Allah the Provider

It is related that a man would come every night to all ardent worshipper from amongst the worshippers of Al-Haram, with two pieces of bread with which he would break his fast. This devotee of Allah would not concern himself with anything but the remembrance of Allah. One day his nafs whispered to him, “You rely on this man for food and have forgotten the One who provides for the creation. What is this inattentiveness.”

When the man approached him with pieces of bread again, he did not accept them. The worshipper remained without food for three days and complained to Allah. That night in a dream he saw himself standing in front of Allah, and Allah asked “Why did you return what I sent for you with my servant?” He replied, “Oh Allah I felt I was -relying on somebody else besides you.” Allah asked “Who sent him to you?” “You my Lord”, he answered. “Who did you then take it from?” Allah asked. “From you Oh Allah” he replied. “Take it and do not repeat this again”, Allah ordered him. He then saw the man who gave him bread standing in front of Allah. Allah asked, “Oh my servant why did you stop giving him his food?” He answered “Oh my Lord you know better than I.” Allah enquired, “For whose sake did you not give it?” “For your sake”, he replied. Allah proclaimed, “Keep giving and your reward will be Jannah.

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