Tariq bin Ziyad

Tariq ibn Ziyad was sent by Musa ibn Nusayr in the year 711 AD as a chief commander to conquer Andalus. His men numbered 12000-17000. On his journey he decided to take some rest and sleep. It is said whilst sailing across the sea, which separates Africa from Andalus, he saw in his dream the prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) surrounded by arabs of the Muhajiruun and Ansaars, who with unsheathed swords and bended bows stood by him. They also heard the prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) say ” take courage, O Tariq! and accomplish what you are destined to perform. ” On hearing this, he looked around him and saw the messenger of Allah (صلى الله عليه وسلم) and his companions entering Andalus. Tariq immediately awoke from his sleep with a smile, and from that moment on he never doubted victory. Tariq advanced towards a small mountain in the sea which later became known as Jabal Tariq (Mount Tariq) derived from which is the modern name: Gibraltar. Here Tariq and his army disembarked into the darkness of the night. He then set fire to his fleet and in his determination to conquer Andalus he told his army ” I have now burnt the ships, and now there is no return for us and here we will conquer or die fighting.”

The king of the time, King Roderick, heard about the seizure and immediately prepared his army which numbered 100,000. King Roderick set off with confidence that they will make each and every Arab his prisoner. Roderick took his army to Cordova to attack Tariq and his armies.

Before the battle, Tariq gave a speech which portrayed his valiance, determination and ideology regarding the life after death. In this speech he also mentioned his desire to kill King Roderick with his own hands. After his influential speech, Tariq and his army with their white turbans and spears in their hands proceeded towards the battlefield. When Tariq reached the battlefield he saw his ambition and aimed his arrow towards him and killed him. He had now fulfilled his long felt desire and gained victory for the Muslims. It is said in the confusion that followed the defeated Christian soldiers fled for their lives, the body of King Roderick had also disappeared. The Muslims had a zeal for knowledge, they were advanced in architecure and were masters in science.

When Tariq and his army conquered a large portion of Spain in 711-718 AD, which mainly consisted of the Moors who were a Muslim tribe from North Africa, they immediately implemented Islamic law ( Shariah ) with Caliphates. the muslim ruled with islamic law for over 800 years. However when the Muslim government of Spain collapsed during the early 1000s due to the fighting amongst the groups of Moors, the country split into many small Moorish states and independent cities. This was not the only reason for the downfall of a nation which ruled for many centuries. This was due to the fact that the leaders did not rule according to the Islamic law and chose an un-islamic life.

Below is an extract from the hadith. Abdullah ibn Umar narrates ; “The Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) came to us and said O muhajiruun, you may be afflicted by five things, may Allah forbid you live to see them, if leaders do not govern according to the book of Allah, you should realize this will not happen without Allah making them into groups and making them fight another. ” ( Ibn Majah, Kitab al Fitan, 4019,2/1332 ) you can see from this small extract how the Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم) had advanced knowledge of the future and how correct his prophecies were to be.


  • Mashallah brother very nice work, may Allah bless you.

  • Rizwan

    Salam bro,

    That was very nice. Could you give the me source where you got the information about the dream tariq had on the ships. Also do you have any more details on this.

    Jazak Allah Khair

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  • eky


    I was in spain for 10 days last week…
    I am inspired by the story of Tariq bin ziyad and by the islam era in Spain at middleage to visit spain…
    I saw there is no more islamic in spain at this moment. they (spanish kingdom after the reconquista) have burned all islamic site and islamic tradition.
    they builded church in to all where old mosques were.

    but its ok for me. Because Islam will be rule again in Europe not just spain without any war but with their european generation. Insya Allah

  • imran

    assalamualaykum, behtarin vakiya or sahi advice to all muslims.

    ek din aisa jurur ayega sare jahan me mere allah aur rasool ka nam har ek ki juban par hoga insaallah.

  • shamees

    assalamu alaikum,

    oh spain! one day u was under the rule of quran. never forget that will return again.


    by reading this we can understand that if we read quran and follow our leaders like tariq ibn ziyad we will get success inshallah

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    Assalam w alekum , brothers it is not important we read it and give them thanks for there work important is permot it as possible by facebook or other social sites to whome they not know our greatest presnalities plz. May ALLAHA give us success in umma’s Jayiz aim ,desire . Ameen

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    It’s the first time I read this web. I was impressed to read the articles. Please allow to copy some to read later and to use it as materials of teaching.

    • Munzilin, please go ahead and use but quote the source and link back to the post here too. Jazakallah

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    A.a bro thnx alot for helping me at least understernd my deen cz it helped me refrain frm visitng bad sites such as porn site

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    Allahuakber…Tareq is one of the Great leaders of Islam…

  • Farrukh

    i would like to share islamic heroes to my next generation…i love them….I love them …..i love these lions of ALLAH…..I want every muslim to become one of them……May HIS (TARIQ’S) soul rest in heaven!

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    Some muslim historian say that the burning of the fleet was incorrect. Muslims were ready to fight what so ever.

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    (seriously am i the only girl)

  • muhammad waseem rana

    we muslims lost spain just because of bad governance and stupid living style which was not according to islam ………….. . . . .
    this is my supreme wish that muslims will again conquer spain as a islamic state inshallah … .. . . . . ….

  • Mohd. Ridza

    Conquer the self,then we can conquer the world with Allah’s help.As what’s been stated in the koran verse 9,surah al-anfal,’Remember when you ask for help from your god,and came a reply,sure I will grant your request by sending reinforcement of 1000 angels that move together abreast’. Know that without god’s help,us muslim cannot win even if we have superiority in numbers and weaponry. The recipe for success is through the help of Allah. So pray ,ask for his mercy and his help,surely that’s what the muslim world needs now.

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    we should discussed these types of HEROS OF MUSLIM between our freinds for Islamic knowledge

  • Sundiata El-Amin

    All Muslims need to remember the Prophet’s(pbuh) example of victory when he conquered Mecca. The victory was ‘complete’, because” he conquered their hearts”. That’s why it lasted. Swords are not needed, if you conquer the peoples hearts.


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