Taraweeh Salaah – Night 25

Taraweeh Salaah – Night 25

By Sheikh Abdul Hamid Lachporia – Canada

In the Name of Almighty Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Tonight’s Tarawee consists of Tabarakalladhi (JUZ 29). The Surahs that will be covered are: Surah Al Mulk [The Dominion]; Surah Al Qalam [The Pen] or Nun; Surah Al Haqqah [The Sure Reality]; Surah Al Ma’arij [The Ways of Ascent]; Surah Nuh [Noah}; Surah Al Jinn [The Spirits]; Surah Al Muzammil {The Enfolded One]; Surah Al Muddaththir [The One Wrapped Up]; Surah Al Qiyamah [The Resurrection]; Surah Al Insa [Man] or Al Dahr [The Time]; and Surah Al Mursalat [Those Sent Forth].

This Surah of 30 verses belongs to the Middle Makkan period. Allah is mentioned here by the name of Al Rahman [Most Gracious], as He is mentioned by the names of Al Rabb [Lord and Cherisher] and Al Rahman [Most Gracious] in Surah 19. Lordship is right and in fact belongs to Allah Most Gracious, Whose Goodness and Glory and Power are writ large on all His Creation. The beauty and order of the heavens above us proclaim Him. Then who can reject His Call but those in pitiful delusion? And who can fail to accept, that truly knows himself and the mighty Reality behind him? The earth and the good things thereof are prepared for man by his Gracious and Exalted Lord, Who guards him from hourly dangers. Who sustains the wonderful flight of the birds in midair? Above, and below, and in midair can we see His boundless Signs. We know that His Promise of the Hereafter is true. The spring and source of the goodness of things is in Him, and will appear triumphant when the Hour is established.

SURAH AL QALAM: [The Pen], or Nun
Our Nabee S.A.W. was the sanest and wisest of men. Those who could not understand him called him mad or possessed. So, in every age, it is the habit of the world to call Truth Falsehood and Wisdom Madness, and, on the other hand, to exalt Selfishness as Planning, and Arrogance as Power. The contrast is shown up between the two kinds of men and their real inner worth. True Judgement comes from Allah, and not from the false standards of men. The Pen is the symbol of the permanent Record, the written Decree, the perfect Order in the government of the world. And by that token, the man of Allah comes with a Plan and Guidance that must win against all detraction. Truth is high above Slander. But men must be tried against selfishness and overweening confidence in themselves such as would lead them to forget Allah and His Providence – like the brothers who built castles in the air above their garden and found it desolate in one night’s storm. But repentance brought them forgiveness: Thus work the Wrath and the Mercy of Allah.

SURAH AL HAQQAH: [The Sure Reality].
In this fleeting world few things are what they seem. What then is sure Reality? Nations and men in the past assumed arrogance and perished because they were unjust, but that destruction was but a foretaste of the Doom to come in the Hereafter, when all creation will be on a new plane, and true values will be fully established. To the Righteous will be Bliss, and to Evil, Punishment. The word of Revelation is not a Poet’s imagination or a Soothsayer’s groping into the future. It is Allah’s Own Message, of Mercy to the Righteous, and warning to those who reject the Truth. Praise and Glory to the name of Allah Most High.

SURAH AL MA’ARIJ: [The Ways of Ascent].

Patience and the mystery of Time will show the ways that climb to Heaven. Sin and Goodness must each eventually come to its own. Man can ascend to the Presence of Allah, but by gradual Ways and in process of Time. But what is Time? A Day is as fifty Thousand years, on two different planes. What seems near is far, and what seems far is near. So will Judgement be, when things as we know them will be transformed completely in a world all new. Evil will come to its own, whatever its masks in this transitory world. And Good will surely reach its goal. The good life is patient, in prayer and well-doing, Faith and the earnest search for the Good Pleasure of Allah, purity and probity. These are the Paths to the Heights and the Gardens of Bliss. No Evil can enter there: For the evil are other ways, leading by steep descent to dark Ignominy!

