made me feeel good and calm =) thank u for sharing ! May god join us with all the great people whom loved god be4 them selves . May god bless every one inshallah .

    • Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raje’un, May Allah reward you and your family for your loss and reward your mother with a high station in Jannah, ameen.

  • Amina

    OMG this is the best story I have read in my entire life can u pls post more stories relate to Islam Orr teaching Islam…. I just wanted to say tht this story changed my life and saved me from doing more sin and from going t wrong direction. ZazkulAllah

  • Usayd

    Allah hu Akbar!!! Allah forgive me! May Allah except all of our Good Deeds and bless us with Janaat!!!!! Allah Hu Akbar! Allah Hu Akbar! Allah Hu Akbar! Sheik may Allah grant you with janaat and a huge reward for writing this story AMEEN!

  • Fortun

    MashaAllah this made me cry,mayAllah grant us all the highest level of jannah.Ameen.

  • shr

    Marshallah <3 what truly beautiful story. my Allah grant us Jannah inshallah

  • Ubaidullah afridi

    asalamalacum warah ma thoo la hee wabarakathoo

    i am 12
    This story was amazing and uncomparable to any other books i read.
    Now it will protect me from sins and bad deeds inshallah

    Please can you post more stories like this and remember me in your prayers which Allah subanaha wathallah give me reward aswell as you
    Jazakullah khair

  • Humaira

    Masha-Allah this is a beautiful story that’s makes you think of what our life is truly about.I read this story to my young children at bed time and they loved it so
    Much.We were all crying while reading teaches children and adults of our true purpose in life that is to OBEY ALLAH AND OUR PARENTS if you want eternal paradise.Jazakallah.May Allah guide us all on the right path AMEEN

  • Amran

    ManshAllah,hv reli learnt alot thank you very much Jazakallahu kheir

  • hafsa

    salam my name is hafsa i am 13 abd this story reli made me cry i relize how much i have and i dknt apprciate it mother father broters sisters i am very sirry if i heart you ir said something i should of not please forgive me and may allah grand my hallah my mum sister in the higghest jannaht ther inshallah xx please do d’wah for me and my family

  • Sumayo Ahmed

    Mashallallah this story is very touching. When I read this story I cried in deep, and I also changed my life o,Allah make death easy for us, o Allah make us go to jannatul-firdows and I also want to make dua’aa for the imam may Allah give you the best rewards may Allah make you shine like nur inshallah when it is the final hour and sheikh plz make dua’aa for me. And sheikh I am only 11 this story touched me you don’t know how much I am waiting to meet you.

  • Nibah


  • Anisa

    Asalaamu alaykum. MashaAllah this story is so beautiful and so touching. It has really changed my perspective to life and inshaAllah has done so for everyone else who have read this. Jazakallah sheikh for posting such an amazing story, inshaAllah you will recieve so much thwaab for every one person that reads this. Please continue to post such incredible stories as they will inshaAllah increase the imaan in peoples hearts.


  • azad shaikh

    Subhan allah…….. we all love allah……. may allah forgive aur sins n grant us all paradise…………

  • noor

    Mashalla .what a fabulius story! May all the people repent
    to Allah by reading this beautifull story.Jazak Allah

  • Manaahil

    Assalamu alaikum WRWBR

    i am 8 years old and i LOOOOVE the story and it feels as if my Heart is crying !!!!!!
    oh Allah grant me and the muslim ummah to do good deeds to go to JANNAHTUL FIRDOWS!!! Ameen


  • fatima

    This story has realy touched my heart Mashallah. May Allah all grant us Jannah Inshallah ๐Ÿ™‚ and i’ve realisedfriends are not that importants and its not about pleasing them.

  • firefly

    assalam alaikum (WRWB) Masha Allah!! What a story it is Superb & hearttouching.May Allah SWT grant us all a high place in Jannatul Firdose

  • Aisha kauser

    Mashallah this story is so heartwarming and inspiring which will inshallah change my life and lead me more into the path of Allah.

  • khatija

    This story feels so real and is so inspiring , I have enjoyed reading this story to my two daughters age 10 and 14 years of age. They have also enjoyed it. It has made us think of our lives.
    Keep up the good work, may allah reward you for your effort in this world and next.Remember us all in your duas.

