The Boy who tried to escape Death – ch7

Ahmad stares to the ground and continues to cross the road.  Shaytan senses the presence of death and rushes towards his enemy,  Ahmad.

“Look at the woman Ahmad! She is beautiful! Look at her to get rid of your satisfaction..!” Shaytan whispers into his ear.

Suddenly a truck several yards from the group automatically looses control. A loud screech is heard from the group as they turn around and spot the truck skidding towards them! Ahmad sees that the pious Muslim elderly Sister is in the line of collision! He drops the bags and rushes towards the Sister.

“By Allah, if I am going to do something for Allah, I will save this Muslim Sister to make Allah happy..!” Ahmad says to himself as he rushes to her and pushes her out the way. In those moments the truck smacks into Mo and the girl he is with knocking them flying into the air. Next in line is Ahmad. Ahmad manages to push the elderly Sister out of the way but is caught up in the collision. Within seconds all three teenagers are lying in pools of blood.

“Oh Allah, I am scared!  I don’t want to die like this, I did not even do my full five prayers yet! I did not fast…” Ahmad slowly says as tears roll down his face. Blood pours from the side of his body and skull.

The collision made enough sound for people to rush out of their homes. Even the Imam of the local Masjid came rushing out. The Sheik spotted Ahmad in the distance and ran towards him as fast as he could.

“Ahmad!” The Imam calls out as he rushes towards him taking hold of his bloodied hand.

“Pronounce Shahada!” The Imam calls out.

Suddenly a strange cold breeze is felt by Ahmad. In confusion he looks up and what he sees is something he could have never imagined in his life.

Two groups of astonishing angels begin descending from the sky. One group shining like the sun. Wings spreading as far as the eyes can see. A radiating beauty spreading from their faces and bodies, with comforting arms stretching forth. The other group on the other hand, have faces and bodies dark and terrifying, faces of extreme horror. Sounds of thunder bursting from their mouths carrying tools of torture within their hands.

” Lah He Lah Ha Ilallah!” Ahmad begins to call out.

The Imam smiles, tears rolling down his face. He spots sweat appear upon Ahmad’s forehead. The Imam knew that one who dies with sweat upon the brow is a good sign.

Ahmad still has no idea which groups of angels are going to whom. Suddenly Ahmad feels a relief that no human can ever feel in this life as he realises that the angels of extraordinary beauty are looking at him!

Ahmad raises his hands towards theirs, wanting to get away from the pain.

“No more crying Ahmad. Come to us. We are your friends. We love you so much Ahmad. We will look after you and care for you until you meet Allah who is very happy with you!” The angels call out as their hands come into contact with Ahmad’s. Slowly they take Ahmad’s soul more gently than a caring mother lifting her new born child.

Tears flow down the cheeks of Ahmad as he is left in absolute shock of what he is seeing. He spots an unbelievably looking cradle like bed made of a beautiful light of different colours being carried by one Angel. As the Angels slowly place his soul into the cradle, another Angel sprinkles a beautiful smelling musk never smelt by man upon Ahmad. Like little twinkling stars, they slowly fall upon Ahmad like small colourful snowflakes.

While Ahmad is being treated to this death of honour, the other group of terrifying Angels of torture headed towards Mo and the girl he was with!

Like a skewer being ripped through wet cotton wool, the Angels tear away at Mo’s and the girl’s soul. The Angels with Ahmad prevent him from hearing the screams of the two so that he can be at peace as much as possible.

“Oh Allah no! Please! I am a Muslim, I am a Muslim!” Mo screams as the Angels of punishment rip his soul out, veins and arteries dangling from his body.

“Muslim?! Do not degrade the name of Muslim! You disobeyed Allah and you lived in denial of Allah’s punishment! Now you will suffer for now and forever!” The Angels scream out to him in thundering voices as they throw his and the girls soul into a bed of dark black fire.

“May Allah curse you Mo! You guided me to this! May Allah give you a double punishment!” The girl screams out as her flesh and bone is left exposed as she burns slowly and agonisingly in the bed of fire.

“I did not force you to sin! You came to me willingly!” Mo cries out.

