Taraweeh Salaah – Night 5

Taraweeh Salaah – Night 5

By Sheikh Abdul Hamid Lachporia – Canada

In the Name of Almighty Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Tonight’s Tarawee consists of La Yuhibbullah(Juz 6) in its entirety up a quarter of Wa-itha Sami-oe(Juz 7).
The Surah’s covered are: the last quarter of Surah Al- Nisa and Surah Ma’ida completely. The final portion of Surah Al-Nisa deals with the wrongdoings of the Ahle-Kitaab and also makes mention of those people who were honourable exceptions. The outcome of both these two groups of people are discussed and brought to light.

Surah Ma’ida retells us how the Jews and Christians had corrupted themselves and how Islam came to show mankind perfect guidance once more. It refers to the Christians with whom Almighty Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala took a covenant,”but they forgot a significant portion of the Divine Message that was sent to them,” i.e. they rejected the order that Nabee Esa Alayhis Salam (Jesus P.B.O.H.) gave to them whereby he advised them of the coming of Nabee Muhammad Sallallahoo Alayhi Wasallam and that they should accept him as the Beloved Messenger sent as a mercy to them from Almighty Allah Exalted.

In contrast to the corruption of Christianity and Judaism, the rules of Islam pertaining to Halal and Haraam foods, cleanliness and justice are recapitulated. The fourth (4th) Verse contains the most beautiful and memorable verse by Almighty Allah Jallah Wa’ala: “This day have I perfected for you Islam as your religion.” This was the very last verse to be revealed. This most memorable verse was revealed to our Beloved Nabee Sallallahoo Alayhi Wasallam in 10 A.H. during our Beloved Nabee Sallallahoo Alayhi Wasallam’s last Haj.

This Surah commences with an appeal to mankind. All obligations whether they are human or Divine, are holy and should therefore be fulfilled. Rules relating to partaking of food are laid down. Dead meat [carrion], blood, and the meat of swine [i.e. pig, pork etc] are all forbidden for health reasons. Any animal slaughtered in the name of a deity other than in the name of Almighty Allah Azza Wajjal is forbidden (Haraam). All things good, pure and wholesome are Halal. Laws are laid down in our dealings and relations with the Ahle Kitaab, to show that a true Muslim should be tolerant towards people of other faiths.

Cleanliness of the body, justice, uprightness and honesty in our dealings are emphasized since all these are acts of piety. The Most Glorious Qur’an now also discusses the Jews and the Christians who broke their covenant with Almighty Allah Rabbul Ala’meen. As a result of this, Almighty Allah withdrew His favours and they were left wondering in the wilderness. In spite of all this, Allah Most Gracious sent His Apostle – “the bringer of Glad Tidings and warner [from evil]” as a guidance to all of humanity. The murder of the pious and loving Abel by his evil brother Cain shows the type of vicious treatment that a just man suffers from envy and jealousy. But Almighty Allah Exalted will punish the wicket; that is why a just man will not grieve or experience sorrow.

Muslims must be fair-minded always because truth and justice is an agreement with Almighty Allah’s Divine Laws. At the same token, Muslims must not take as friends and/or protectors those in whose hearts there is a disease to whom Islam is a joke. Piety, humility and good deeds among the Christians must be appreciated. Muslims must enjoy all that is good and lawful, and must forever be thankful to Almighty Allah for His favours. Swearing, drinking, gambling, killing of game in the Sacred Territory (Haram Sharif}, superstitions, black magic and giving false evidence are condemned and forbidden.

The miracles of Nabee Esa Alayhis Salaam (Jesus P.B.O.H.) are recounted, and how they were misused by the Christians. The faith of those who raised Nabee Esa Alayhis Salaam’s status to god-head, son of god, saviour, etc.etc. is briefly discussed.
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