Remain Steadfast

We should not downgrade what we have, simply to follow what others are doing. Some people have a habit of adjusting their way of dressing, speaking, thinking, walking etc only because of what they have watched on the television or seen others do.

If we are already on a higher level then we should not let go of the gift we have & we should believe firmly in ourselves & the virtue we have been blessed with.

If we imitate everything we are bombarded with in the media, it would be very easy to control us or make us do what was unimaginable to us in the past. In this way the mind can easily be colonized & reduced to lower levels.

In fact when we do what is right & remain steadfast upon it, others will begin to follow us.

Mufti Ismail Menk


  • Kamar

    TaaBarak Allah!! As usual, VERY WISE WORDS – indeed. Mufti Menk made a simple statement that hit hard……IF we “imitate the media-clutter” – that would make us “easily controllable”.
    We should make our Media Mogul – Allah. PERIOD!
    Sr. kamar

  • Moazzem Uddin Talukder

    If we have to follow any one then He is Prophet Muhammad (sm), the most influential and successful person in the human history. My earnest request to all the human being irrespective of faith and complexion, please read his life, study what He did and what not then make comments. If you make any comments without knowledge about His life then you will be guilty to your conscience.


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