  • Zakira

    Mashallah!! Some people don’t even know how Allah is like. You should always be good and respect your elders otherwise you will feel pain from Allah. Please everyone be on the accurate path of Allah. Believe Allah’s angels, his books, his messengers, fate and believe that we are all going to die and return to our creator which is Allah. I love this story! Alhamdulillah Allah always gives us years to live but we are still not doing the right thing for example pray, read the holy Qur’an. If you want to meet Allah in a special way please follow Allah’s commands and follow our prophet (saw’s) words.

  • samira

    Masallah i love it my all bring us to heaven

  • salma

    mashallah !i always used to listen to songs and not do prayers properly !this has changed my life for the better!jaza kallah khairan

  • Zahara

    Masha Allah may Allah bless us all with a good ending

  • areef

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  • Faizullah Khan

    JazakALLAH,,,,,,, may ALLAH Bless us all…

  • Aicha

    I am 13 years old and when I read this story it made me cry it showed me the right way of life and how if u do your best in this life by doin basic things like praying and worshipping Allah and how he will look after u and your family in the next life this story has really opened my heart and may Allah keep me away from bad crowds and keep me on the right path inshallah ameen ya rab I would recommend this story to everybody especially teenagers inshallah my dearest famil and I will reunite in jennah and have the best life ever ameen may Allah protect us all from the bad things in this life ameen inshallah <3

  • Fatimah Zahra

    Alhamdulillah,may Allah lead us unto the right path.Amin. This is rilly heart touching,this story rilly made me have a rethink about how I live my life

  • bb

    subhanaAllah, after reading this story it truly made me realise how important it is to practice our deen in this world so we can have a beautiful life in the Akirah InshaAllah. such an ispirational story, JazkAllah for sharing it has truly touched my heart in more ways than one

  • silma

    Masha Allah! A beautiful, heart-touching story. May Allah (SWT) forgive our sins, protect us from evil acts and grant us all Jannath-ul-Firdous. Ameen!

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    this story is so good. it makes me realize that death can be scary

  • fatima

    MASHALLAH! really very inspiring and touching. but the thing i really wanted to know is it a true story, i meant till the part when Ahmad was buried in the grave becoz no one can see what happened after it.

  • Aisha

    subhanallah i am 10 and this really made reflect

  • Ayesha

    Subhanallah…felt very good and happy

  • mashaALLAH, may Allah make our LAST minute like that of ahmed amd his family

  • Zubeida

    this story made me cry mashallah i love it..may allah grant us jannah alfardows

  • Manshallah couldn’t find any fault in this amazing and beautiful story. Now I feel so lucky having such an amazing family and being in this tremendously amazing religion. Inshallah we all end up in paradise and unite forever and ever. Ameen Ameen

  • Mashudul Haque

    Dear brother Ahmed,

    I have read the whole story so nicely written and all along very touchy. I am incidentally very curious to know whether this is a real-life story of a good Muslim family? I would appreciate knowing it, to share the same to as many people as I can.

    Wa Allahu Alam

    Mashudul Haque

  • Maryam

    Such a beautiful stroy Mashallah i cant stop crying ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Maryam

    It help me a lot to learn Islam more,i was just revert to Islam,and my heart truely absorved the picture of jannah and hell,the reward and the punishment are surely true,i imagine the conseuences of what i am doing in this life,this story is a great reminder to everyone that we must take every single day to do good deed as if it is our last day on earth.

  • ibrahim

    thank you sheikh for publishing this story it really touched my heart I learned from this story that the pleasures of this world is not even a fraction compared to the pleasure of the herafter may allah bless the sheikh who wrote this story It really changed my heart

  • annomynous

    that story was beeeeeeeeeautiful!

  • zainab

    Allahu akbar

  • Mohammad

    i genuinely nearly started crying half way through the story. Mashallah very nice story.

  • javaria ayub

    Aa. Jazakumullah khair. Having read the story, I started my prayers and Allah swt may give u ajar. I understand it is being very wise to prepare for death instead of waisting time.

