The Boy who tried to escape Death – ch1

Ahmad was a teenage boy at 16 years of age. He had two older brothers and one younger sister. His parents were ones of excellent religious character who tried their best to raise their children to the standards of Islam. It was religion first then education second. They hated when other Muslim friends or family asked their children about their education without first being asked about their religious duty to Allah being performed.

Sadly Ahmad attached himself to the so-called glitter of life. He would not pray while running off to the cinema with his friends while spending time hours and hours a day talking about girls. When his parents realised of what Ahmad was doing they sat him down one evening for a very important Islamic talk.

“Ahmad, my dear son. You know I love you from the bottom of my heart. I am your father who wants best for you all as you are all my children, my flesh and blood.” His father said to him in a saddened tone.

“I know.” Ahmad answered without emotion.

“Ahmad. By Allah, if you don’t like school you can come and work with me as long as you turn back to Allah.” His father said.

“Dad! It’s ok! I am 16! I have a long life ahead of me! I promise I will be good in the future!”

“My child. Did you control the timing of your own birth? Did you decide your own bodily features?” His father asked.

“No!” Ahmad answered.

“Then can He who brought you to this Earth without your consent at that exact time, take your soul at an exact time without your consent?” His father answered.

“Yes. But dad I know, I feel in my heart I will not die now!”

“My Son, before your birth you did not know that you will be born and on what time, therefore you do not know when you will be taken back to Him and at what time.” His dad again answered.

“I love Allah and that is enough for Him to forgive me!” Ahmad answered.

His mother began to cry and joined in the discussion.

“By beloved son, can a parent be satisfied with a disobedient son though the son declares their love for them?” His mother asked.

“No!” Ahmad answered.

“Then the One who created the whole Universe, the supreme, the irresistible cannot be content with His slave upon creation who disobeys Him despite such a slave saying that he loves his Lord.” His mother answered.

“You show your love for Allah by obeying Him and his messenger (salla Allaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam).” His mother continued.

“Mother! Why is life like this? Why must I do this and do that! I don’t want to live my life in boredom trying to avoid almost everything!” Ahmad yelled out.

“Ahmad! She is your mother! Show respect! Not only that, but show respect to your creator who gave you life and gave you a wonderful mother who loves you! There are ways to have fun in Islam!” His father said sternly.

“How is Allah merciful when He sends people to Hell?” Ahmad yelled.

“Are you still alive?” His father asked.

“Yes!” Ahmad answered rudely.

“Then is that not an example of Allah’s Mercy keeping you alive after you insulting The Most Gracious?” His father replied.

Ahmad was lost for words. He got up and stormed up to his room.

“You are all so boring! Why can’t we be like other religions who say enjoy life to the max? I am ashamed to be who I am!” Ahmad yelled as he stormed up to his room.

Poor Ahmad, little did he know that the final count down of the last 10 days of his life had just begun…

Chapter 2


  • seekerofjannah

    Asalmu alaykum, is this story true?

  • seekerofjannah

    Okay, Jazakallah Khair anyway, it’s a beautiful story!

  • Farhiya

    allahdullila it is sooo beutiful!

  • inamie

    it’s beautiful story n sad 4 ahmad 2

  • Zakariya

    I cried wen i read this story so emotional wallahi

  • shahryar

    wow!!!!!!!!!!this is a very nice story, especially it is about islam.who ever wrote it is amazing

  • shahryar

    allhamdullilah ,sad 4 Ahmad he died but prayed 4 Allah and went to heaven,Masalama

  • Read’s bare gd 🙂

  • ubaid

    mashallah it’s a heart touching story …….I seeks a lesson frm that hope u all do…………………….. insallah

  • tania

    this is sooo amazingg!!!!! it teaches me so much, i just thought about my family the whole way n criedd, i canot see them geting punished!! so i made dua, and asked allah 2 forgive them. i feel so guilty for everything ive done bad in my life.. its the first day of ramadan and im crying !! how awful. =( Insha Allah we will all enter paradise some day.

