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Assalam Alaykum,

Its been a real long time since I have written something here in my own words but I felt the time to do so was right. 

Firstly I want to apologise if I do not reply to comments quickly or even fail to reply at all.  Unfortunately my time has become rather restricted in what Ican do for Haq Islam recently.  Just in case you didn’t know I have a wife and two young kids, a full time job, am a student of the arabic language and several other things I won’t mention.  However, I do read comments and where I can, I do respond and try to help.  Do forgive me if you are one of these people that has not received a reply.

Secondly I want all those reading to volunteer to help.  How?

  1. Pick a/ your favourite post/ page from Haq Islam and link to it in your signature for any forums you use
  2. For the more graphics keen, create avatars and banners and link to pages and articles on Haq Islam using them on forums/ websites etc
  3. Forward and share posts/ pages Muslims in your email address book
  4. Share posts via twitter/ facebook/ Digg etc
  5. Using Microsoft word create a mini ebook in pdf format using some of your favourite articles and share them with everyone
  6. Talk about/ share the articles on your own blog/ site but please link back us. It really does annoy me when people use not only the words but also images from our articles and don’t bother to mention where they got it from
  7. For any blogs and sites you comment on leave a article on Haq Islam as your URL

During Majlis a Shaykh mentioned that helping and getting involved with the work of deen is one of the ways to ensure steady progress in reforming yourself as a better Muslim. How true that is because at the very least you will be busy in doing good and receiving reward for it, rather than engaging in sin or other futile activities.  Do try and get involved, even only five minutes of your time each week is aprreciated.

It still always strikes me as amazing that we can send jokes and funny video clips around the world in a matter of hours but when it comes to helping the deen we hesitate and falter to pass on the correct teachings of our beautiful religion. As the saying goes, ‘many hands make light work’, so please don’t just leave it up to a few and get involved. All of the above can really apply to any Islamic site so there is no excuse not to help your favourite authentic Islamic website, even if you don’t help Haq Islam.

I have some old islamic blogs which are no longer updated and I would love to bring them back to life if one you can commit to posting at least once a week on them.  Drop me a comment below if you are interested.

Thirdly, a reminder that the closing date for entries into the Haq Islam competition http://www.haqislam.org//competition/ is 8 April, so if you haven’t already entered then please do so.

Finally, may I request you all to remember me and my family in your duas.

Assalam Alaykum


  • USM

    Asalaamu Alaikum,

    A quick message to say that your efforts are appreciated. The regular e-mails are one of the few sources of religious reminders for me. Unfortunately I dont have a site, and dont frequent forums, but will forward your e-mails to my contact list.

    Although my life is busy, doesnt sound as busy as yours and would to be interested in helping bring back a blog to life.

  • Bilal A.

    Insha’ Allah I will do whatever i can to help I have a very busy schedule, but Insha Allah I will set aside at least an hour or two each day to help. May Allah (swt) bless you and your family.

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