  • shadiya

    This was a great islamic story for teaching a lesson about u might think u will go to jenna right away but u really don’t u get judged

  • shadiya

    This is a beautiful story it makes e cry!!!!!!!!

  • fortun

    Asalamu Aleykum.
    I have a question and its out of curiosity not by any harm. First I love this story and it made me cry when I read it some months back. But this question comes in my mind. How did the writer know about all that happened with Ahmad in the next life because its in details?

  • Nailah

    This is the most beautiful story i have ever read it made me cryyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rahima mulla

    Jazakkallah! This story touched my heart it made me cry and it also made me think to myself that if I were a better Muslim my Allah would love me I have now started praying namaaz and reciting Quran.

  • Kauser

    Such a beautiful story ,made me cry! Thanks for posting this

  • suleiman

    I loved this story and may allha be pleased to the writter who wrote this story.

  • shahaana

    Jhazakkallah! This story truely touched my heart, I was so shocked after reading this story it made me relise that by just believing in Allah (S.W.A) Is not enough Subhanallaha AMAZINg!! Story

  • Fahima

    This was the most amazing Islamic story ever!! So emotional i now that life isn’t actually that easy and we hav to prepare for death before death takes a trip to us first. Alhamdulillah. Made me cry A LOT :'(….

  • Hussein

    Masha-Allah this story is enough and if it does change you purely nothing will ever, it remind us the consequence of being disobedient to Allah and gives us hope if we are still a live and take this opportunity seriously. May Allah gave the writer of this Article Ajir and thawab .

    Thank you.

  • Ahmad

    Slm… We muslims are gifted all we have to do is to avoid some worldly materials…i cried while reading the story

  • Werda

    I only saw this story now and might I say mashallah beautiful story I cried at the description of heaven and the magnificence of Allah. I feel this story has restored some of my faith which might of been lost and returned me in the true path.

  • Syeda Hareem Moazzam

    The best story ever. Literally! I loved this story. This story has restored some of my faith and the rest will come along. Thank you for writing this story to bring those people back to the right path who have been deviated from it.
    We Muslims are gifted with everything. The most is that we are MUSLIMS. Thank you Allah for everything. We are so involved in our worldly life that we get deviated so we should read these type of stories often to come back to the right path ๐Ÿ™‚

  • nuurah

    Is so amaizing, this sory made me tear up like Nothing b4.
    Thanx to whoeva shared it with us ma sha Allah.
    I pray to Allah to grant us all his RAHMA nd HIDAYA plus tel us all
    Meet, unite in Jannah with our families nd loved ones.

  • Samiya Begum

    This story will always remind me of the afterlife and how beautiful it will be if only you behave, listen to your parents, and read Salah it’s not just that you have to do there is more things like obeying the 5 shahadah. But if u don’t go to the straight path then u know what is going to happen to u. And inshallah we will all be in the same garden eating fruits AMIN!!!

  • izza

    Oh Ma Sha Allah…..most beutiful story I’ve ever heard……………Very heart touching…May Allah Bless You

  • Ali

    May Allah make us to understand well

  • Mrs. Tahir

    This story made me cry and the reality, that everything in Quran & Hadith is real & Haqq, struck me!
    You must be a student of zikr coz we read so many stories but this actually touched my qalb!
    May Allah Reward you!

  • Ali

    Very very good.

  • Sister Isha

    Assalamu Alaikum I read this story 7; years ago and it touch my hearmeandering I am so very glad that I became a Muslim. ALLAH AKBAR. We should all study this story and strive to do all the things that are blessings to ALLAH. May ALLAH bless the one that wrote this beautiful message.

  • sahil

    WonderfuL……Allahu Akbar :'( :):):)<3<3<3

  • R.A

    Beautiful story mashallah. Really touched my heart. Inshallah by Allah We will all go to Heaven. ALLAHU AKBAR ALLAHU AKBAR ALLAHU AKBAR ALLAHU AKBAR ALLAHU AKBAR ALLAHU AKBAR. :'( ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Ahmad

    Alhamdulillah Masha Allah. I’ve learned many things frm this story. May Allah make Jannah our Final Abode. Ameeen!

