Perfection in conduct and character should be an aspiration for the self
Not a standard by which we measure others against.


  • Hakiim8

    I enjoy hearing such eloquent speech, keep it coming.
    salaam alaikum wa rahmaatullah

  • muslima

    ^^ i second that. this really made me think, keep posting inshallah. jazaakallah for your efforts.

  • Rofia

    Aslm alykm. Brother Ahmad. May Allah reward u for all d wonderful articles. They are really helping. I saw a comment on your quote : ‘Advance Forward’ on July 2013. The brother complained about asking for more light on Islam, d sacred scriptures & explaining d deen to him but he wasn’t responded to. I thought maybe u haven’t seen d email so I want to tell u about it. Barakallahu Fika


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