Prove Your Love Daily

Whats the point of trying to impress the women of the world and send them gifts with messages, emails, phonecalls, cards, roses etc when the wife you chose and the “Queen” who bore your children is ignored. She deserves all that and more!

How can one day be set aside for love when the year has 365+ days? Its a cheap way to run away from responsibilty and abuse women. A daily sacrifice is required… to prove love and the sweetest of statements which should be reflected in our behaviour should be routinely repeated – but to those who really deserve them!

The most deserving of our kindness, love and affection throughout our lives are our spouses, children, parents, siblings & family before everyone else. Don’t jump the gun by going further at the expense of those closer.

Did you know that many homes are broken on Valentines over a rose! Where did it comes from, why was it sent, why was it not sent etc. What a great deception.

Blessed are those who are conscious of their Maker for indeed a true believer is transparent & avoids all sinful hidden private secret relations that only add stress in life after the short excitement.

Let’s not be from those who “Fought-in February”

Mufti Ismail Menk


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