Most Blessed of All Weddings

Lavish weddings where much money is splashed, extravagance is clear, religious rules are blatantly disregarded, the poor are not invited and people forget that it is meant to be a sacred union and a gift of the Almighty, cannot bear much blessings and can even return to haunt the families later on.

The most blessed of all weddings are those full of simplicity where religious rules are given prime… importance and the whole function considered a spiritually filled celebration of a sacred gift of the Almighty.

The type of seed sown is determined by the type of wedding we have. How can we expect to reap beneficial fruit when we chose to sow the seeds of cactus?

The sad reality is that people incur debts to hire lavish venues in order to live up to the Jones. They then suffer paying back whilst the food has long been digested, the function outdone by another and at times the divorce already taken place.

Remember, you can never achieve pleasure through the displeasure of the Owner of eternal Pleasure.

The Almighty, who gave us this day of happiness will indeed be unhappy if we choose to express our happiness through sin.

Let us seriously take heed for the future and repent for what has passed by.



  • j. aly

    Alhamdulillah i agree with this. Marriage is a sacred union between husband and wife and Allah.
    Why should you spend so much money on something as lavish as a big wedding when 2 people are starting their life together and incur large debt.
    Yes it is nice to have a party and invite alot of people but like you said, if you are poor and know the people you will not be invited, they want only the best people there to help them celebrate.
    As for me and my husband we had a very small civil ceremony and a small party, nothing lavish just a friends and family and dress was casual and everyone had a great time.
    I feel blessed that Allah gave me such a wonderful husband and we both feel the same way about things. We do not believe in ” keeping up with the Jones’s”. We like the more simple things in life and are much more happy about that.

  • Hafizur rahman

    It’s very helpfull to teaching for Islamic knowledge this website so pls send the hadish to my mail id time to time


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