Shaykh Ebrahim Bham

Shaykh Ebrahim I. Bham is born and raised in South Africa. He has attained his masters in the Islamic sciences and theology under great traditional scholars. Shaykh Ebrahim I. Bham is known to be one of the most active scholars in South Africa for education, development, advocacy and interfaith. He has served in various capacities in South Africa at Newtown Islamic Institute, Al-aqsa Institute, Mayfair Jame Masjid, and Hamidia Masjid.

He frequently travels the world for da’wah and lectures, including countries such as Australia, United Kingdom, USA, Somalia, Palestine, Eygpt, Turkey, Sri Lanka & Malawi.

Shaykh Ebrahim I. Bham is also the founder member and vice chairman of Johannesburg Muslim School, executive committee member of National Religious Leaders Forum (Initiated By South Africans for Greater Liaison between Religious Groups and Government), executive member of Muslim AIDS Programme (MAP), national trustee of Moral Regeneration Movement (Working towards the improvement of morality amongst South Africans) and also an executive member of the United Ulama Council of South Africa (UUCSA).

Shaykh Ebrahim I. Bham is presently the chief theologian and general-secretary of the Council of Muslim Theologians in Johannesburg, South Africa (http://www.islamsa.org.za/). Shaykh Ebrahim I. Bham lives in Johannesburg, South Africa with his wife and three children.  Some of Shaykh ebrahim’s lectures can be heard from the Every Muslim site.

May Allah give a long a life and good health in order for us to benefit from the Shaykh, ameen.


  • Paula

    As salaamu Alaykum,

    Does Shaykh Bham have an e-mail contact?

    J A


  • Ahmed

    his on twitter,u can get it from there

  • Abu uzair

    Can I have sheikhs email address as I need to ask him things which are confidential.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Abu uzair.

  • Shahida Waryawa

    As salaamu Alykum
    I need help as I need to see Shaykh for my 8 year old son.

  • m vawda

    My take on the Visa Fee issue:
    We all know that the Saudi Government is cash strapped on account of the drop in the price of oil.
    With the impending increase in Visa Fees my suggestion is that the Government makes an appeal to the Muslim community of the World to help fund the construction work that is going in the Harams. I am sure that many rich Muslims will only be too happy to contribute towards the House of Allaah.
    Hopefully this will allow them to keep the Visa Fees as low as possible thus allowing the poor to carry out their life long ambition of performing Haj and Umrah.
    Mohammed Vawda


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