Prophet Lut

The stories of the prophets which are told to us in the Qur’an are not just tales of devout and God-fearing people. They are meant to serve as a warning to us of what happens to people who do not follow in the way of Allah.

Prophet Lut’s community

The society in which Prophet Lut (A.S.) lived must have been very much like the society in which we live, where natural laws governing the behaviour of men and women toward each other are not any longer respected. What is naturally right has become wrong and what is naturally wrong has become right, and all types of dishonesty and wickedness abound. Somehow, people who try to live in the way of Allah, who try to be clean and pure, honest and trustworthy, who are fearful of Allah, these people are scorned and disliked and made fun of. As you read the story of Prophet Lut (A.S.), remember that Allah’s punishment for wrongdoers is never far away and that those who fear Allah are surely rewarded.

Prophet Lut (A.S.) attempted to get his people to turn from their wicked ways. He would say to them, “Won’t you fear Allah? I am a trustworthy messenger, so fear Allah and obey me. I don’t ask for any reward from you. My reward is from the Lord of the Worlds. Of all the creatures on this earth, you alone approach males, and leave the women whom Allah has created for you to be your mates. You are people who sin beyond all limits.”

The people knew that Prophet Lut (A.S.) and his followers were leading a much cleaner and purer life than their own. Deep down in their hearts they knew that what he said was true, but they didn’t like being told so. So they would say, “If you don’t stop your preaching, you will surely be driven out of town!”

He in turn would reply, “I do detest your doings. O my Lord! Deliver me and my family from such things as they do!”

Now, at about the same time that Allah sent angels as messengers to Ibrahim , to foretell the birth of Ishaq , the angels also told Ibrahim that they had been sent to destroy the people in Prophet Lut’s (A.S.) township. His immediate reaction was, “But there is Lut there!” They replied, “We well know who is there. We will certainly save him and his following, except his wife. She is among those who lag behind.”

When the same messengers came to Prophet Lut (A.S.) , he was deeply concerned for their safety at the hands of his fellow townspeople, and he felt powerless to protect them. But they said, “Don’t be afraid and don’t grieve. We are here to save you and your followers.”

Just as Prophet Lut (A.S.) had feared, the townspeople came after his guests. He even tried to offer them his daughters for them to marry, if they would only leave his guests alone. But they tried to snatch away his guests anyway, until Allah blinded their eyes and they heard, “Now taste my anger and my warning.”

Prophet Lut Leaves

Then the angels conveyed their message to Prophet Lut (A.S.) . They said, “O Lut! We are messengers from your Lord. Travel with your family while yet a part of the night remains. You bring up the rear and don’t let anyone look back. But your wife will remain behind and to her will happen what happens to the people. Morning is the appointed time and it is not far off, so go!”

And Prophet Lut (A.S.) had faith in Allah and left his home and all he had ever known, for the sake of his Lord.

When morning came the cities were turned upside down. Brimstones as hard as baked clay rained down upon the cities and spread, layer on layer. Everyone and everything in the towns were destroyed. That was the end of those who indulged in sin and crime.

You can read about Prophet Lut in the Qur’an, Sura 7, Ayat 80-84; Sura 11, Ayat 63-83; Sura 15, Ayat 57-77; Sura 25, Ayat 160-175; Sura 25, Ayat 54-58; Sura 29, Ayat 26, 28-35; Sura 37, Ayat 133-138; Sura 51, Ayat 31-37; Sura 54, Ayat 33-39; Sura 66, Ayat 10.


  • fahiem

    love your website and listening to channel islam.unfortunately i dont have channel islam at home but sometimes i go on your website to listen,i enjoy it very much.

  • Assalamuikum wrt.


    Permission to distribute your articles.

    We are from Muslim Walfare Organisation Malaysia would like to request your permission to distribute the articles in this website into our free distribution magazine (Islamic Herald).

    For your information, we are the NGO’s in Malaysia that involved in walfare and Da’wah and our target readers are people who like to know about Islam (non-muslim) and our new brothers and sisters whom are still learning about Islam in english language.

    We hope to get you kind coorporation in terms of Da’wah purposes.

