Umrah Checklist

DATE : 18/11/21

  1. If you have any questions you may email – ask@visitsaudi.com. As updates occur regularly its best to contact them with any questions.
  2. Ensure You are Double Vacinated for Covid. Check with “Ask@ VisitSaudi” to see which vaccines are recognised in Saudi. Current Approved Vaccines : Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, J&J (administered at least 14 days prior to arrival). Sinopharm or Sinovac Vaccines : Additional dose of any of the above 4 main vaccines required.
  3. ACWY Meningitis Vaccine – Contact your GP / Pharmacy. Also check if it’s required on your Visa. (Currently this is not required on Tourist Visa but best to double check with “Ask@ VisitSaudi”)
  4. UK ONLY Download NHS App and download your International Travel Covid Digital Pass – This may take some time as such do this ASAP. It’s valid for 30 days as such re-download pre departure.
  5. UK ONLY Call 119 and ask for Covid Pass in English & Arabic. Will take 7 days but can take longer and may need to chase as such do this ASAP.
  6. Flights – Preferable to book with airline directly as if refund is required there will be no middle person. Book flights that are cancellable (but will have fee to pay if cancelling).Note : If booking Saudia Airlines – Prayer Facility is not available currently on the flight.
  7. Hotels – Book Free Cancellation hotels online. (Main Sites are Booking.com : Agoda / Hotels.com / Expedia) – Using Apps may be cheaper than website – Book Now Pay Later & Free Cancellation (until arrival / until 1 day before check in) will be dearer but safer just incase your trip is cancelled due to positive PCR test.
  8. PCR Test 72 Hr Pre Departure. You may book with any approved provider (Search Govt websites). UK ONLY good option is Sameday – £65 with Randox (Normally result comes within few hours) https://covid.randox.com/clinic-locator/
  9. UK ONLY LFT Day 2 Test. £24 with Randox (See PCR above). Needs to be booked in advance so that the test kit arrives by the time you return home. The email confirmation will give you a Reference umber which will be required for UK Passenger locator form (See later).
  10. Saudi Tourist Visa – Can do this approx 1-2 weeks before departure and can also be done earlier for sanity – This should come through instantly – https://visa.visitsaudi.com
  11. Saudi Muqeem Form – Fill in 72 Hr before departure – https://muqeem.sa/#/vaccine-registration/home
  12. UK ONLY Passenger Locator form for UK to be filled in 48 Hours before returning to UK. You will need the LFT Day 2 Reference number (see above). https://www.gov.uk/provide-journey-contact-details-before-travel-uk
  13. Download TAWAKKALNA APP (Covid Immunisation) & EATMARNA APP (Haramayn Booking) but don’t register. Ensure you download in advance as it doesn’t work on some old phones. These apps are critical but don’t get too worried as they are simple to use. When you arrive in Saudi, purchase a Saudi Sim (at the Airport if possible) and register Tawakkalna and Eatmarna. The App will send a verification number to the Saudi sim which is why it must only be registered after you’ve purchased a Saudi Sim. You may also need to show Tawakkalna App before checking in at the hotel. The 2 Apps eat a lot of battery. Ensure you take a mobile battery charger with you.
  14. Where it says UK ONLY – Non UK passengers should check rules & regulations within their own country.
  15. UMRAH VISA is also available. If you opt for this Visa then you don’t need a Tourist Visa. With the Umrah Visa you must book flights landing into Jeddah (not Riyadh) and you must book the Umrah Visa, Hotels & internal Saudi Transport via an approved Travel Agent.

NOTE : If you opt for the Umrah Visa, you will get a wrist band but you will still need to use the Apps. The Travel Agent will be able to book your Makkah Namaz in advance and maybe some other bookings too as such check with the Travel Agent.

At the moment slots are available for bookings via Tourist Visa

May Allah accept your Umrah & Ziyarah.

Please make du’aa for the writer of this message and all associates & please present all our Salaams to our beloved Nabi Sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam. Jazak’Allah.

Please forward to anyone planning a journey to Haramayn Sharifayn.

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