Embrace Life with Piety

In realms where ascetic souls reside,
Where worldly charms they choose to hide,
Abstaining from life’s tempting game,
In Allah’s love, they find their aim.

For pleasures fleeting, they won’t yearn,
In solitude, a lesson learned,
In quiet moments, hearts find peace,
From worldly bonds, they seek release.

No laughter loud, nor fragrance sweet,
Can lure them from their faith’s heartbeat,
In prayer and fasting, they immerse,
Their souls in worship, free from curse.

The beauty of the world they shun,
For in submission, life is won,
In simple acts of love and care,
They find Allah’s presence rare.

In every trial and every test,
They see a path that’s truly blessed,
Abstaining from life’s fleeting pleasures,
They seek Allah’s eternal treasures.

In detachment, they find bliss,
From worldly ties, they gently kiss,
For in surrender, they are free,
Embracing life with piety.

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