It needn’t be the case, just follow the directions to achieve great results every time, Insha’Allah.

    1. Always, always, always begin with Bismillah.
    2. Examine your niyaah (intention) and correct it if necessary.
    3. Honour your teachers no matter how strange their teaching methods seem to you. Respect and reverence for teachers are amongst the distinguishing marks of being a Muslim student.
    4. Begin making preparations well before the examinations begin. Plan out a REALISTIC timetable that will result in you having covered (or at least scanned) all the material well before your first exam. Use this final period to look at and attempt past exam papers and to compensate for any unforeseen delays.
    5. Use your teachers. If you have a problem, ASK!! You will find the vast majority of teachers only to happy too help (and inadvertently give out many heavy hints as to what’s on exam paper!)
    6. Always revise with a sheet of paper at hand so that you can build up a list of topics which you want to discuss with your teachers. DON’T rely on your memory. If you do, you will only be reminded when you are in the exam hall trying to answer a question on your forgotten queries.
    7. When revising make notes. It may seem as though you are just reproducing your notes, but persevere, believe it or not what you are doing is one of the most effective ways of revising.
    8. Give yourself regular breaks, but make sure that they don’t go on for longer than intended.
    9. Make sure you are unlikely to be disturbed whilst studying. This means turning off the TV and asking others to answer the phone. Discipline is pivotal to success.
    10. Turn off the radio. Listening to haram music takes the barakah (blessings) out of your studies. If you absolutely must listen to something try some nasheeds (Islamic Songs)
    11. Always iron out problems as soon as possible. If you don’t then you may well encounter problems when trying to understand the work that comes later.
    12. If you are getting frustrated and feel as though you are getting nowhere then try to take comfort that from the saying of the Prophet: “For him who embarks on a path of seeking knowledge, Allah will ease for him the way to Paradise.” (Muslim).
    13. If you are having problems calming your nerves on exam day, remind yourself of the ultimate purpose of life and indeed the ultimate examination; before Allah (SWT) on the Day of Judgement. This should help you to put your present worries into context.
    14. Before you begin on the exam paper, take a couple of minutes out to supplicate to your Lord, asking Him to grant you success only on the condition that it’s good for your deen and patience in the event that it’s not. Then begin in the name of Allah.
    15. As you come out of the exam hall, remember to thank Allah if the exam went well. If however it didn’t go as well as you had hoped, put your trust in Him. Know that such things are sent to test us and are an opportunity for us to shed some of our sins and show our contentment with his divine decree.

Extracted from: ‘TRENDS’ magazine
courtesy of Ulama


  • Tahsin

    Thanks soo much for this article…honestly its beautifull..
    ive hust done an exam recently and i knew i would do very well on it however it was not as expected and i didnt feel that i did very good in it. it made me soo upset that i actually cried alot..but ur tip number 15 is soo true..thanks..i dod my part now i should put my trust in ALLAH..honestly i feel like this was a test for me from the one above…please make dua that my other exams go well…
    do u think that if i give my best shot for the exams, i mean if i have a good intention and i revise a lot do you thk Inshllah Allah will grant me good results??

  • Emon

    Assalamualaikum, I have 2 GCSE exams on Tuesday, please do dua for me, Inshallah Allah would give me a pass and lower my stress, as I am willing to follow theses steps. Allhamdulillah, thank you to the person that wrote these Steps.

  • Jabed


    I have exams in January could anyone suggest a revision structure. InshaAllah I will benefit so as everyone who will take exam in coming months.


  • hiba


    this has helped me understand that if Allah wants us to pass then we will with the help of revision and that instead we should be preparing for the ultimate . I am having a GCSE scienceexams the day after tomorrow so can you please make dua for me that Allah makes it easy for me
    jazakillah for taking your time out to write this as i have benefited from it

  • iman

    i only got 2 weeks left for the exam and im so scared and am gunna be honest here i dont pray five times a day yet i still make dua to allah to grant me success. its not that i dont like praying … i do but i get distracted or sometime i make a commitment that i am going to pray and i do wudu but when i start to pray someone calls me or somethin like that iand later realise i havent done my namaz and it is to late to do it now.and i feel like i haevent done enough in order to succeed..
    alhamdullilah after reading this i will make a commitment to read 5 times a day and please make dua for me to succeed.

  • Maryam

    Jazakullah khair for this. I have a mosque tafseer exam tomorrow and need help please make dua for me as I will make for anyone who has made dua for me and nothing is as powerful as a dua. Please

  • Hafsa

    Do you think I can revsie in the mosque because if I go to the library I know I will miss my prayers. Do you think it’s disrespectful of me to revsie in the mosque?


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