When Allah Gives

Once a boy went to a shop with his mother.  The shop keeper looked at the small cute child and showed him a bottle with sweets and said ‘Dear Child, you can take some of these sweets. But the child didn’t take any of them.

The shop keeper was surprised, such a small child he is and why is he not taking the sweets from the bottle.  Again he said take the sweets.
This time the mother also heard that and said… beta take the sweets.

Yet he still didnt take any.

The shopkeeper seeing the child not taking the sweets, himself took the sweets and gave to them to the child. The child was happy to get two hands full of sweets.

When they returned back home, Mother asked the child, “Why didnt you take the sweets, when shop keeper told you to take them, not once but twice?”

Can you guess the response:-

Child replies… Mom! my hands are very small and if i take the sweets I can only take a few, but now you see when the kind shop keeper gave with his big hands how many more sweets I got!

When we take we may get little but when Allah gives…
HE gives us more, beyond our expectations…more than what we can hold.


  • MashaAllah, Very Nice Naseeha.
    Jazakallahu khaira wa ahsanal Jaza.

  • Kabiru

    Alhamdulillah ala ni’imatul islam. this is a lesson for our muslim brothers and sister that we should always ask of what ever we desire from Allah and he will give us even morethan what we had requested for.

    jazakallahu khair

  • naima

    Masha Allah, Allah is so kind, his mercy is infinite. You know sometimes I say to myself I am going to ask Allah what ever I want, then when night comes, I feel too shy in asking Allah coz I don’t want to seem greedy, I feel that if I ask Allah for something then he will take away something that I have. therefore I just stay content with what I have and try not to complain.

  • Emraan Rayees

    SubhanALLAH !!


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