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Assalam Alaykum,

I need to purchase a laptop in the next few days and would like to take some advice from those who know a bit more about laptops and PCs than I do.  I need a laptop to surf the internet, update my blogs, attend live classes @Shariah Program using Paltalk and a bit of internet banking from time to time.  Currently I am eyeing up 2 options:

1, Asus UL20A – £400
2, Samsung X120 – £350

Can you please advise on whether these are good buys for my needs or whether or not I should look at something for around the same price.  If you know someone who is computer aware than would you point them towards this post and ask them to help a brother in need out. 




  • criticz

    the asus is too expensive and sort of outdated, its size i think is small hence to price tag. The asus has alot of extra little features aswell but still its processor is only 1.2ghz! and its ram is only clocked at ddr2. I wouldnt buy it.

    Ive taken a quick look at the samsung aswell, i really wouldnt go for any of these laptops.

    Do you want a small laptop? smaller ones are always more expensive and shortcuts are made to produce them e.g asus doesnt come with a dvd writer u will need a dvd writer down the line.

    My personal reccomendation is a bigger laptop, atleast 15 inch. I know the media always advertise notebooks but notebooks = scaled down laptop, why would u pay extra for it?

    check tescos website they have a sony laptop for 480. Its a bit expensive but look at its specs, you want something similar, something with 3gb ddr3 ram(min 2 and make sure its ddr3) and i decent processor atleat 2ghz, the new amd processors are cheap on laptops.

    contact me if u have any questions the laptops you had in mind are really not worth it, for 350-400 u can buy better laptops.

    • Ok, Jazakallah for the feedback. I will look at the Tesco website, do you know of any good laptops under 400 pounds? I would prefer a smaller laptop but if it affects price then I’ll gladly go for a 14/ 15 inch screen laptop.

  • criticz

    if you do really want a netbook those are probably the only decent options but i would strongly reccomend a laptop, a laptop for 400 will last you a few years inshallah

  • criticz

    From what ive seen laptops around a certain price range have very similar specs, one may have more memory but the other might have a better processor, the trick is finding the one with all of it.


    I have purchased goods from this site before, its a local birtish store in Stratford upon Avon. Check their laptops, the one ive sent u the link seems reallly good.

    That laptop seems really good, the graphcs are intergrated so you wouldnt be gaming on it. But for your purposes, its more than enough.

    with 400 you can get a very good laptop,
    make sure you have the following when buying :

    – dual core processor around 2ghz
    – ram of atleast 2gb DDR3 but u should be able to find 3gb DDR3
    – hardrive size doesnt matter much just make sure the rpm is atleat 7200
    – well known company, i have a advent laptop allhamdulillah still running great after 4 years
    – try looking for HighDef laptop but this isnt a must.

    compare the samsung one ive sent u the link for and the specs of the netbooks they are the same price but the netbook is lacking and too expensive.

  • Get a Mac if you can brother it is always the Best

  • Sondos

    I have an Asus, and it’s a great brand offered for an even greater price. It’s one of the best brands there is, way at the top of the list. I personally prefer Asus to Samsung, also because they specialise in computer software…. they know what they’re doing.

  • usm


    Am not a computer expert by any means but would agree with most of the above in that Laptops are the less fashionable but probably more sensible option.

    I would favour companies such as Samsung, HP and Toshiba over some of the newer companies as have seen so many come and go and their products don’t seem to be as long lasting or reliable either.

    Hope the hunt goes well.


  • Jazakallah all for the very helpful comments and advice so far.
    Flash, Macs are out of my price league.
    If the Samsung R730 wasnt such a big screen I might have gone for that. At the moment though this is the one I am considering.


    I would appreciate some feedback on it, Jazakallah once again.

  • criticz

    It seems good, only one thing i can pick is the hardrive speed is 5400rpm, 7200rpm is normal on computers. But dont get me wrong i think the laptop would suite your needs. The ram is only 2gb but to be honest with you, the only time your computer ever uses more than 1 gb is when your playing a game so it doesnt really matter + you can upgrade urself later if you wish.

    I think youve got the right idea now, keep looking at laptops, you will notice most have similar specs at a certain price range you may want to start looking into battery life, hotkeys etc.

    Inshallah you will find a reliable laptop, the laptop you have picked does seem good.

  • Husein

    Hey Salam,

    I would recommend you to wait if you can till next year because laptop price will drop. Intel is releasing a whole new level of processor , so all the price will go down.

    But if you really want a laptop , then few things i want u too look at.

    1) portability . veryyyyy important.
    2) speed
    3) Internal graphic card
    4) Battery life
    5) Screen Size
    6) Style
    7) Price

    1)Portability -> The Reason im telling you this is because i am a student and i hate carryin a big laptop to school . A laptop shouldnt be more than 4 lb

    2) Speed ( icore 370 at 2.4ghz should be good enough * make sure nothing less)

    3) Graphic card is a musttttttttttt!! .lol . This is because the cpu will get overloaded when you watch a regular hd youtube video. But if u have a internal graphic card then the video work is loaded on the video card and the cpu is free.
    So graphic card you should look for is
    Ati HD 5670 or higher
    Geforce 350m or 410m
    DO NOT GO FOR INTEL HD gm this mean it makes ur cpu do the work .
    hdmi would be nice to have

    4) BAttery life. most good laptop should last you min 8 to 12 hrs batter per 1 charge. Lol dont settle for something less. The reason im telling you this is because when in university there isn’t alot of outlet and its a hassle to find an outlet in some lecture halls

    5)Screen size . Please do not go above 15 inch. 13inch should be the perfect size

    6) Style. Make sure u buy a laptop that look good. Not some fat ugly lookin one
    they shouldnt be more than 1inch thick

    * dont worry about hard drive too much – should be 500 gb
    *Ram should be 4 gb

    7) The laptop shouldnt be more than $900 canadian dollar.

    After mentioning you these ^^ there is two example i can give you which is cheap and will full fill all the awesome requirement

    1) Acer Aspire TimelineX AS3820TG-7360 –> make sure its this model because it had an internal graphic card.

    There is one more model but it doesnt have the 7360 number n it similar Acer Aspire TimelineX AS3820TG but it doesnt have the internal graphic card

    2)ASUS U35JC-A1

    Take care


  • elsoar

    لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله


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