Ramadhan 24 Hour programme

Hereunder we suggest a 24-hour programme for the month of Ramadhan. It is an example of spending our time correctly. The programme starts from Maghrib till Maghrib the following day.

Read: “O You who are Great in Bounties, forgive me”, as many times as possible before Iftar.

Make du’a 5 to 10 minutes before Iftar. The du’a of a fasting person is readily accepted at this time.

Make Iftar quickly. Thereafter perform Maghrib (for men with Jamat and for women at home).

After Maghrib perform 6 to 20 Rakats Awwâbîn Namaz.

Read Surah Tabarak after Maghrib. The benefit of it is that it will save us from the punishment of the grave.

Read Surah Waqiyah. The virtue of it is that it will save one from poverty.

Have supper quickly. Our suggestion is that due to the long days, have a rest for 15 – 20 minutes before Esha, so that one may be fresh for Taraweeh and Esha salâh.

Prepare for Esha before the Esha Azan and proceed for Esha and Taraweeh Salat. Return home immediately after Tarawih or after any Deeni programme in the Masjid. Do not waste time talking and discussing political and business issues.

On returning home, read Surah Sajdah. Thereafter spend a few minutes with the family and try to sleep as early as possible allowing one to arise at 3.00 a.m. for Tahajjud salâh.

Read Tasbeeh-e-Fatimi before sleeping.

Perform at least 4,8, or 12 rakâts Tahajjud salah, thereafter read the first kalima 100 times and then make du’a before partaking of Sehri.

Immediately after Sehri proceed to the Masjid for Fajr Salâh. After Fajr recite the Quran till Ishraq time.

Perform 2 or 4 Rakats Ishraq. The benefit is that your daily work will become easy and you will attain the reward of an accepted Haj. After Ishraq rest before going to work. People who are self employed should take advantage of this rest and also give their employees this opportunity.

At work or at one’s business, one should keep one’s tongue moist with Zikr eg. Kalimah Tayyibah, Istighfar and Durood Shareef. Those who are bay’t to a Sheikh should complete their prescribed Zikr.

Try to be early for Zohar Namaz so that one could read the Qur,an immediately after one has read the 4 Sunnat-e-Muakkadah before the Jamat Namaz. If possible try to read Qur’an after Zohar Namaz as well, depending on how long one’s lunch break is.

After completing Asar Namaz, read Durood Shareef at least 100 times and Istighfar 100 times. Thereafter spend the balance of the time reciting Qur’an till Iftar time, not forgetting the du’a before Iftar.

Published by Villa Liza Madrasah, Actonville, BENONI

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  • understanding

    OK! i should have did grammer and spell check before i posted any way

    You have given so many things to do without showing the evidence of where it tell you do those things. For example you said Read Surah Tabarak after Maghrib and Read Surah Waqiyah, but you didn’t quote from which hadith you are getting this source, I just want to see the proof of saying of Prophet (PBUH) or Sahabi’s. JazakAllah

  • Nazlie

    Shukran for this programme, I wish I went onto this site before the start of the Ramadaan. Will try my utmost to follow the programme.

  • great programme…thanks…

  • Jessica Salama

    i have stupidly only just found this section of the website today, i feel like nazlie- i wish i had found this part before ramada; may Almighty Allah forgive me. i will try my heardest to follow the programme but as a newly converted sister of islam (only 3 months) and with no islam teaching community within 1 and half by train from my town; i have teaching myself as best i can using websites like this. do u think Allah may forgive me if i do not know how to do all these things and make all the prayers? im so worried now, may Allah forgive me

    • Assalam Alaykum,
      As you are a new convert of only three months i feel you should focus on the obligatory prayers and fasts first and foremost and only if you are able to then adopt some of the programme.
      I have heard our scholars say it is better to do a little and be consistent with it than to do a lot and burn yourself out, and leave it all out later on.
      Assuming you are from the UK please visit http://www.masjid-umar.org/iic/ and see if you can get some help and support from them.
      Please remember me and my family in your duas this month.

  • Jessica Salama

    Thank you so so much for your reply and the suggested info-site, i could not be more grateful! i will definately check the site out; thank you again. I promise i will not forget all the help you have gien me, you and your family are in my duas this month; no problem. thank you again for your time and help, peace be with you Ahmed

  • Nuhu Timbile

    Salaam alikum. I am indeed pleased with the suggested program outlined above and hope to follow it in my best ability. But then, you mentioned somewhere in it that we try to eschew/ limit political and business talks, and I am caught up with the politics. I am a young Muslim politician, bidding to be elected as member of parliament come December, 2012. My main political program this month is to intensify my outreach and canvassing in the Muslim communities. How do I marry the two seeming conflicting programs? Ramadhaan Mubarak.

  • yahya!

    jazakallah khair our dear brothers in Islam

  • Zikrullah Alao

    Jazzakummullahu khairan for the reminder, almighty Allah will increase your knowledge and piety.

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