Coping with Failure and Loss

After having tried our best, our failure in examinations, in marriage, in a business or in any test is not the end of the world.

Countess people have been there before us, picked up the pieces, tried again and succeeded. Some have even succeeded after many attempts and have gone a very long way thereafter.

It is those who refuse to come to terms with reality who punish themselves by believing that such losses are eternal.This leads to their lives coming to a standstill whilst others progress, and causes depression which results in further loss.

Most people have tasted loss or failure in some aspect of their lives to different degrees. This can be a gift at times as the Almighty gives us something far better in return or helps us to mature and draw closer to Him, understanding our purpose in life better.

Never allow failure or loss to deter you, depress you or make you feel unworthy. Give it your best and try again and again, and if need be……again!

With the help of the Almighty comes true success!

Mufti Ismail Menk


  • rizwana

    i tried sincerity, goodness inreturn of getting worst result of all good action for ten years in my marriage, i fail to get trust and affection, now i am fed up and if one keep replying badness with goodness that person loses every thing in this world and ultimately depression becums its friend. so i dont believe on doing good to even near ones.

  • Sidra Adil

    Assalam O Alaykum wa Rehmatullahey wa Barakaatuhu. Sister Rizwana, I know how disappointing it is when you do so much for someone but they show no gratitude in return instead they exploit they sincere feelings you have towards them. At the end of the day, we should know that what we do is for Allah alone. Allah alone is Who we should expect from. Allah is always there for us and He will reward you for your good deeds. Always do good because Allah has commanded us to but if you choose to keep quiet when you are not being treated well, then you should speak up and take a stand for yourself. Patience and victimization are two different things, I hope this helped.


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