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Why do You Always go Crying to Your Mum?

By Mufti Abdur Rahman ibn Yusuf Mangera In the name of Allah, the Inspirer of truth. In life, it is quite natural that things don’t always necessarily go the way we want them to. Life is full of difficulties, challenges and obstacles. What defines whether a person will be successful in this life is the […]

How to have an Islamic Wedding

How to have an Islamic Wedding

Marriage – Half Your Deen

A talk on the subject of Marriage by Shaykh Ahmad Ali

Nurturing Marital Love

Since marital love is prone to sickness and even death, it is imperative for couples to constantly work to revitalize and preserve it. Husbands and wives must do the following: 1. They have to get in the habit of saying things that are positive, like offering compliments and like making little prayers for each other. […]

Uncontrolled Use of Phones & Devices

When we become enslaved by social networking sites or applications, we stand to lose the real people who truly mean most to us. If we have no control over how long we spend on our phones or devices we may find our homes breaking up systematically. The way we use our phones & handheld devices […]

Recipe for a Successful Marriage

“Our Lord! Grant that our spouses and our offspring be a comfort to our eyes, and give us the grace to lead those who are conscious of You” (Furqaan 74). Q: Every human being by nature has an instinct to dispute. This instinct becomes more manifest between the husband and wife, thus leading to marital […]

Most Blessed of All Weddings

Lavish weddings where much money is splashed, extravagance is clear, religious rules are blatantly disregarded, the poor are not invited and people forget that it is meant to be a sacred union and a gift of the Almighty, cannot bear much blessings and can even return to haunt the families later on. The most blessed […]