Taraweeh Salaah – Night 18

Taraweeh Salaah – Night 18

By Sheikh Abdul Hamid Lachporia – Canada

In the Name of Almighty Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Tonight’s Tarawee consists of Surah Wamay-Yaqnut….(JUZ 22). The Surahs to be be covered are the remaining two thirds of Surah Al Ahzab; Surah Saba (Sheba) in its entirety; Surah Fatir (The Originator of Creation} in its entirety and only one and a third Rukuh of Surah Ya Sin:

The Nabee Sallallahoo Alayhi Wasallam’s household is not for worldly ends: his consorts have a place and dignity beyond ordinary women. They must recite and proclaim the Signs of Allah. For women have spiritual values and duties like unto men. Allah decrees, no unhappy wedlock; fear not to dissolve such and provide what is right and fitting for the service of Allah. High is the Nabee S.A.W.’s position, and he must order his household as best befits his work and duties. Allah does watch all things. The Hour will come when all Evil will be punished. Fear Allah, and always speak the word that leads to Right. Let man but strive in Faith, and fulfil Allah’s Trust – by the Grace and Mercy of Allah.

This Surah leads off with emphasis on Allah’s Mercy and Power and Truth. We are told how Angels manifest the Power of Allah, and how different is Good from Evil and Truth from Falsehood. No good or Truth is ever lost. Human power and prosperity are fleeting; but Allah’s Power and Justice endure, and will enforce personal responsibility on man on the Last Day. Faith and Unfaith will eventually find their true places and true values; Falsehood has no power; Truth is with Allah. Man should understand and not resist Allah’s Revelation. Human wisdom and Power, as given to Nabee Dawood A.S., were only for establishing righteousness. Human glory, like Nabee Sulayman A.S.’s rested on slender foundations. Saba (Sheba) but enjoyed her fair and prosperous state as long as she obeyed the Law of Allah, but perished for unrighteousness. Learn then, that the Mercy and Power, Wisdom and Justice, of Allah are beyond all comparison. Do right and prepare for the Final Day.

This Surah deals with the mystery of Creation and its maintenance, with various forces typified, with various forces typified by the wings of Angels. Whether we look to outer nature or to man. Allah’s Grace proclaims His Glory, and protects His votaries from Evil. It is an early Makkan Surah, but its chronology has no significance. The forces which maintain Creation, as typified by Angels, were themselves created by Allah, to Whom Alone all praise is due: all else is naught. All good is from Allah: who then will choose Evil, and reach the doom that goes with Evil? Allah is the Source of all things: all Power, Wisdom, Beauty, and Truth from from Him. It is Evil that deceives and plots in the dark. All knowledge is with Allah. The things that are good and pure and true are not as the things that are evil, deceitful, and false. Allah is free of all needs: it is we that need Him: let us seek His love and live. His Message will save us from wrong, while dark is the fate of those who reject Him. Praise and Glory to Him, the Cherisher of all! Man can see by his own experience what infinite shades and grades of colour there are in nature. So there are grades in the spiritual world. The Good and the True understand Allah, Who knows and watches over all His Creation. The Good will reach Eternal Bliss, while Evil will find no helper. Arrogance and plotting will be the undoing of Evil: its doom is sure, if it fails to profit by the respite granted by the All-Merciful Allah.

Please Note:
The very first section [i.e. one and a third Rukuh of Surah Ya Sin will be read this evening but the commentary will be presented tomorrow evening Insha’Allah when the main portion of the entire Surah will be recited.

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  • dangana .m.k

    ALLHAMDULLILAHI !!!.You people are doing a great work (DAWAH).May almighty ALLAH continue to bless and guide you.May HE give those of us who wants to spend in the course of ALLAH,the means to do so too. AMIN.
    BROTHERS AND SISTERS KEEP THE FLAG (OF ISLAM) FLYING.!!! more grease to your elbows.


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