Inculcating Love for Allah

Ibn-ul-Qayyim mentioned ten ways through which love for
Allah could be inculcated. They are:

  1. Recitation of the Qur’aan.
  2. Engagement in nawaafil (optional acts of ‘ibaadah) after
    performance of the faraa’id (compulsory acts of ‘ibaadah).
  3. Constant dhikr (remembrance) of Allah.
  4. Giving preference to His likes and desires over one’s own.
  5. Pondering over His names and attributes.
  6. Pondering over His benevolence and favours.
  7. Crying to Him with total humility.
  8. Sitting in solitude in order to speak to Him, read His speech
    (the Qur’aan) and express one’s servitude to Him. This
    should be done at night when Allah descends to the skies
    and it should be terminated with taubah (repentance) and
    istighfaar (seeking of forgiveness).
  9. Sitting in the company of true lovers of Allah.
  10. Abstention from anything that could be a barrier between one’s heart and Allah.

Ibn-ul-Qayyim, Madaarij-us-Saalikeen Pg. 732. https://moulanakarolia.wordpress.com

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