Condemning Others

Putting ourselves in the shoes of others momentarily in order to try to understand them better before commenting or acting against them is very important.

Many people condemn others without trying to see where they are coming from or why they have acted in a specific way or said something.

If we are sincere, we will understand one another better & possibly reduce much unwanted skepticism, hatred & enmity.

Mufti Ismail Menk


  • saida

    Aslm alkum,That’s very true its good to understand someone before judging them or critisying anyone let’s put ppl in our shoes before judging or looking down on them

  • j. aly

    Salam alekom…

    i agree, people should not judge others before knowing what is going on.
    i live my life that way. don’t be quick to judge anyone.

    Insha Allah i wish to see a better world and a peaceful world!


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