  • Yumna

    this is a very sad story seeing tht i dont make salaah at all and i was very disobedience bt this story opened my eyes 2 make salaah 5times a day and leave the gamroe inshah’allah

  • Bilal Arshad

    This story made me cry like a girl

  • Armughan

    JazakAllah Khair for sharing this story brother. This was the first time I cried so much, and realize how short life really is. MaY Allah reward you, and may Allah guide us all to the “siraat ul mustaqeem”.(Amin)




  • Azara Abbas

    Mashallah very beautiful story. Plz muslim brothers and sisters obey your parents all the time and follow their advice they only want whats best for you. Read your namaz and follow the rest of the pillars of Islam and you cannot go wrong. Read the Quran everyday and it’s translation sonyounknow what you have read. May Allah swt give us his blessings and have mercy on us and may we all die reading the shahada kalima and grants us all Jannat ul Firdous amen .

  • Shahida

    As-salamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu! Alhamdullilah, Masha’Allah, SubhanAllah! This was a very beautiful story and it really touched my heart. This story made me realise about the reality, that everything in Quran & Hadith is real & Haqq, struck me! I am proud to be a Muslim.

    May Allah (swt) bless brother Ahmed,who has shared this heart touching story with all Muslim brothers and sisters. Ameen.

  • Mohammad Younis Malik

    Asalamu_aliakum.. May Allah reward many folds to the author of this story. It is really amazing and reminds us to reminds us that death can come anytime… So we better be prepared for it all the time.

  • Unaysa Majid

    Mashallah! people enuf of comments of paradise r u trying to earn it? no point talking and chatting!

  • Hannan

    Asalamu aliakum.. After reading this story to my self and family I’ve realized how much we don’t pray on time and make stupid mistakes that we always regret.. I have changed alot and have promised my self to do everything i can to go to paridise. this story touched my heart.. everyone that reads this please pass it on and make muslims see who we really are!!!

  • Haris

    Salam brothers and sisters in islam. This was a very emotinoal and heart breaking story. May allah frogive us allah and may we all enter Jhannah til ferdouse. ALLAH HU AKBAR

  • Khurram dar

    I love it really heart touching

  • Mffhere

    JazakAllah khairan.. May Allah Almighty reward you for this and guide us all..Ameen..

  • Salman billa

    Aslaimu alykum this is a good story made me cry may allah forgive us all

  • waidur Rahman

    May Allah SWT grant us Hidayat for good deeds and seek repentance from Allah SWT

  • Anwar Tulu

    mashaAllah,truly very inspiring



  • Sulaiman Aminu Goro

    Subhannallah wy is everyone crying as i am???

  • Muhammed Bello

    As-salam alaikum,this is an interesting and touching story may Allah lead us to the right path and grant us Aljanna Ameen

  • woww

    i love this story it had touched my heart even if this story is not true but still by reading it we can learn that we have to change our bad ways and turn it into good ways i hope allah grant us paradise in the hereafter

  • aasma pathan

    Suban allah what a story…… was something that I can’t describe in words…..its a kind of story similar to me… my childhood I always pray allah each and every time I talk with him but as the day passes I slowly slowly get involved with kafiล™ bcoz the society where I live is totally non-muslims I started the things which they adopted……..which was not muslimeens ….and now the condition is became like I doo alot of haram things which cannot be forgetful ever……..but there is a time I started watching some islamic videos that makes me realize that what I done in my entire lfy I’m slowly started to change my self …..but whenever I try to doo good thing evil appear and spoil my things and corrupt my mind …..and when something wrong happened I realize that it was who let me doo this….alot of times I just have to say sorry to allah each and everytime ….I started to change my self but still bcoz of ppl I always choose wrong track…..but it’s a time that I have to make a serious decision and more time with allah……and try to stay frm ppl bcoz of them we made the evilsins ……and honestly frm my bottom of my heart I thank the person who describe this story mayallah blessed you forever……and please published somemore stories like this it really helps the ppl and we all got more moved to the beautiful islam:-) ameen

  • wowww! i swear ALLAH SWT that story will change my life. Thanks so much. May ALLAH SWT Bless and reward ur whole family because of this

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