Win the heart of the husband

Respected Ladies! 

Ramadhan is a good time to win over the hearts of your beloved husbands.

They say: “The way to a man’s heart is his stomach” That is a pretty accurate statement. Feed him well and he is yours. (Gents! Make her a nice kitchen and she is yours. A woman needs a nice kitchen with all facilities.)

Some ladies feel that Ramadhan is for worship only, so the family has to be content with whatever is available, and that they should not waste time in the kitchen. Therefore they just worship and they are not careful about iftar etc. 

However, that’s not true. The time spent in the kitchen is not wasted. It’s worthwhile and It’s time well spent, because as the saying goes ‘Khidmat se khuda milta he, Ibadat se jannat” i.e., with servitude we get Allah,  with worship we get just paradise. So when you work hard to feed your kids and look after your husbands, you are actually striving for the pleasure of Allah. 

One Hadith says “Whichever woman’s death comes while her husband is well pleased with her, will definitely enter Jannah.” (Mishkat)

So, learn how to cook properly, avoid ordering takeaways, cook some delicious food for the family and reap both benefits; winning over your husbands and attaining Allah’s pleasure. 

Yes! Don’t overdo things and don’t waste time in making things which require too much time and effort, things which can be cooked outside Ramadhan. Use time wisely for some tilawat,  tasbeehaat, and duas as well. 

May Allah make the fasts and household work easy for our ladies, and reward them in full for the amazing efforts they make in keeping everything in order for iftar and suhoor. Ameen.

Shaykh Abdur Raheem 

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