  • Mazeda

    Thiss is soo sadd and I have learnt a lot from it.. Its upsetting when you think about all de wrong sins you have made and try and mend them… Insha’allah Allah will help us and we too shud undastnd tha concepts of our religion and follow it. Its very emotional reading all that and I hope everyone that has read it has regretd all de bad sins they have made n askd forgiveness 🙂

  • Zohaib

    mashallah i luv dis story it is soemotianal

  • SubhanAllah!
    I actually cried while I was reading this story.
    So touching and beneficial.
    May Allah grant us Jannah&give us the strength to implement islam in every aspect of our life.
    Jazkhallahu Khairan Khathir.
    Such a beautiful story ^_^

  • afiya

    I actually cried while I was reading this story.
    So touching and beneficial.
    May Allah grant us Jannah&give us the strength to implement islam in every aspect of our life.
    Jazkhallahu Khairan Khathir.
    Such a beautiful story ^_^ i just loved it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zainab

    this story is wonderful i cant wait to see the next chapters hoorayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lacaso

    i like it really i do it is so good

  • t33 ali

    Good story ufffff

  • aisha

    this is a really heartbreaking story

  • RiazHussainHeavY

    i dnt wna be a thug/drug dealer anymore now..

  • Is this really true don’t make things up it is bad are you are you a christian because christian don’t no about Islam.

  • zaynab

    Maa sha Allah! Wat an incredible story. I also cried most especially at chpt 7,8 and 9. Indeed shaiytan is an enemy of a good deed.I av also learnt many lessons frm ds and I pray Allah(swt) forgives me my sins as HE has forgiven Ahmad and grant us all Aljanah amin.

  • ibtihal

    Wow masha’Allah that story was so beautiful, May Allah grant us all a place in Jannah & give us protection from the punishment in Hell, the punishment of the day of Judgement & the punishment of grave, insha’Allah !

  • oways ali

    very good storey

  • tanzeela

    mashallah soo emotional xx <3

  • nasreen

    Heart breaking

  • Uswa Ejaz

    That website is AwSoMe! 😀 i love that web

  • Hisyam

    mashaalah, i am a teenager in his prime and this story has made me cried… tomorrow is the start of ramadhan and tomorrow would be the day i start praying my 5 obligatory prayers… insyaalah.. pray for me my brothers and sisters that i be steadfast in repentance to the lord and observe what he commands…

  • SYED

    really cant express the feeling i am having in my heart. After reading this story. may allah guide us all to the right path…

  • Sayeda

    Subahan Allah it it amazing story..i lov it..i cried after reading this nd also seek forgiveness because of any sins that i made unconsciously

  • Burhan

    Every soul shall test the death.Do not say tomorrow but today every one has a chance .may allah take us to the right path .it was am emotional story

  • Ikra

    There was once a man who was a Muslim however he used to drink alcohol and when he returned home he used to be drunk. When that man used to be out late his mother used to be waiting for him and one day when he returned late his mother said “Stop drinking alcohol instead pray to the one who has created you and that is Allah” and the man said “Mom stop hee-hawing like a donkey” and on that day after Asr salat he died. And when he died his top half was a donkey and his bottom half was a human.

  • ibrahim

    Since from the day i read this story my way of life has changed for the better, especially the part dealing with Mo and the girl being punished, i just sat down weeping and thinking, i am still alive, i can repent and ask for Allah’s forgiveness, but if i should die now, there will be no more chance, masha Allah, may Allah bless whosoever wrote this.

  • Zeeshan saeed

    Hmm its a good story bt sad for ahmad.. I remind my death after reading this story..

  • taofeq

    this is the most emotional story i’ve read in my sinful life may ALLAH forgive us all and put us in the wonderful position ahmad and his family are in


    what position would u wan’t 2 be in
    mo or ahmad?

  • Crescent

    All praise to Allah who made me come across this story..!

  • Twayibah

    Woooow…its an emotional story which made me remember that one day we will all leave this world unknowingly…its us to believe in our destiny is to underground

  • Yasir

    Even if this isn’t true, we all learned something. Maybe we needed these details to give us that final push. May Allah bless all muslim ummah.

  • Abdul Hashmi

    the beststory i ve ever read!!!!!!!!!!

  • ayush

    Woah mashallah this story is a real eye opener I cried it made me remember death …. Alhamdulilah and I thank the person who showed me this may allah guide us all in the right path….jazakumulahu khair

  • Asma

    This story made me ponder over my deeds.

  • ▪beforeigo▪

    MasyaAllah. Alhamdulillah. Subhanallah. Allahu Akbar! I think I have already arrived at what I have been surfing for.. I googled ‘interesting Islamic articles’ and this site came up. In sha Allah, I think I am staying. Already bookmarked the site. Wonderful feeling. Thank you for creating this place…indeed it feels like a garden…a garden full of unique beautiful flowers …

  • Adhifa

    very touching story i cried while reading who read this story they must realizes their sins
    plzzz write this kind of stories more…..inshah’allah

  • Zubair auwal

    Amaxing story with intrest

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