“Quiet! Save your arguments for The Day of Judgment!” The Angels scream out to them.

Both Mo and the girl look up and spot Ahmad.

“If only I listened to Ahmad on the road I may have been with him now” Mo says to himself as tears pour from his eyes from both the agony and the regret.

Back on Earth Ahmad’s parents have come onto the street to see what has happened.

Suddenly Ahmad’s father spots his son lying in a pool of blood on the road.

“Ya Allah no!” Ahmad’s father screams out as he rushes towards his son.

The Imam spots Ahmad’s father rushing towards the body. He quickly gets up and tries to prevent Ahmad’s father from approaching the dead body.

“What happened?! Is he ok?!” Ahmad’s father cries out.

The Imam takes Ahmad’s father by the shoulders and embraces him in his arms.

“Allah has taken Ahmad back to Him.” The Imam slowly says.

“Ya Allah! My son, my son!” Ahmad’s father says as he almost collapses to the floor.

The Imam slowly helps the father to sit upon the ground.

“Muhammad, listen to me. Your son has turned back to Allah. I saw him crying so much in the Masjid today. He was there for about two solid hours all by himself seeking forgiveness. I had a beautiful talk with him and he even bought you some gifts to try and please Allah in making you happy. Best of all dear Muhammad, he pronounced the Shahada before going, and not only that, but he saved an elderly Muslim Sister. He looked up into the sky and smiled just before his breathing stopped. Take this.” The Imam said as he handed the bag of gifts Ahmad bought for his parents.

Ahmad’s father was still in shock as he held the gifts in his hands. Slowly he lifted the gifts out of the bag. There he found a beautiful bottle of musk for himself and a delicious box of chocolate.

He read the following message attached to the musk:

“Dear beloved father. This is for you. I love Allah more than anything and I will do everything in my power to make you and mama happy. I cannot wait for tonight to pray ‘Ishah prayer with you at the Masjid!”

Tears poured from Ahmad’s father’s eyes.

“My son has made me proud! AllahuAkbar! AllahuAkbar!” Muhammad got up and ran towards his wife who had made her way back into the house seeking Allah to forgive her son.

“‘Aliya! ‘Aliya! Look at what our Ahmad got for us!” He quickly handed the box of chocolates to his wife and asked her to read the message:

“Dear beloved mother. These chocolates are for you. I have hurt you both physically and mentally, and by Allah it will never happen again. From now on I vow to make you smile and never frown. I vow to make you happy and never sad. By Allah, we will pray to Allah together, and Inshah’Allah we will walk into Paradise together as one big family.”

“SubhanAllah! Lah He Lah Ha Ilallah! My son turned back to Allah!” ‘Aliya cried out.

Muhammad told her the story of what the Imam told him.

Nobody knew of the honour and beauty Ahmad was experiencing, while nobody knew of what the terrors Mo and the girl were going through.

Chapter 8


  • maryam

    dis story is js soooo sad i want to print it out sooo bad so i can show all mii frendz!:D

  • najma

    that was the best story and it really touched my heart

  • salma

    thiz is the best story i had ever read it iz so tragical and sad at the same time i also wanna print it so i can show ma friend thanks 4 posting it.

  • sanya

    i love this storie and i so want to print it out and show my friends this is sooo sad and beautiful to inshallah allah will lead me to the right path and forgive all my sins and all other muslims to ameen

  • Mohammad

    This was a beautiful and very touching story which brought tears to my eyes. May Allah (swt) reward us and protect us from shaytan and evil, and may we struggle in the cause of Allah (swt) and die in the state of Tawhid and Iman. Ameen Ya Rabbil Alameen. It was a very meaningful story and I cannot wait to share it with others. It’s such great motivation. JazakAllah khayr, and if this story is true may Allah (swt) bless Ahmad and his family, ameen ya Rabb. Salam Alaykom.

