In Ramadans Embrace

In the hushed twilight of Ramadan’s embrace,
As crescent moon adorns the night’s soft face,
Comes the sacred time, the first Ashara’s grace,
Where souls seek solace in this blessed space.

In whispers of prayers, hearts begin to soar,
Seeking forgiveness, seeking mercy more.
The fast is begun, as the dawn’s light pours,
A journey of faith, to distant spiritual shores.

The first Ashara, like a gentle breeze,
Awakens dormant hopes, sets troubled hearts at ease.
In the depths of devotion, where sincerity keys,
Lies the essence of Ramadan’s mysteries.

Through days of fasting, nights of deep reflection,
Each moment a lesson, a spiritual connection.
In the rhythm of worship, finding resurrection,
Guided by the Quran’s divine direction.

In the first Ashara, we plant seeds anew,
Of love, compassion, and faith ever true.
With each passing day, our souls renew,
In the embrace of Ramadan, our spirits grew.

So let us cherish this sacred time,
In the first Ashara, let our souls climb,
To heights of virtue, to realms sublime,
As we journey together, in this blessed paradigm.

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