The arabic word tawakkul [توكّل] means trust.

Tawakkul is the sense is that the believer should have total trust in Allāh, One and Pure, free from all conceivable associations and ascriptions, not simply theoretically but in deeds too and in all states and conditions of one’s life.

In a sound Ḥadīth, the Prophet ﷺ has said that this [Tawakkul] does not mean that one should abandon material causes and means when it comes to taking care of ones legitimate needs.

The point is that one should not consider material means and instruments as sufficient for real success, instead of which, one should do his best, subject to his ability and courage, to assemble and utilise necessary material means.

It is only after that one should entrust his matter with Allah, believing that He is the One who has created all the means and He is certainly the One who makes means to bear fruits. What would come to be has to be what He has willed.

In another Ḥadīth, the Prophet ﷺ has said ‘Make a moderate effort to procure what you need through material means and then place your trust in Him.’

[Maʿāriful Qurʾān, Volume 4, page 154-155]


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