  • Fatima Shariff

    masha allah this was the most beutiful story i have ever herd may allah guide us to the right bass……and fargive us all are sin “ya allah”

  • Nahima

    Assalamu Alaikum
    This Story Not Only Touched My Heart It Also Bought Tears To My Eyes,
    ii Cant Beleive It,
    May Allah Forgive Every Being On This Earth
    May He Keep Us On The Straight Path And Away From Shaytan
    Inshallah We Shall All Go To Paradise One Day!
    Assalamu Alaikum Brothers And Sisters x

  • abdul

    this is such a haert touching story..Allhau akbar…subuhana Lha…walihamdu lilha
    this is the best story i’ve ever read, and its absolutely amazing!!!! i can not wait till my friends read his story. may allha forgive us all together and guide us from sheitan (LLA). and may allha keep on blessing prophet muhamed (saw) allhauma sali hala muhamaden wasalim. amen

  • noor ul eman

    Salam O Alekum!
    ya Allah bless us the death with peace and make us a good muslim. A story is very sad but it tell us many things which we ignored in our life, we forget what is the meaning of life why we are alive? we have to learn from this story and pray for peace death with shahada Ameen
    Ya Allah forgive All of us and take us to the right path. Ya Rab.

  • khadijah

    May Allah 4give us all…..


  • Tani

    Masha Allah! That story made me cry and also realize the bad things i’ve been doing and that i’ve been acting exactly like Mo, telling myself that Allah will let all the muslims into heaven if they just believe in him. no theres more to it, i have to pray, read the Qur’an and wear my Hijab every single day! Never taking it of in front of people i’m not supposed to take it off in front of! Thank you to the creater of this story! Its a beautiful and touching story, i’m gonna share it with all my friends and family!

  • Areeba

    This story is really touching and from this story I have started praying 5times Adam and inshallah we all Muslim sisters and brothers will go to the place Ahmed went to and not the place mo and the girl went to I feel so touched by this stOry

  • adilah

    it is a beautiful story and it really touch my heart i want to print this story n show it to other people … togather change for the best way insyaallah 🙂

  • Muna

    Maa Shaa Allah, This story made me cry.

  • Rasheedah

    Ma sha Allah beautiful story very inspiring making a copy for my fam and friends. May Allah guide us on the right path and forgive all our sins In sha Allah Ameen

  • Shaise Mughal

    Wait?…. Was Mo & the girl non muslim?

  • shuaib abdi

    Subhanallah.this avery beautiful lesson which touching my heart, nd brought tears to my eyes may allah show us straight path .ameen ya rabbe

  • Ahmad a tijjani

    I cried-may this be a lesson to all of us

  • Laailaahailaala. Yaaaa forgive us all

  • sidra

    Sad stories usually dont make me cry but this one really touched my heart nallah may allah lead us all onto the right path and away from shaitaan -ameen

  • abdulrazaq

    Allah forgive us all

  • abdal wani

    nice story…….it shoed me the right path…..ya allah bless me and all muslims in the world who are facing problems show us right path…and show the non muslims the right path of Islam…(aameen)

  • abdal wani

    nice story…….it showed me the right path…..ya allah bless me and all muslims in the world who are facing problems show us right path…and show the non muslims the right path of Islam…(aameen)

  • Cameron Matthew

    I was moved and touched with this. It is a message from Allah and i am ever so grateful that he turned me into a beautiful Muslim.

  • Hanifah

    Subhanallah, such a beautiful story<3

  • Jasmine

    That story really touched my heart InshaAllah Allah will lead us all to the good path to paradise ameen

  • Abdu Rashid Lilah

    Mashallah… very beautiful inspiring Islamic lovely story. I cudnt stop tearing up .. each paragraph I read. may Almighty Allah have mercy and forgive us for the sins we have committed.
    great a bonding btw our family and friends . may he grant all Muslim believers paradise. Insha Allah.

  • Mohammad Shalah Uddin

    I am from Bangladesh. I am glad to inform you that the series story i have read and became pleased a lot. Alhamdulillah. May Allah reward its author and all of you who collected the outstanding writing and gave opportunity to read it publishing here.
    I has been translating it in Bengali language and publishing in my respective area. Please pray for me.

    Mohammad Shalah Uddin
    University of Dhaka


    The story is really touching may ALLAH FORGIVE US ALL


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