Taraweeh Salaah – Night 22

Taraweeh Salaah – Night 22

By Sheikh Abdul Hamid Lachporia – Canada

In the Name of Almighty Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Tonight’s Tarawee consists of Ilayhi Yuraddu (JUZ 25) and the Surah’s that will be covered are: the concluding section of Surah Fussilat or Ha Min; Surah Al Shura; Surah Al Zukhruf; Surah Al Dukhan; and Surah Al Jathiyah.

The theme is how evil and blasphemy can be cured by the Mercy and Guidance of Allah, which come through His Revelation. Men are asked to settle their differences in patience by mutual Consultation which explains the title of this Surah.

Summary: – The Contrast of blasphemy against Revelation, Unity and Faith as relying on the Signs and Mercy of Allah. Evil comes through men’s own deeds, of which they cannot avoid the consequences, but Guidance comes through Allah’s Mercy and Revelation. Inspiration is part of the Glory and Goodness of Allah. His Unity is shown in His Creation. Yet man will turn to false gods, and dispute about Religion. Faith has been one at all times. But sects and divisions rose through selfish contumacy. Let all contention cease, and conduct weighed by the just balance of Allah’s Word. The Just and the Unjust will all be brought before Allah, Whose Mercy and Bounty are writ large in the Signs in His Marvellous Creation – one, yet diverse! What we call the ills of life is due to our own ill deeds; and many of them are forgiven by Allah. His Plan can never be frustrated. This life is but a stage of conscience. Live true and resist all wrong, but learn the best way to do so. Rely only on Allah, else no protector will you find. Allah’s Revelation comes as a Guide and Mercy. It shows the Straight Way, the Way of Allah All-Wise.

This Surah deals with the contrasts between the real glory of Truth and Revelation and the false glitter of what people like to believe and worship. It cites the examples of Nabee Ebrahim A.S; Nabee Moosa A.S; and Nabee Esa A.S. as exposing the False and holding up the Truth. The keyword [Zukhruf, Gold Adornments) occurs in verse 35, but the idea occurs all through the Surah.

Summary: -The Book of Revelations makes things clear, even though the ignorant and foolish mock at it and ignore Allah’s Signs: it will last, while its rejecters will perish will perish. Nabee Ebrahim exposed the falsehood of traditional worship: the glitter and adornments of this world will not last: what was the end of Fir’aun in his arrogant fight with Nabee Moosa A.S.? If Christians go back to Nabee Esa A.S.. he was but a man and a servant of Allah. He came to to still the jarring sects, not to create a new one. He preached the One True Creator, his Lord. So give up disputing and join in devotion to Allah. This is the Way to the Garden of Bliss, but the opposite leads to the Fire. Beware! the Truth has come, and Allah knows how you receive it. He is the Lord of power and mercy. The Truth must prevail: resist it not.

The theme of this particular Surah is how worldly pride and power are humbled in the dust if they resist spiritual forces, and how Evil and Good find their true setting in the Hereafter. The title word DUKHAN occurs in verse 10. It means smoke or mist, and may refer to a drought or famine. The “smoke” or “mist” is interpreted on good authority to refer to a severe famine in Makkah, in which men were pinched with hunger that they saw mist before their eyes when they looked at the sky. Ibn Kathir in his Tarikh mentions two famines in Makkah, one in 8th year of the mission, say the fourth year before the Hijrah, and another about the 8th year after the Hijrah. But as either or both of these famines lasted as many as seven years, the dates are to be taken very roughly. It is even possible that the two famines were continuous, of varying severity from year to year. Bukhari mentions only the post Hijrah famine, which was apparently so severe that men began to eat bones and carrion. Abu Sufyan (about 8 A.H.) approached the Nabee Sallallahoo Alayhi Wasallam to intercede and pray for the removal of the famine, as the Pagans attributed it to the curse of the Nabee S.A.W.

Summary: – Revelation explains clearly how worldly pride and arrogance may come to naught, even at long odds, against spiritual truths. A people may be given all blessings and may fall in its trust, as did the Bani Is’rail: will the Quraysh learn the lesson of Good and Evil? The children of Bani Is’rail were granted gifts and favours but they became arrogant and fell. Can the Quraysh escape the doom for sin? We created the world for just ends. The Day will come when good and evil will be sorted out. Each will meet the fruits of its own deeds. Give good heed to the Message revealed, and wait and watch.

Summary: – The title, Al Jathiyah [“The Kneeling Down” or “Bowing the Knee”] taken from verse 28, expresses the leading idea in the Surah. In this life, in spite of the Signs of Allah, and the evidence of His Goodness all around, men go about in Unfaith, and mocking at Faith, but the end will bring them all to their knees. The Signs of Allah are everywhere. His Power, Wisdom, and Goodness are shown through all creation and in revelation. How can man be so ungrateful as to reject true Guidance, reaping thus the fruits of evil? But men of Faith have patience and forgive their weaker brethren, and trust in the final justice of Allah. Form no sects, as was done aforetime, nor make your lusts your gods. The future is sure, and in the hands of Allah, to Whom all will bend the knee, when Truth will shine in all its glory. So praise and glory to Allah, the Lord and Cherisher of all the worlds.

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