Nourishment of the Soul

Allah created the body from the dust of the earth
So its nourishment (food and drink) comes from the earth

Our soul (nafs, rooh) has come from Allah and the heavens
So too the nourishment of the soul comes from Allah and the heavens

So what is the nourishment of the soul?
It is the Holy Quran, words of Allah, spirituality, our connection with Allah and Ibadaat.

Shaykh Abu Yusuf Riyadh ul Haq

 Listen to the speech and quote in context below:


  • jamila kabiru mado

    Salam!May ALLAH SWA continue to open our heart and expand our chest with the light of islam.Indeed the only religion of ALLAH SWA is Islam.May we live as muslim and die as muslim.Jazakumullahu khair.May we altogether meet one day in JANNAH.

  • afreena khan

    Insha allah sister Jamila..we all are Muslims & we will definately meet in the Jannah


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