Pearls from the Sea

Zun-Noon Misri relates, we once embarked on a ship and a handsome young man, whose face was gleaming with light also set out with us. During the voyage the owner of the ship lost a bag which contained his money. This led to a search of all the passengers on board. When the young man was approached, he leaped out of the ship into the water. Whilst we looked on he supplicated, “Oh Allah they have accused me. I take oath that you order every creature in the sea to raise their head with a pearl resting in their mouths.”

Zun- Noon further states that before the young man could complete his supplication we witnessed the creatures doing just as he had requested. The young man continued, “Oh Allah it is Ye we worship alone and Ye we seek help from.” He then disappeared.

After witnessing such a remarkable incident the narrator exclaimed, “The Hadith of Prophet (SAW) came to mind. There will always remain thirty people from among my Ummah whose hearts will be like the heart of Ibraheem. Every time one dies Allah will replace him.” Perhaps the narrator believed this young man was one of them.


  • So this is an evidence of the bounties that Allah’s great Awliyas are bestowed with.
    Allah Says in hadees qudsi, when a slave of mine approaches me by performing nafls, I would become his eye that he sees, the ears the he hears, the hand that he touches, the leg that he walks, the heart that he thinks. So Allah swt accepted his Dua.


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