Bad Weather Days

Assalam Alaykum,

Recently we had a fair amount of snowfall and it actually settled which is rather unusual for us.  Anyway, one morning whilst walking through the snow I was amazed to see a lady jogging through the snow.  About a day or so later, I see another man running whilst it is still snowing in the early evening as I walk home from work.  Both of these individuals were jogging/ running as part of their exercise routine.

This got me thinking in that see how someone can be so dedicated to a particular task/ cause when they put their mind to it.  They know the outcome that if they continue to train they will eventually achieve their goal.  The goal maybe to keep fit or merely to avoid being a couch potatoe. They come across days like the above, with bad weather but still they remain undeterred.

Why do I mention this?  Well the case of a believer is similar, they know (should know!) the outcome if they do/ don’t follow the requirements laid out by the deen of Islam.  This needs to be often remembered so that we keep ourselves in check and avoid straying from the straight path.  We need to keep at the forefront of our mind the continuous effort we should make to increase our good deeds and please Almighty Allah.

Just like the runners mentioned above, the Muslim will also come accross ‘days with bad weather’ but we should not fear or despair but take it in our stride, be patient and carry on with our end goal in mind.  It maybe hard at first but with duah and perseverance, Insha’Allah we will remain strong and not waiver, even during these bad days.

Its now running late so I will end here.  These were just a few words to invoke some thoughts and keep us motivated.  All good is from Allah alone, and any mistake are from my own shortcomings.

Please remember me and my family in your duas and pray I am able to keep the site updated more frequently in future.



  • sana

    as sallam mu alai kum sir i am very much glad to read your mail plz send me more mails and i want to know that in islam is a girl is allow to were a jeans when she sits with other ladies in case the top shirt is long as it is above or below the knees and also the namaz is allow in jeansor not plz reply me .


    As far as a woman is concerned it is not allowed to wear the dress of a man becouse the jeans is conidered a the dressing of man


    As far as a woman is concerned it is not allowed to wear the dress of a man becouse the jeans is conidered a the dressing of man

  • Assalam Alaykum,
    Inshallah you will find the following link useful which answers your question with detail.

  • IamMuslim

    Alaikumi Salaam..

    Thank you for sharing your experience, May Allah Bless and Protect you and your family.

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