Words of the Almighty

Mansoor Bin Amar relates that once I saw a young man praying Salah for a considerably long time. I thought to myself perhaps this young man is a ‘Wali’ of Allah. So I decided to wait till he finished. Once he had finisghed, I greeeted him with Salaam which he reciprocated.

I asked him whether he knew of the valley in Jahanam called ‘Laza’. I mentioned a fire bursting forth into flames; so fierce that it burns the scalp and sucks up the liver from within those who turned their back. The young man screamed and fell unconscious.

When he gained consciousness he said, ”Tell me more”. I continued saying, “Oh believers save yourself and your families from that fire whose fuel is men and stones and upon it are appointed angels, harsh and terrible; they do not disobey God in what He commnds them and do whatever thay are commanded”. On hearing this he fell to the ground and died.

On the following night I saw him in a dream sitting on a throne with a crown on his head. I asked , ”What did Allah do with you.” He replied, ”Allah forgave me and gave me the reward equal to the reward of the people of Badr and more.”

Startled at his response I again asked, ”Why did He give you more?” He said, “Because they (the martyrs of Badr) were killed with the non-believers sword, while I was killed by the words of the Almighty”.


  • Arsalan

    Dear brother
    I didnt understand that when the man was praying already why was he warned about the fire of jahannum ??

    • The man was reminded about the fire of Jahannum AFTER he finished praying.

  • mohd.farouk bakil

    I would like to inform brother ahmed of his spelling..sitting on a “throne” with a crown ..and not “thrown”..and also forgiven instead of forgave..wabillahi tayfik wal hidayah..wslm.


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