Continuous Professional Development

Recently a colleague was mentioning that each year he had to make a declaration to his professional body, that he has undertaken through the year CPD (Continuous Professional Development) activity to fulfill a requirement in order to enhance and maintain a certain skills and knowledge level. It is widely believed that these skills and knowledge kept up to date would equip a person to carry out their duties and responsibilities well.

Why am I even mentioning the above?

Well it got me thinking that for our careers, personal development and worldly objectives we make sure we do enough CPD periodically. However we pay little attention, if any, to our personal development when it comes to the deen.

For those fortunate enough, to have even had a Madrassah education, have we even looked at our books or notes since the day we left? Every day we depend on some of the basic aspects of the deen, performing Wudu, praying salaah, ensuring we are pure but do we review these every so often to make sure we are doing it correctly? Do we sit in the circles of learning in the Masajid when lectures and talks are given?

May Allah grant us the ability to continually develop islamically and spiritually, and give it the priority in our life that it deserves, ameen.

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  • Riana Mohamed

    With regards to continuous development:
    Maybe we do not sit in the masaajid when lectures are given, but attaining knowledge has evolved and there are so many lecture series available online and on you tube by prominent scholars which we can listen to while doing our daily tasks. Alhamdulillah.


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