SURAH NUH: [Noah].
The theme is that while Good must uphold the standard of Truth and Righteousness, a stage is reached when it must definitely part company with Evil, lest Evil should spread its corruption. The story of Hazrat Nuh Alayhis Salaam’s agony is almost a Parable for the prosecution of our Beloved Nabee Sallallahoo Alayhi Wasallam in the Makkan period by the Pagans.

SURAH AL JINN: [The Spirits].
Two years before the Hijrah, when the Nabee S.A.W; despised and rejected in his native city of Makkah went to the lordly men of Ta’if, they maltreated him and nearly killed him. What caused him greater pain was the maltreatment of the humble and lowly men who went with him. On his return journey to Makkah, a glorious vision was revealed to him – hidden spiritual forces working for him – people not known to him accepting his mission while his own people were still rejecting him. Within two months some strangers from Madinah had privately met him and laid the foundations of that Hijrah which was to change the fate of Arabia and the course of world history.

SURAH AL MUZAMMIL: [The Enfolded One].
The subject matter is the significance of Prayer and Humility in spiritual life and the terrible fate of those who reject Faith and Revelation. Devote yourself to the service of Allah in the stillness of the night, but not all night. In the world’s persecution rely on Allah, Who will deal with His enemies fittingly. Let not Allah’s service be a matter of difficulty to you: do all your duties in whole-hearted remembrance of Allah, and ever seek His bountiful Grace.

SURAH AL MUDDATHTIR: [The One Wrapped Up].
The subject matter of this Surah is similar to the one before it. Prayer and Praise, and the need of patience in a period of great spiritual stress: the unjust who cause sorrow and suffering now will themselves experience agony in the Hereafter. The Seer, by devotion and contemplation, prepares himself for the duties of Guide and Leader to mankind. When there comes the clear Call, he must stand forth and Proclaim the Message – in purity, unselfish devotion, and patience long-suffering – to save mankind from the Distress of the Final Day.

SURAH AL QIYAMAH: [The Resurrection].
The subject matter of the Surah is the Resurrection, viewed from the point of view of Man, especially unregenerate Man, as he is now, and as he will be then, his inner and psychological history. Eschew all Evil: for man was not created without purpose or without responsibility. The Day of Account will come, and his own conscience bears witness that he must walk straight; for he must face the Realities of That Day. With patience await the unfolding of Allah’s view. Woe unto man that he thinks not now of Allah’s Purpose and the noble Destiny for which Allah gave him Life and all its Gifts.

SURAH AL INSAN: [Man]. or Al DAHR: [The Time].
Its theme is the contrast between the two classes of men, those who choose good and those who choose evil, with special reference to the former. The title of the Surah recalls a Pagan Arab idea, which personified Time as existing spontaneously from eternity to eternity and responsible for the misery or the happiness of mankind. In Verse 45 of Surah Al Jathiyah we read: “They say…..nothing but Time can destroy us.” This attitude is of course wrong. Time is a created thing: it has its mysteries, but it is no more eternal than matter. It is also relative to our conceptions and not absolute. It is only Allah Who is Self Subsisting, Eternal from the beginning and Eternal to the end, the absolute Existence and Reality; We must not transfer His Attributes to any figment of our imagination. This deification of Time [Dahr] as against a living personal God has given rise to the term dariyah, as applied to an atheist or a materialist. The Righteous are patient in Constant Devotion: Allah’s Way is open to all. Whosoever has the Will, may attain to the Perfect Goal.

SURAH AL MURSALAT: [Those Sent Forth].
The theme of this Surah is similar to that of Surah Al Qiyamah. It denounces the horrors of the Hereafter, for those who rejected Truth. The refrain, “Ah woe, that Day, to the Rejecters of Truth!” which occurs ten times in its fifty verses, or, on an average, once in every five verses, indicates the leitmotif. Will man not learn from his own little story, or from nature around him? The Blazing Fire will be indeed an enveloping Punishment. How dreadful the contrast with the Bliss of the Righteous! Learn, you, therefore, Humility, and approach Allah’s Throne in Repentance and Earnest Endevour.

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