Learn to Share

If we would like to achieve success and gain greater blessings in what we have or earn, we must learn to share whatever we have with others. The Almighty has a special Mercy upon those who share their possessions with others.

Never let the heart be so deeply attached to wealth or other belongings because the day we are tested in those things, we will find it very difficult to overcome such tests or even to understand the wisdom in the Almighty’s Plan. From childhood we should train our offspring to share their toys, food and other belongings where possible so that as they grow they learn to love this great habit and feel very happy and blessed to share.

Some take sharing as a burden whereas others claim not to have enough to be able to share when in fact they have more than enough. The Great Companions shared even at times of their own desperate need for the same item – which was sometimes food and drink. Although we may not get to that level of selflessness, if we aim there, we will be able to get nearer. The Almighty says, “You will never achieve true righteousness until you spend from that which you love most.” S 3:92

Mufti Ismail Menk

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