Those who are jealous of others are contesting the Decision of the Almighty, dropping their faith to a very low level.

The Almighty is the sole Decider as to who will have what amount in terms of wealth, health, knowledge, beauty, intellect, wisdom, contentment, success in every aspect of life etc. Nobody has a say in this Divine Decree!

So when others are jealous of us, they are upset with the Almighty’s Decision and have primarily declared war against Him before their enmity with us. What type of success would such a person expect in his or her life?

This is why we have been warned of the detrimental nature of the damage caused by jealousy to our faith to begin with, to our other good deeds which are eaten away as a result and then to our overall well-being. It never pays to be jealous of others in any way.

May the Almighty protect us from this dangerous disease. Aameen

Mufti Ismail Menk

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