Khadir and the young Man

It is related that Abu-al-Abbas al-Khadir was once questioned by Abdullah,’ Have you come across a Wali of Allah that has a greater status than yours?”

”Yes” he replied. “I was once in Masjid-e-Nabawi, when I saw Abdur Razzak and a group of people around him listening to Ahadith. In the corner of the masjid was a young man sitting with his head on his knees.” I asked him why are you not sitting with the People and listening to the Hadith of Rasulullah (SAW) from Abdur Razzak?”
He did not raise his head or pay much attention and instead replied, “There are those who listen from Abdur Razzak and there are those who directly listen from Razzak (One of the names of Allah), and not from His servant.”  Khadir then asserted, “if what you say is the truth then who am I?”  ”Khadir” came back the reply.

I therefore learnt there are many Auliyah who command an elevated position in the eyes of Allah, but I am not aware of them.


  • Elfatih

    Who is Khadir? is he a shiekh or a wali or the Nabi who met Prophet Musa alaiyhi assalaam?

  • Ziya


  • Jahonguir

    I read many books about prophets, but had found that al-Kalam is best to understand. I recognized, that many books were altered from original meaning and mislead, but not all prophets were not mentioned in it. If we keep a strong direction to the Truth, I think no questions will arise inside of us…IAT


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