Taraweeh Salaah – Night 17

Taraweeh Salaah – Night 17

By Sheikh Abdul Hamid Lachporia – Canada

In the Name of Almighty Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Tonight’s Tarawee consists of Surah Utloo-Maa-Oohiya…(JUZ 21) and the Surahs that will be covered are:-
The remaining half of Surah Al Ankabut, Surah Al Rum, Surah Luqman, Surah Al Sajdah and a third of Surah Al-Ahzab.

Proclaim the Message of Allah, and pray to Him for purity and Guidance. Almighty Allah’s Revelation carries its own proofs and is recognised by men of wisdom. Its rejecters but lose their own chances of profiting by the Truth, and attaining the Paths that lead to Allah’s own gracious Presence!

This Surah deals with the question of Ma’ad or the Final End of Things, from various points of view. In the last Surah, we saw that Revelation was linked up with Life and Conduct, and Time (looking backwards and forwards) figured forth the frailty of this Life. In this Surah the Time theme and its mystery are brought into re3lation with human history in the foreground and the evolution of the world in all its aspects in the background. The corruption introduced by man is cleared away by Allah, Whose Universal Plan points to the Hereafter. This Surah was revealed about the 7th or 6th year before the Hijrah, corresponding to 615-616 of the Christian era, when the tide of Persian conquest over the Roman Empire was running strong. The Christian Empire of Rome had lost Jerusalem to the Persians, and Christianity had been humbled in the dust. The pro-Persian Pagan Quraysh rejoiced exceedingly, and redoubled their taunts and persecution against the Nabee Sallallahoo Alayhi Wasallam, whose Message was a renewal of the Message of Nabee Esa A.S. preached in Jerusalem. There is no doubt about the prophecy and its fulfillment. For the exulting Pagans of Makkah laid a heavy wager against the fulfillment of the prophecy with Hazrat Abu Bakr. and they lost it on its fulfillment.

Summary: – The ebb and flow of worldly power – as symbolised in the conflict of the Persian and Roman Empires – are but outward events: the deeper meaning is in the working of Allah’s Universe – how Good and Evil reach their final end. The changes and changing variety in Allah’s Creation, physical, moral, and spiritual, yet point to the Unity in Nature and Religion: man should not break away from that Unity, but glorify Him, the One, for there is none like unto Him. The hands of men have wrought corruption and mischief: but Allah purifies the moral world as He does the world of physical nature, strengthening the weak and pulling down the pulling down the mighty in due season: wait therefore in patience and constancy, and be not depressed.

The argument of the Final End of Things is here continued from another point of view. What is Wisdom? Where shall it be found? Will it solve the mysteries of Time and Nature, and the world higher than the physical Nature, which brings us nearer to Allah? “YES”, is the answer: “If, as in the advice of Luqman the Wise, human wisdom looks to Allah in true worship, ennobles every aspect of life with true kindness, but avoids the false indulgences that infringes the divine law – and in short follows the golden mean of virtue.” And this is indicated by every Sign in nature. This Surah belongs to the late Makkan period.

Summary: – The earnest seekers after righteousness receive guidance, unlike the seekers after vanity, who perish: all Creation bears witness to this: Wisdom, as expounded by Luqman the Wise, is true service to Allah, and consists in moderation. True Wisdom is firm and enduring, and discerns Allah’s Law in the working of His Creation: it looks to the Final End of Things, whose mystery is only known to Allah.

This short Surah closes the series of the four Alim, Lam, Mim Surahs, which began with the 29th. Its theme is the mystery of Creation, the mystery of Time and the mystery of Ma’ad (THE FINAL END) as viewed through the Light of Allah’s Revelation. The contemplation of these two mysteries should lead to Faith and the adoration of Allah. This Surah belongs to the middle Makkan period and is therefore a little earlier than the last, but its chronology has no significance.

Summary: – The mystery of Creation, the mystery of Time and the mystery of the End of Things are but known by external symbols to man: Revelation brings faith and humble adoration, and is a blessing like Rain, which brings life to dead soil. Clear are the Signs and the Revelation of Allah – in nature, history, and the Message of His living Prophets. If they learn not now, alas! It will be too late when the Wings of Time are furled.

The story of Al Ahzab or the Confederates, who tried to surround and annihilate the Muslim Community in Madinah, is full of underhand intrigues on the part of such diverse enemies as the Pagan Quraysh, the Jews (Banu al Nadir) who had been already expelled from Madinah for their treachery, the Ghatfan tribe of Bedouin Arabs from the interior, and the Jewish tribe of Banu Qurayzah in Madinah. This was the unholy Confederacy against Islam. But though they caused a great deal of anxiety and suffering to the beleaguered Muslims, Islam came triumphantly out of the trial and became more firmly established than ever. It was a well organised and formidable attack but the Muslims had made preparations to meet it. One of the preparations, which took the enemy by surprise, was the TRENCH (Khandaq) dug around Madinah by the Prophet S.A.W.’s orders and under the supervision of Hazrat Salman Farsi R.A. The siege and battle are therefore known as the Battle of the Trench or the Battle of the Confederates. The position and dignity of the ladies of the Nabee S.A.W.’s Household and the Muslim women generally, salutary principles are laid down to safeguard their homes and protect them from slander and insult.

Summary: – The pagan customs in human relationship should be abandoned, and men and women should be held in honour according to natural relationships and spiritual positions. High position and seemly conduct for the wives of the Nabee Sallallahoo Alayhi Wasallam to be treated kindly and gently. Respect due to the Nabee S.A.W. and his family, slander to be avoided and punished: guard your words and your responsibilities.

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