Rizq is fixed

*Everyone’s Rizq is fixed*

A high flying manager of major departmental stores in U.K., Malaysia and China moved to Makkah.
He had been brought in by Bin Dawood stores as a regional manager for the Makkah region. He was from England.

After living and working in Saudia for some time, he later narrated how he found it so strange, unique and uplifting in how business was done in Saudia.
Here were the examples he gave:

1. In Makkah, next to a major Bin Dawood superstore a rival new company were entering the kingdom and decided to open a mega store right next to Bin Dawood, within metres.
The manager was perturbed/disturbed, “Why can’t they open just somewhere else.”

The owners of Bin Dawood frowned on his outlook. They ordered him to send his workers to the other store being setup and offer them tea and food and any help they needed to setup!

The man was left shocked. The Bin Dawood management simply replied, “Our rizq is fixed, they cannot take even a single riyal from what has been decreed upon us. So why not gain ‘ajr’ and help them?”

2. The owner of *AlFakieh poultry* in Saudia has a famous mosque in MAKKAH (Masjid Faqih). He is very rich ماشاء الله تبارك الله and religious. He found out that his major rival AlWatania was floundering/struggling with huge debts of a million plus riyals. So one day he sent a cheque to the owner of AlWatania and said, “Pay off your debt, and pay me back, whenever you can.”
He had the opportunity to become the sole major distributor of chicken but instead he decided to help his main rival.
ماشاء الله تبارك الله

May Allah save us from being selfish, increase our Tawakkul in Him, and place muhabbah/love of brotherhood in our hearts.

Don’t worry about competition, if you do your work with Ihsan and Allah gives you tawfeeq then you will never have your success limited by others.


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