Etiquettes of Students

If you are a student, then you should observe the praiseworthy rules of a student’s dealing with a learned man. These rules are:

  1. to greet the learned man first
  2. to speak little in his presence
  3. not to speak much so long as his teacher does not ask him anything
  4. not to ask him questions before receiving his permission
  5. not to say, by the way of objection to his words, “So-and-so said contrary to what you have said.”
  6. not to argue against his opinion in such a way as to show that he knows the truth than his teacher
  7. not to argue against his companions in his meetings
  8. not to look around but to sit with downcast eyes, quietly and courteously as if he were engaged in ritual prayer
  9. not to speak to him much when he is tired
  10. to stand up in order to show respect for him when he stands
  11. not to follow him speaking and questioning and asking him questions along the street until reaches home
  12. not to imagine evil of him in regard to those of his actions which appear abominable. The teacher knows better concerning his secret affairs
  13. When some actions of the teacher appear abominable, the student should recollect the complaint made by the prophet Moses to Al-Khidr (may peace be on them both):
    “Have you made a hole in the boat to drown the people in it? You have indeed, done a strange thing”(Qur´┐Żan 18:71)
    In fact Prophet Moses was wrong in his complaint, which he made relying upon the outward appearance (of what al- Khidr did).

From The beginning of Guidance (bidayat al-hidaya) p. 77 from Imam Ghazali translated by Mashhad Al-Allaf


  • Nor

    Assalamu Alaykom,

    What if my teachers hate me, they always ignore me and treat me like an ignorant. Just because I’m not that beautiful to them. What would I do?

    Pls. Answer My dear brothers and Sisters in Islam.. Thank You

  • Wa Alaykum Salam
    Carry on being the model student in accordance with the ablove. Your aim is to obtain Ilm and the pleasure of Allah and Insha’Allah this will be achieved. As for how your teachers treat you, perhaps this maybe what is required to motivate you in their wisdom. Or perhaps it is just poor etiquette on their part, only Allah knows but you should not withhold their rights nor violate them in any way.

    These are just a few points from me, but please consult the Ulama on the matter for a full and proper answer.

  • Nor

    Thank You, brother..

    Maybe, I’ll just ignore them like what they’re doing.
    Thank you.

  • zaynab suleiman gimba

    In a place like nigeria where lecturers want 2 humiliate students . What are suppose to do

  • zaynab suleiman gimba


  • Basha Mohammoud

    Consult a Sheikh.


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