  • Assaad Abou Rached

    Assalamu ALaykom,

    Your article is just amazing. I’m asking for a permission to use some of it in my university research about our prophet Lut (PBUH). Thanks a lot for your great efforts. I will include your website in my references section


  • dont want to tell my name

    šŸ™ am a muslim. i dont know but i have done zana alot of times. even i was on gay side for while but now i feel bad..:( i dont know what to do to please my Lord to forgive me for that šŸ™
    do i still deserve to live ? coz i’ve read everywhere that if you done zana or had sex with men to men there blood is upon them and they shall put to death. šŸ™

    tell me do i still deserve to live to beg to my lord to forgive me ?

  • dont want to tell my name

    Thanks for your reply Ahmed, i checked day & night for your reply & now i’ve read all. i got my confidence now to live a new life to please Allah. by reading this i am still crying that my Lord can forgive a sinner like me. Really thanks for your time brother.
    Khudda Hafiz

  • jane H

    Dear dont want to my name,
    Pls make repentance with all your heart.never repeat the sin.
    May Allah forgive u and all of us.
    Life is too short ,we shall meet our Lord soon.lets us prepare for that day.


  • mohammed

    no you can live i think you should make hajj

  • Farida

    Dear dont want to tell my name.

    Allah reminds us all the time is the Quran, that He is always all merciful, the biggest acceptor of repentance and so He reminds us to turn to Him in repentance, so please do sincere repentance and continue to live your life in accordance with Allah’s commands. Learn, seek knowledge for verily, it is only through knowledge we can attain such love for Allah, that we love to obey Him, that obedience to Him will not be difficult, inshAllah.

  • Not important

    Q: With someone ‘this dont want to tell my name’, as example, such such a person be honest to his wife and before the wedding tell her of his homosexual habits or remain silent?

    The Quran does state that one may not lie, however a white lie is possible to a degree but I stand corrected, but hiding ones homosexual past, where does that fall in terms of honestly?

    In any case I hope ‘dont want to tell my name’ made use of the night of the 4th July 2012 (Shab-e-Baraat) – the Night of Amnesty/Emancipation from the Fire. As more are emancipated than the number of hairs on the all the animals of the tribe Banu Kalb. I wish him well, in the choices he makes, and may they be done in kindness. It is not a fair path you are on, but let guidance be our lot and let us meet our Maker pleased.

  • A Muslimah

    As’salaam un alikum.

    I am a muslim girl aged 19.
    I really feel a strong guilt within. I was brought up in highly conservative atmosphere. But when i was 17 years, i really don’t know how i got into satan’s fitnah. I went into a relationship with a guy. I never had a complete sexual intercourse with him. But we both have been physically intimate a lot of times. We both loved each other a lot. But our parents knew nothing of it. Now i am ladden with an inner guilt of commiting such sin.
    I am really burdened with every wrong deed of mine.
    I want to be in his contact only after ‘nikah’ but there are bleak chances of it.
    I want to forget my past but he’s never ready to leave me. Please do suggest me what to do. Please. I am in a state of emotionally breaking down. I am torn between my love and duties as a muslimah.

  • muslm boy

    dear muslimah, i read your article published on october 20, 2012 and i can tell u that if you feel guilty about what you have done and ask forgiveness from Almighty Allah with sincererity and will not commit zina again, Almighty Allah will surely forgive you as you have recognise your mistake. i will give you two examples: first according to a hadith once a prostitute woman was wandering near a well where she find a dog dying of thirst with its long tongue seeking for water in the well. the lady manage to remove water from the well and give it to the dog to drink. by this mere action she was forgiven by Allah and remember she was a prostitute and secondly a man has commit 99 crimes. he ask a pious man if Allah will forgive him. the pious man say there is no way your forgiveness will be accepted . the man killed the pious man. on his way he met another pious man and asked the same question. the pious man tell him if you ask forgiveness with sincererity and will not commit crime again for sure Allah is the most merciful and powerful, He will forgive you and on his way the man died with all his crime has been forgiven. so has full conviction that Allah will forgive you and try to ask the one whom you love to wed you in nikah and he also have to seek forgiveness from Allah

  • Noor

    Assalam alaykum,

    Your article is just amazing. Iā€™m asking for a permission to share some of the information on my face book page with regards to what ever is going on with all this floods storms and bad weather leaving family’s and small children’s homeless and no electricity since our prime minster passed a bill of gay marriages in the UK I would like to share some of the story about our prophet Lut (PBUH). Thanks a lot for your great efforts.

    jazak Allah

    • WS
      Agreed, please go ahead and share but we request you provide a link back to the page it was taken from.

  • i know Allah knows best why he did that


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