The Oppressive Car Manufacturers?

Generally, a car has 5 seats, 2 at the front and 3 at the back. The purpose of the car is to transport us from A to B. The journey is not the main goal, but the destination is. The car is built in a manner that best fulfills its purporse.

Now, what if someone said that car manufacturers are oppressive, unfair and do not treat customers equally because the people sitting at the front have a better view and more leg room than the people at the back? Would they be correct to make this statement? This would only be correct if the journey was given preference over the destination. Meaning that regardless if we reach the destination or not, the journey should be the best possible journey.

Similarly, the purpose of Islam and its laws is to transport us and guide us through this life so that we reach Jannah. The journey is not the purpose but the destination is.

Just like the car, when the destination is the goal, then the best way to travel there is given preference. The best way to reach Jannah is by being obedient to Allah Ta’ala through doing good and abstaining from sins.

The best way to do that is by establishing laws that fulfill this purpose, regardless if on face value, they may look unfair or unequal.

Just as we don’t see car manufacturers as oppressors for fulfilling their purpose, how can we think of Islam as being oppressive when it is fulfilling its purpose in the best possible manner?


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